Top Five WCW Matches

Craig Wilson, Jamie Lithgow and Brian Damage

The promotion may be gone but thanks to it’s PPVs being available on the WWE Network it’s not forgotten. It’s no surprise also that the WWE are tapping in to their enormous tape library to release another WCW boxset – this time the best WCW PPV matches.

To commemorate that release Craig, Jamie and Brian list their Top Five favourite NWA/WCW matches. Continue reading

The Future part 2 – UK Wrestling and Would a UK based Wrestling promotion work on TV now?


Kenneth Richardson and Russ Morgan

Right now the UK has one of the hottest indy scenes anywhere in the world. A hole host of promotions are making waves in their local areas and further afield. As someone living in Glasgow, I couldn’t not mention Insane Championship Wrestling who recently featured on a BBC documentary viewed by 1.5m viewers and are set to host shows south of the border for the first time.

Today Kenneth and Russ share their thoughts on British wrestling. Kenneth looks from stateside, as a former indy booker, at some of the talent that have made it or that are on the cusp of making it while Russ wonders if a UK based promotion would ever get a TV deal again. Continue reading

Headed For Extinction: Pro Wrestling’s Landmarks


Brian Damage

Like it or not, professional wrestling is a huge part of the lexicon of our culture. What has made pro wrestling a great spectacle is not only the wrestlers, but the venues that they have taken place in. Where the venues were at times, just as important as the actual matches themselves….sometimes even more important. A great venue can make or break a card.

These arenas should in some ways be made into landmarks…never to be demolished and replaced by more high tech arenas or strip malls. They should be preserved for future generations to see and learn about their rich histories. Continue reading

Sunday Sermon: Will Global Force Wrestling Succeed? Wilson, Russ Morgan, Brian Damage and Jamie Lithgow

Jeff Jarrett has spent much of his time since leaving TNA hinting at his new promotion. One thing for sure is that announcing it the day after Wrestlemania is a good idea. All the eyes of wrestling fans are on the product – demonstrated blog wise by the fact it was our busiest day ever.

In today’s Sunday Sermon the team will discuss ‘Global Force Wrestling’ in general terms and share ideas or where it will go and, more importantly, if it can work and how. Continue reading

Top Five Superstars We Expect To Get A Post-Wrestlemania Push Damage, Craig Wilson & Jamie Lithgow

With Wrestlemania out of the way – and what a Wrestlemania – it’s essentially a new season, if you will, in the WWE. That means that superstars languishing with nothing to do could be presented with a chance to redeem themselves and at the same time new talents arrive on our screens.

In this week’s Top Five Brian, Craig and Jamie list the superstars they most expect to receive a post-Wrestlemania push.

Continue reading

The Ultimate Shock….The Death of The Ultimate Warrior

AP_Ultimate_Warrior_140409_DG_16x9_992Brian Damage, Russ Morgan, Jamie Lithgow, Craig Wilson & Gary Henderson

“Every man’s heart one day beats it’s final beat. His lungs breathe their final breath. And if what that man did in his life makes the blood pulse through the body of others, It makes them believe deeper in something larger than life, then his essence, his spirit will be immortalized” – Warrior

We are all shocked and saddened to learn that the former Jim Hellwig AKA Warrior AKA The Ultimate Warrior passed away today at the age of 54. Now, the crew will look back on the man…the legend…the Warrior.

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