Hell in a Cell 2012 predictions

Craig Wilson, James Giles & Jamie Lithgow

Tonight is the WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 PPV and as is the normal with PPV Sunday’s, here are our predictions for the event.

Randy Orton v Alberto Del Rio

Craig: Two of the most overrated WWE superstars in one match – lucky lucky us. I hope that Orton will take this one though as that’ll hopefully result in Del Rio not getting a title shot for at least a PPV or two. Orton has been teasing a heel turn recently and I hope that that comes to fruition soon. Just don’t buy into him as a face at all.

Winner: Randy Orton

James: I’m not sure that their styles will gel into a very exciting match, so I’m not really looking forward to this. Del Rio still isn’t anywhere near over enough, despite spending 3 or 4 months feuding with Sheamus over the title. The crowd seems to go hot and cold for Orton, but he could be over with right momentum, and would be a much more sensible challenger for Sheamus championship.

Winner: Randy Orton

Jamie: Two wrestlers I don’t care about in a match I don’t care about. That’s about as bad a comment as you can make about a match involving superstars of this stature. Randy Orton as a babyface is beyond dull and I just can’t get into Del Rio as a character, he’s so clichéd. Predicting a winner is a tricky one because I’ve x30’d their entire feud. This is WWE though, so if in doubt pick the babyface.

Winner: Randy Orton

Eve (c) v Kaitlyn v Layla – Divas Championship

Craig: If these are the first two matches then I’ll have started to lose interest about now. I’ve previously voiced numerous grumbles about the state of divas wrestling and this match here highlights how far the divas division has fallen. Ultimately my answer to who wins is “who cares?” but as I have to pick a winner then I’ll pluck for Eve here.
Winner: Eve

James : The Diva’s division is so badly maligned that the outcome of this match is irrelevant to me and probably most fans. None of these women are bad performers though and with time and attention the Divas division could mean something, but I can’t see WWE ever being really interested enough.

Winner: Eve

Jamie: Fantastic, another match I don’t care about involving wrestlers I don’t care about. I’ve at least caught the gist of this feud though. The only thing entertaining about this feud so far has been Layla’s acting on Monday’s Raw. They may as well have dubbed “why I oughta…” over her actual words. Awful, just awful.

Winner: Eve

Kofi Kingston (c) v The Miz – Intercontinental Championship

Craig: I really like Kofi and after his brief flirtation with being higher up the card earlier in the year I was quite disappointed that he then quietly resumed his role in the tag team division. It was somewhat of a surprise that he won the Intercontinental title from The Miz but I hope he can get a run with the belt. I don’t believe he’ll make it as a world champion in the WWE – I think he is just short of the attributes required to reach that goal – but he’s more than capable of being a good Intercontinental Champion.

Winner: And still Intercontinental Champion, Kofi Kingston.

James : Both men are solid, dependable mid-carders that could help keep the IC Title a respectable belt. They are also both decent workers, so the match should be entertaining enough. Kingston definitely needs to retain, as he hasn’t been the champ long, and then the rehabilitation of Miz can continue on his way back to the main events.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Jamie: Things are getting better on this card, here we have a match worth investing some viewing time in at least. At the very least I expect these two to produce a solid match, plus I like the title switch before the PPV because I prefer when Kofi is a champion with something to hold on to. I predict that Miz will dominate the match but Kofi will pull out a gutsy, if slightly lucky, victory. This makes Kofi look hard to beat and prepares Miz for a push further up the card without denting him too much.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Hell Yeah (c) v Rhodes Scholars – Tag Team Championship

Craig: Is it time for the much anticipated split in Team Hell Yeah or do they continue a little longer with the titles? I think they’ll keep the belts here but more and more does dissention start to creep in. The eventual dropping of the titles and split will have a bigger pay off than this card so I can’t see past Team Hell Yeah retaining. The Rhodes Scholars are a promising team and I hope that they stick together for a bit longer as, if nothing else, it gives both members something meaningful to do.

Winner: Team Hell Yeah.

James : It is almost impossible not to like Team Hell Yeah, thanks to their hilarious promos and classic chemistry. I really hope WWE keeps them as team for a little while longer, because there is still millage there and they are the most entertaining thing on WWE TV. This match could be the dark horse of the show and hopefully they will be given time to shine. Keep the belts on Team Hell Yeah for just a while longer I say.

