Wrestling round-up 28 March 2012

Christian was pulled from the Wrestlemania match due to his previous foot injury having not cleared up enough.

Wrestlezone have an exclusive photograph of the Wrestlemania 28 ring set-up including the Hell in a Cell here…

WWE and TNA have come to an agreement that will allow Ric Flair to appear at the Hall of Fame. The problems seemed to revolve around his appearance at Wrestlemania and on TV etc, not the Hall of Fame itself.

Sticking with the Hall of Fame, Jack Roberts has given his thoughts on not being inducted yet…

Former WWE creative team member Seth Mates has suggested that HHH may be behind some of the backstage resentment towards the Rock.

In TNA news, Chris Sabin is cleared to return to the ring and the James Storm music video will debut this week on Impact.

Really interesting interview with Alex Greenfield, who used to write for Smackdown, and was told not to pitch Randy Savage for the Hall of Fame. You can read more here…

Dragon Gate USA have announced details of their $1.99 IPPV this Friday. You can check out the details here…

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