The OVW 4: The Class of 2002


Brian Damage

Since instituting a developmental system for newly signed talent…the WWE has seen its fair share of hits and misses. While there has been some talent that thrived and became superstars for the company…others have faltered a bit and quickly disappeared. No year in recent memory developed bigger names for the company than in 2002.

In some circles, they have been referred to as “The OVW 4.” The OVW stands for Ohio Valley Wrestling…which was the WWE’s top developmental farm system from 2000 to 2008. Located in Louisville, Kentucky…it was/is owned and operated by former territorial wrestler ‘Nightmare’ Dan Davis. The head booker was Jim Cornette and the trainers included Al Snow. Continue reading

The Scottish Wrestling Revolution


Gary Henderson

Last month, a capacity crowd of over one thousand rabid Insane Championship Wrestling (ICW) fans lost their collective shit as Drew Galloway made his much anticipated return after leaving the WWE.

While it was a massive return for ICW and kicked off a storyline that will likely take them stomping into the New Year (and a new T.V deal by the looks of things), it also felt like a watershed moment for a Scottish wrestling scene on the cusp of big things. Continue reading

Wrestling With Sin: The Seventh Sign


Brian Damage

This is the seventh installment of the “Wrestling With Sin” series. As always with these pieces…I do not personally condone or condemn the parties involved. I am just simply writing about incidents both confirmed and alleged that have occurred behind the scenes in pro wrestling. These events have a much more darker, seedier aspect to them. They involve things such as rape, affairs, suicide and murder. Continue reading

Sunday Sermon: NXT Wilson, Brian Damage, Kenneth Richardson & Jamie Lithgow

It seemed for a long time that NXT could do no wrong. Time and time again superstars made the step up on to the main roster and didn’t look out of place.

The Shield exploded on the scene and The Wyatt Family have become a crucial part of WWE programming.

However, the jury is still firmly out on Big E., Rusev and Xavier Woods. Today the team discuss NXT and who are the next ones to watch. Continue reading

One And Done: Wrestling Society X


Brian Damage

Imagine if you will…a secret society of relatively unknown, but extremely talented young wrestlers. They would compete in an underground lair where their abilities could finally be seen by the world. Add to the mix…a variety of up and coming bands that would perform during intermissions. Would you watch? MTV thought so. This was Wrestling Society X…an upstart wrestling promotion that gave mainstream exposure to several young wrestlers. Continue reading

Ed Leslie: Made And Perhaps Broken By The WWE


Brian Damage

Some guys have all the luck. Some guys have all the pain. Some guys get all the breaks. Some guys do nothing but complain.-Rod Stewart

While formulating this piece on Ed Leslie…that song by Rod Stewart came to my mind. Looking at the career of Leslie and his good friend Terry Bollea (Hulk Hogan)you’d understand why. Both started out their careers in the same year of 1977 and even portrayed “brothers” as Hulk and Dizzy Boulder/Hogan respectively. Hulk went onto mega stardom while his friend Ed Leslie has had an up and down career. Some of it can be blamed on Ed himself, some can be blamed on unfortunate circumstances and some on the mighty machine known as the WWE. Continue reading