Matches from History: The 2010 Royal Rumble match

Craig Wilson

Now that the countdown is firmly on to this year’s Royal Rumble, and on the back of Jamie’s excellent post on the 1992 Royal Rumble, I too thought I should do a ‘Match from History’ looking at a Royal Rumble match. My choice, from 3 years ago the 2010 Royal Rumble. So here we go…

Incidentally, in what I thought might be slightly interesting, I tweeted updates, as if it was live, on the following hashtag: #RoyalRumble2010

2010 Royal Rumble

Royal_Rumble_(2010)That year’s Rumble was held in the Philips Arena in Atlanta Georgia and your hosts were Michael Cole, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and Matt Striker.

The first two entrants are Dolph Ziggler and Evan Bourne and they have the honour of kicking off the 2010 Royal Rumble match. They both star by gazing at the huge WrestleMania XXVI logo and Bourne kicks away. Bourne drops Ziggler on his head early on with a hurracanrana before Ziggler counters with a turnbuckle strike and nearly eliminates Bourne. Bourne then counters a backdrop attempt with a double knee drop and both he and Ziggler fly over the top and but both manage to hold on. It’s quite spot heavy at this stage and Ziggler hits the Zigzag before Bourne recovers and drops Air Bourne as CM Punk heads out.Punk clobbers both of them and quickly tosses them together and throws out Bourne and clotheslines Ziggler out. Punk grabs a microphone and preaches the Straight Edge Society lifestyle. He cuts a promo saying how he can save people as 4 JTG from Cryme Tyme heads out. JTG slides in and punches away and hits a clothesline. Punk is in the corner so JTG tries to drop the Mug Shot but Punk counters and tosses him over the top. Punk then goes back to the microphone as he continues preaching about the straight edge lifestyle. Number 5 is announced and it’s the Great Khali who heads out. Punk tries to talk his way out of this and he asks Khali to raise his hand to accept Straight Edge into his life… but gets a chop to the head for his troubles as Beth Phoenix hits the ring, the second woman after Chyna back in 1999 to compete in a Rumble, runs down. In a very gentlemanly fashion Khali helps her over the top but she kisses Khali over the top, eliminating him. Phoenix attacks Punk and almost eliminates him before he fights back and hits the Go2Sleep and throws her out just as our number 7 Zack Ryder heads out. Punk: “you… you have potential, how would you like to be a member of the Straight Edge…” just as Punk hits him with the microphone throws him over and out. Punk is getting huge cheers from the crowd for this awesome Rumble performance so far. He then goes on to declare that he is better than everyone just as Triple H’s music hits. Straight off the bat Triple H floors Punk and goes to work on him. Punk manages the knee in the corner but HHH pushes him away and hits his trademark spinebuster. Number 9 is next and it is Drew McIntyre, the then Intercontinental Champion. Drew walks as slow as humanly possible to get to the ring. HHH dominates McIntyre and then tries to Pedigree Punk who counters into the Go2Sleep but HHH is able to counter this and throws Punk over the top rope and out of the rumble. Drew gets HHH from behind and works him over in the corner.

The buzzer goes for number 10 and it’s Ted Dibiase that heads out and right into a Triple H lariat. Dibiase comes back and slams him and he and Drew mud-hole stomp HHH in the corner. The entrants are coming thick and heavy asJohn Morrison, who was feuding with McIntyre, runs out. He takes out Dibiase straight away in order to get to McIntyre and hits a head scissors counter into a DDT. Ted Dibiase attacks from behind and sets up Dream Street countered into a Pelé kick. Morrison drops Starship Pain onto McIntyre. It’s neew entrant time again and this time it is Kane that makes his way to the ring. Kane starts by, climbing to the top and dropping Triple H with a flying clothesline; side suplex to Dibiase and a double chokeslam to Morrison and McIntyre. It’s a typical Rumble appearance from Kane until Cody Rhodes joins the fray and saves his Legacy partner Dibiase from elimination. The duo then stomp away on Kane before Cody Russian leg sweeps Triple H and short clotheslines Drew McIntyre. Rhodes tries to toss Morrison but he springboards back in straight into a Cody dropkick. Legacy then makes a valiant attempt to throw out the big red machine but HHH is there to break it up. Buzzer time as M.V.P. heads out but doesn’t get far before he is jumped by The Miz and beat down with The Miz’s US Title. We then hit the half way point as Carlito hits the ring. Drew whips Carlito into a monkey flip on Morrison. Carlito hits the Backstabber on HHH and then McIntyre and then Dibiase. 16 The Miz is next and lands a Skull-Crushing Finale to Carlito. MVP then returns and, unsurprisingly, goes straight for The Miz and clotheslines both The Miz and himself over the top rope to the outsid – eliminating them both as they brawl back to the locker room. Legacy almost eliminates HHH as Morrison nearly throws out McIntyre. Matt Hardy is next and runs in and hits a Twist of Fate on McIntyre and a Side Effect on Rhodes. He makes the often repeated, but cardinal rumble sin, of going up t he turnbuckle where Kane pushes him off to the floor. Triple HHH then sneaks up behind Kane and throws him out. Cody then runs right into a spinebuster before everyone else in the ring then finds themselves on the end of the same move. Triple H tries a Pedigree on Cody but Drew McIntyre chop blocks him. They pan to a long shot of the aisle so someone big must be coming out and it is Shawn Michaels! Carlito charges him which allows Shawn to get his first elimination. HBK turns his attention to The Legacy and quickly eliminates them both. The story here is that Shawn is on a rampage trying to get to The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Shawn avoids a Flash Kick from Morrison and shakes his finger at him before eliminating him. Drew charges and clotheslines Shawn before DX team up on Drew and eliminate him. And it’s John Cena! He wipes the floor with DX. Proto-bomb to HHH and knocks HBK down with Triple H’s feet as he swings him around. Cena drops a double Five-Knuckle Shuffle on D-X. Cena tries to hit the Attitude Adjustement to Shawn over the top but Triple H saves with a Pedigree. HHH then walks straight into Sweet Chin Music which sends him over the top rope in a surprise elimination.

