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Craig Wilson

Hell in a Cell – a screwy finish?

Going in to this weekend’s Hell in a Cell I described not having Ryback win as being an illogical booking decision and that’s exactly what happened.

Perhaps owing to the fact that few wrestling fans saw any chance that Punk would leave Sunday’s event with the title, the WWE came up with a last minute swerve to keep the title on Punk thanks to a screwjob finish. I’ve seen comments from both sides of the argument – some see that now the streak’s over its done whilst others believe it allows him to develop other parts of his character. I think it was a stupid move not to have Ryback go over and I hope it doesn’t hurt him long term.

Best WWE DVD in the world?

Sticking with Punk, this weekend I finally caught up with the rest of the wrestling world and watched the CM Punk DVD ‘Best in the World’ and like everyone else I wasn’t disappointed.

Jamie’s previously reviewed the DVD but even after such a glowing review I was surprised at just how good the DVD is.

I’ve now seen a number of the superstar DVDs produced by the WWE and I have to say that this is by far the best that I have seen. I was really impressed with the range of friends that popped up to give their two cents on how Punk has gotten on in the wrestling world and his career was chronicled perfectly from the humble beginnings of setting up a backyard promotion with friends to being the WWE Champion.

It was also great again to see the “shoot” promo Punk gave on Raw last summer as well as seeing him highlight the often questionable booking decisions made by the WWE creative department and booking team. If you’ve not seen this DVD yet then I’d advise you to check it out.

Justin Gabriel getting a push

For me, one of the least utilised superstars currently on the WWE roster is Justin Gabriel and it’s good to see him getting a mini push and a title shot at a PPV.

I’d previously had high hopes for his tag team with Tyson Kidd but think much better things will come for the South African superstar in singles competition. He has a unique look and an exciting move-set and I hope that the powers that be can find him a good feud to get him more over with the fans.

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