Fantasy Booking by Jamie

Jamie Lithgow

Following on from this Sunday’s Sermon I have given thought to a fantasy card of 9 matches. On the card are a couple of tournaments to crown World and Tag champions which soaks up 6 of the matches, with the other 3 bouts just for fun.

To set the scene I have decided to use Madison Square Garden as the venue, and of course it is sold out. On commentary I’ve got Tony Schiavone leading JBL and Dusty Rhodes. Ring announcing duties fall to the legend that is Howard Finkel with the even bigger legend Todd Pettengill handling the backstage interviews.

Tag Team Title Tournament – Semi Final #1
The Briscoe Brothers vs. The Young Bucks
Naturally you want tournament matches out of the way first to allow competitors time to recover. I’ve placed The Young Bucks in the first match purely to get pulses racing and open the show with a bang. The more experienced and battle scarred Briscoes will outlast them in this short but fast paced opener.

Tag Team Title Tournament – Semi Final #2
Brain Kendrick & Paul London vs. The Kings of Wrestling
A much closer and slightly more scientific affair than the previous match; I see Kendrick and London as the babyface squad trying to teach the heels a lesson in respect. This one will have its high spots but The Kings should win this by using a distraction tactic. Yes, in other words cheating, but the clever kind of cheating that actually enhances a wrestler’s reputation.

World Title Tournament – Semi Final #1
Daniel Bryan vs. Austin Aries
Babyface Bryan and heel Aries would put on a clinic in this one. I see lots of submissions and counters in a Benoit/Angle style match. I see this being hard fought with Bryan possibly having to apply the Yes/No Lock for some time before Aries taps.

World Title Tournament – Semi Final #2
Colt Cabana vs. CM Punk
I would bill this as a grudge match with Colt Cabana representing the people that CM Punk turned his back on. A little like The Rock actually, just with a more personal touch because this would be a proper grudge match. The polar opposite from Semi Final #1, this match would be hard hitting and spill out onto the floor. I would have Punk win by knock out to protect Cabana. Punk could nail him with some brass knucks before applying the Anaconda Vice, with Cabana offering no resistance due to being KO’d.

Kharma vs. Beth Phoenix
So far we’ve seen a lot of reruns from ROH shows on the card but this match would offer something people had anticipated to see in WWE, but for multiple reasons were denied. I wouldn’t expect this to be a fantastic match; the spectacle of finally booking these two women in a match together is the attraction.

4 Way Dance
Christopher Daniels vs. Christian vs. Seth Rollins vs. John Morrison
This has the makings of a cracker. The women’s match would have given spectators a chance to catch their breath but this match is designed to get them right back into the action. In order to establish him as the promotions veteran I would have a babyface Christian use his experience to find a way to win under difficult circumstances.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Kofi Kingston
A dream match, or at least this could be the beginnings of a dream match. I would like these guys to have a short match, but left open for a sequel. My grand plan would be to have these guys eventually compete against each other in a ladder match. I see both men as babyfaces in this particular match with Kofi going over clean. This would build to Benjamin turning heel on Kofi and creating the need for a series between the two ending with a gimmick match.

Tag Team Title Tournament – Final
The Briscoe Brothers vs. The Kings of Wrestling
I see this as a war, not unlike the Punk/Cabana match. I would expect to see those relaxed rules that appear whenever Triple H has a match and of course a few drops of blood. The tag team division would be important in our promotion so it is vital that the teams competing in this match show what it takes and the sacrifices needed to be a champion. Just outlasting The Kings I would have the bloodied and battered Briscoes win the titles.

World Title Tournament – Final
CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan
These guys competed in the best WWE Title matches of last year so it is only natural that I would want to book this bout again. Coming into the match Punk would be more banged up so Bryan could target an injured body part and go to work on it. I see this being a long-ish match so introducing this psychology helps. Bryan would also be carrying a few knocks himself which Punk could exploit after gaining the advantage with a low blow. Building towards the finish I would have both men survive submission attempts and kick out of near falls. In the end I would actually quite like Punk to steal a cheap win by rolling Bryan up as he talks to the referee and even hold onto his tights.

I would hope that fans would be sold on the quality of the action so much that the cheap nature of Punk’s win after such a good match, and event as a whole, would drive fans to hate him even more and want to come back to see the next show.

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