WWE Attitude: Great era but sadly lacking as a DVD

Craig Wilson

(Image courtesy of nerdsontherocks.com)

(Image courtesy of nerdsontherocks.com)

Regular readers of this blog will have realised that the WWE doesn’t often get much praise, one exception has always been their DVD department who have a fantastic record of putting out great DVDs. The Edge one was top rate yet they managed to better that with the recent CM Punk documentary. Therefore, especially as a huge fan of the era, I was very excited at the prospect of the WWE attitude DVD set. Such a shame, then, that it comes across as quite a rushed job.

I’m quite surprised that the production department were able to make such a mess of a DVD focussing on unquestionably the most entertaining era in the history of the WWE if not professional wrestling. An era that was very much out with the old and in with the new should give even the most amateur of documentary maker more than enough material for a top notch DVD but the WWE have missed the target with this one.

Sure, this DVD proves to be a pleasant waltz down memory lane as we see some of the japes involving DX and the hard hitting action of the Nation of Domination but those wanting a bit more or even something new, will be left frustrated.

The taking heads are well chosen, we get Mick Foley talking in great length about the era and the Road Dogg displaying his love of that era. Some of Foley’s comments are a bit on the hypocritical side, however, taking pot shots at the sexual innuendo laden remarks of DX at the same time as he was being thrown off of cages and through tables.

We see all the moments on the DVD that you’d expect from Vince’s promo declaring a change of direction for the WWE to the buyout of WCW – the start and end points of the era according to the DVD – and everything in between but no real explanation behind the events. Just a showing of them.

Yeah we got to see clips from Stone Cold’s infamous feuds with both The Rock and Vince McMahon but we got to hear no new interviews with any of the protagonists. Which is a real pity.

As trips down memory lane go it’s not a bad one at all and, as ever, the extras are fantastic but this DVD promised so much but failed to deliver. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still great to see DX Invading Nitro and impersonating the Nation of Domination and Austin soaking McMahon with a beer bath will be a moment wrestling fans will always remember.

I love a nostalgic trip down memory lane as much as the next wrestling fans that yearns for the glory days and if you’re of a similar mindset you’ll enjoy this DVD a great deal. But if you’re looking for a fresh take on the era or some new comments from those involved in arguably the most important time of the WWE’s history then you’ll be disappointed.

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