Winner: Team Hell Yeah

Jamie: Firstly, I anticipate a good match here with plenty of crowd noise. The champs are brimming with personality while Rhodes and particularly Sandow can more than hold their own against them in that department. However, I’m starting to find the antics of Kane and Bryan beyond lame. I know a lot of people find it funny, but I don’t, it’s just not my cup of tea. I do see light at the end of the tunnel however. I’m predicting that Rhodes Scholars will win the titles which should mark the end for Team Hell No. Incidentally I really hate tag team names with the prefix “Team…”

Winner: Rhodes Scholars

Sheamus (c) v The Big Show – World Heavyweight Championship

Craig: I’ve been nothing but disappointed by Sheamus’ run with this belt. It got off to the worst start imaginable and hasn’t really picked up much since. Is Big Show really worthy of a title shot here? The only argument for him getting a shot is that it has stopped Alberto Del Rio getting another one. The booking here seems to focus on having Sheamus get a lengthy run with the belt so I can see him keeping the big gold belt at Hell in a Cell.

Winner: And still World Heavyweight Champion… Sheamus.

James : Sheamus run as world champion has started to dry up now, after his long and largely uninspired feud with Del Rio. Hopefully Orton will win his bout with Del Rio, and then turn heel and feud with Sheamus. But one unanswerable question is why was Big Show chosen as the interim challenger? They’ll probably have a better match than the lacklustre series with ADR, but seriously, why isn’t Ziggler in this spot? Or on the card AT ALL?? If Show wins, they may as well abandon this title altogether.

Winner: Has to be Sheamus.

Jamie: Not interested in the slightest. There’s really no point watching because the action will be pants and we all know Sheamus is going to win.

Winner: Sheamus

CM Punk (c) v Ryback – WWE Championship – Hell in a Cell

Craig Wilson: Two pay per view main events in a row is nose bleed territory for CM Punk and it’s quite disappointing for me, as a big CM Punk fan, that he’ll be ending the night as the former WWE Champion. Even by WWE booking standards it would be completely illogical to not have Ryback win this one. The only question that remains is whether this will be a Goldberg esque squash or not. I personally can’t see this one lasting all that long at all but, that said, CM Punk doesn’t need the belt to be over and I’ve always enjoyed him more when he’s doing the chasing.

Winner: and new WWE Champion, Ryback.

James: As we have discussed quite extensively recently, the outcome of this one is really card to call. Ideally, they should just never have booked it, but now they have someone is gonna come out of it looking bad. If Ryback loses straight, his momentum is killed, and even if he wins he isn’t really ready for the championship. If Punk loses, he will have to regain soon for his match with Rock at the Rumble (there is no way they would book Ryback Vs The Rock…is there??) or months of planned feuds will be screwed up. Just thinking about all his is making my head hurt. And I can’t see the match being very good either, as Ryback hasn’t worked longer than 5 minutes. What a terrible main event this is shaping up to be. It does undeniably have that ‘car crash’ appeal in that I don’t think I won’t be able to watch it though…

Winner: Ryback (purely to maintain the momentum)

Jamie: Since last Sunday’s Sermon I think I’m starting to piece this match together, I think. I said that wrestling logic points to a Ryback win, which is what WWE wants us to think because business logic points to a CM Punk win. Ryback is in this spot because John Cena is injured, if Cena were fit Ryback would be squashing a random mid-carder. WWE have thrown the kitchen sink at CM Punk’s initial push and recent heel turn, but what have they done for Ryback? Have they invested in countless pieces of merchandise? Shoved his face all over posters? Had him do dozens of media appearances per week? Had Stone Cold Steve Austin target him over Twitter and YouTube? Has he verbally buried The Rock? Has he delivered his finishing move to The Great One too? No. WWE has spent comparatively little time, money and effort on Ryback, in fact all they have done is have him show up towards the end of the show for the last few weeks. There’s no doubt that Ryback is on fire, so how hated will CM Punk be when he puts that fire out? Punk is already a huge heel but WWE (and Punk) are making a monster in preparation for his inevitable clash with The Rock. As for Ryback, if the finish of the match is well managed then he should be able to go back to what he was doing before all of this. However, if WWE drop the ball with him then it’s no huge loss to them, easy come easy go.

Winner: CM Punk

Overall Thoughts

Craig Wilson:

Not watch: and I’m even off on Monday! There is nothing on this card, as it stands, that really marks it out as a must watch event. I am struggling to see what a potential candidate is for match of the night. I think the tag titles match will be decent as will the Intercontinental Championship bout but other than that there are three matches I can barely muster enthusiasm for and even the main event doesn’t really do anything for me.

James : Well it is hardly shaping up to be a classic B-level PPV, but should provide some interesting enough stuff (IC match, Tag Title, the main event). Doesn’t seem to be build up a whole towards Survivor Series though, which is troubling.

Watch/Not watch: Well I can’t say I’ll feel good about paying for it, but I don’t think I can miss that main event, so watch (albeit reluctantly


Watch/Not watch: There’s a lot of intrigue around the main event but below it is one of the worst looking WWE cards I’ve seen in a long time. If I find the time I’ll watch the Punk/Ryback match, but I’ll probably just read the results online to be honest. Not watch.

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