We’re at number 20 now as Shelton Benjamin comes out. Shelton Dragon whips Cena, knocks Shawn down and German suplexes Cena. Benjamin drops HBK with Paydirt; he tries Cena but he catches him and Benjamin is gone. It’s Yoshi Tatsu next as he runs out and spinning wheel kicks Michaels and roll-through dropkicks him. He tries to kick Cena but he ducks and just manages to eliminate Tatsu. Shawn and Cena go back to their match-up. Clock counts down and it’s time for The Big Show. Cena’s reaction here is brilliant. Shawn tries to replicate the way Benoit eliminated Show but Show suplexes Shawn onto Cena’s shoulders for another near elimination. Shawn gets tossed but skins-the-cat into a head scissors on Big Show but Show is too strong for that and swats Michaels away. Continuing the trend of big men entrants is Mark Henry who comes out next. Show and Henry stare at each other they clubber each other and Henry tries a slam. Cena returns to try to shoulderblock Show; it stuns him enough for Henry to slam him. Cena then lifts Henry up for an AA but collapses under the weight. “Masterpiece” Chris Masters jogs to the ring and runs over Shawn Michaels then flings him into the corner upside-down and press-slams him. Masters tries the Masterlock on Show who stands up and throws him out. Henry and Show battle against the ropes; Shawn tries to assist just as R-Truth runs down. Despite being the smallest man in the ring it is Truth that tips over Big Show and Mark Henry eliminating the both of them. Truth is all fired up and drops Cena with the axe kick then hiptosses Shawn. Truth works over Shawn in the corner as Jack Swagger makes his way to the ring. Swagger goes straight for Truth and drops a Swagger Bomb on John Cena in the corner then before also nailing Michaels with one. Swagger plants R-Truth with an Oklahoma powerslam. HBK goes for Swagger, telegraphs a backdrop and gets clotheslined over the top but hangs on with one arm. Kofi Kingston then runs to the ring and arrives via the top rope, crossbody onto Swagger. Kingston dropkicks everyone then drops the Boom Drop on Jack Swagger. Kofi dives onto Swagger on the ropes and body scissors Swagger out. R-Truth attacks Kofi but Kofi is able to eliminate Truth. Here is Chris Jericho who goes straight for John Cena. Cena reverses a whip and Attitude Adjusts Jericho as HBK takes Cena down with a DDT before Michaels climbs to the top and lands the top rope elbow on old rival Jericho. Shawn tunes up the band and charges… right into Trouble in Paradise. Cena then eliminates Kofi with an over-the-top AA. Cena turns right into a Codebreaker; now. Edge’s music hits as he makes a surprise return after a six month hiatus following injury. He goes right for his former tag team partner, as is Royal Rumble tradition, Chris Jericho and spears him. Shawn and Cena are then both on the receiving end of Spears as well. Edge then eliminates Jericho before Shawn tries to sneak up from behind but gets an Edge-O-Matic. Cena then attempts an AA but Edge counters that into the Impaler DDT. Edge gets a nice ovation. It’s time for number 30 and it’s Batista. That means we’re left with Michaels, Cena, Edge and Batista who spinebusters Edge straight way before taking everyone else down with running clotheslines. Edge then spears Batista and Cena hits the AA on Edge; all four men are down.

Shawn and Cena are up and a flying forearm takes Cena down as Michaels nip-ups into a few inverted atomic drops. Shawn goes up again and drops the elbow to Cena; enziguri to Batista and he goes up again and drops another elbow on Batista. Shawn tunes the band again and clobbers Cena with the superkick; there is one for Batista as well. Edge clotheslines Shawn and himself over but they both manage to hang on as Shawn hook-kicks Edge back into the ring but Batista forearms Shawn out of the match and knocks the stuffing out of the crowd. Shawn lies on the floor in the aisle knowing that his dream of the WrestleMania rematch is over. He then snaps on the floor and superkicks referee Charles Robinson as the remaining three continue to battle in the ring. Shawn walks off dejected, unsure of what to do. Batista tries a Batista Bomb but gets backdropped. Cena tries an AA on Batista but he’s able to wriggle free and charges at Cena but gets eliminated. Edge readies for Cena as he pulls himself up. Edge then runs straight into a boot from Cena before Cena then charges but Edge sidesteps him and throws him out to win the 2010 Royal Rumble.


Overall: 7/10 I think everyone in the building expected Michaels to triumph here and you could hear how dejected the crowd were when Michaels was eliminated. That said, Edge returning and winning was brilliant. Another standout performer was undoubtedly CM Punk who dominated proceedings in the early stages.

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