What wrestling has taught us this week

Jamie Lithgow & Craig Wilson

It’s fair to say that the wacky world of rasslin’ hasn’t taught us all that much this week but here goes anyway…


• A ticket to Raw also allows you full access to to the ringside area and even the opportunity to cut a promo on the WWE Champion. WWE really is the best value in entertainment.
• A leather jacket, tracksuit bottoms and a sleeveless t-shirt at least two sizes too small is a look strong enough for The Rock to sport on worldwide television.
• After drawing either number one or number two Dolph Ziggler could be a dark horse in the Royal Rumble match. John Cena will be there at the end and given that Ziggler has been his primary foe of late I expect Ziggler to approach if not surpass Rey Mysterio’s record for time spent in the Rumble.
• John Cena is literally allowed to say whatever he wants in his promos, even if it includes statements that paint him as the world’s oldest 10 year old. Although most of us already viewed him as such anyway.


• It would seem that during his spells in the UK Hulk Hogan watches football over here, what else would have led him to comment on the Eden Hazard v Ballboy incident that overshadowed Swansea’s victory over Chelsea.
• The Miz has made heroic efforts at getting himself back involved in the WWE product and his on-going feud with Cesaro is potentially great for both. Cesaro is struggling a bit to get the crowd interested in him, that hasn’t been helped by the pointless feud with R-Truth, whilst The Miz has gone from headlining Wrestlemania 28 to not even appearing at Wrestlemania 29. This feud, over the US strap, has potential for both. I don’t see The Miz winning at the pre-show match at Sunday’s Rumble but can see this feud going on a bit longer.

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