Wrestling round-up 3 April 2012

The big story of the day is that Brock Lesnar returned to the WWE, and Raw, last night. Seems he is gunning for Cena. Also at Raw, Lord Tensai, of Albert fame, made his in ring debut.

In a blog post, Dr. Lance Silverman goes into detail on the injury that Evan Bourne suffered. You can read it here. The jist is that it is a midfoot fracture dislocation, or a LisFranc fracture dislocation. He notes that it is a career-threatening injury and that even if Bourne does come back, “one thing is certain – it’s going to be a long road to recovery.”

Dean Ambrose defeated JTG in a dark match at last night’s raw. Ambrose is highly regarded and no doubt will soon make the step up to performining on WWE TV.

Complete match details on WWE’s 3-disc ECW Unreleased Volume One have been released, you can find them here. It’s certainly a very good card.

Seems Scott Steiner may be worth following on twitter judging by recent posts where he put the boot into TNA “Can somebody send tna’s booking team of pritchard hogan & bischoff video’s from ring ka king..booking hogan in a sex tape wont help ratings..what an embarassment to TNA & spike tv. Brother…” and then Hogan separately “Wait… His ex-wife said he was .gay..so who’s the guy in the sex tape”. You can follow Steiner @ScottSteiner

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