Wrestling With Sin: The 14th


Brian Damage

This is the 14th installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin’ series. They are a series of pieces that focuses on the darker, seedier side of professional wrestling. Some stories involve assault, rape, sex, drugs and sometimes even murder. As with all the pieces in this series…I do not condemn nor do I condone any of the alleged actions. Continue reading

30 Years Later: Black Saturday


Brian Damage

Imagine if you will…you’re ready to turn on Monday Night Raw and without warning Dixie Carter appears on your screen announcing that TNA wrestling has taken over the WWE’s time slot. Instead of seeing your favorite WWE superstars like Daniel Bryan, John Cena, The Wyatt Family, etc…you were now getting wrestlers like Ethan Carter III, Magnus, Eric Young and the Menagerie. The show you were accustomed to watching for years was replaced with a different style or brand that you just weren’t anticipating.
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WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders, Chairs… and Stairs predictions


Craig Wilson, Jamie Lithgow and Brian Damage

Tonight the WWE hold their final PPV of the year with the gimmick heavy Tables, Ladders and Chairs event. The main event of which will see John Cena put his number 1 contendership on the line against Seth Rollins. Elsewhere, Dolph Ziggler attempts to win the IC title back from Luke Harper, Miz and Mizdow defend their titles against The Usos, Erick Rowan takes on Big Show, Ryback takes on Kane and Rusev puts the US title on the line against Jack Swagger.

Today on the blog Craig, Jamie and Brian share their predictions and thoughts ahead of tonight’s show. Continue reading

We Need A Hero: The Worst Pay Per View In the History of Wrestling


Brian Damage

15 years ago, a man had an idea to capitalize on the booming popularity of pro wrestling. Keep in mind, this was in 1999…in his eyes, it was the height of the Monday Night Wars and the ‘Attitude Era.’ TV ratings were at an all time high, pay per view buy rates were tremendous and the mainstream media was in infatuated with the product like never before. It only made sense that somebody NOT named Ted Turner or Vince McMahon try and get a piece of the big wrestling pie. Continue reading