Fantasy booking by Craig

Craig Wilson

Sunday’s Sermon saw Jamie and I living the dream by booking superstars for a fantasy show we’d put on based on the unlikely event of Ted Turner fancying another pop at taking over the wrestling world and for some reason putting us in charge… Yesterday, Jamie picked his card and it, on paper, looked like a great show. Let’s see how I do…

First of all, let’s list the roster:

Divas: Beth Phoenix & Kharma

Tag teams: Briscoe Brothers, Young Bucks, Kendrick & London and the Kings of Wrestling.

Single stars: CM Punk, Austin Aries, Christian, Daniel Bryan, Christopher Daniels, Colt Cabana, Brodus Clay, John Morrison and Shelton Benjamin.

Jamie also added a couple of singles guys and I will do likewise with Rhyno and Matt Hardy being late call-ups to the roster.

Your hosts are Jim Cornette, Tony Schiavone and JBL.

They announce that tonight will see new tag team champions, a new TV champion and a new World Champion crowned.

Opening match Young Bucks v Kendrick & London: What better way to start of the card than with this spot filled tag team match that goes back and forth, with the fans on the edge of their seats, for near fifteen minutes until The Young Bucks snatch victory and progress to the final of the tag team championship tournament where they face the victors of the next match.

Match two: Briscoe Brothers v Kings of Wrestling: Kings of Wrestling are of course Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero better known to WWE fans as Antonio Cesaro and Kassius Ohno. Tonight they face Indy sensations The Briscoe Brothers. A different kind of tag match to the first one with more matt based wrestling on show. Kings of Wrestling have this one sewn up until botched interference from The Young Bucks gets the victory for The Briscoe Brothers.

Battle of the behemoths anything goes match: Brodus Clay v Rhyno: A hard hitting brawl that see’s blood spilled as the two fight through the crowd until a gore fells Clay and allows Rhyno to pick up the win.

Ladder match to be number 1 contender for the TV title: Matt Hardy v John Morrison v Kofi Kingston v Shelton Benjamin: If you thought the opening bout was spot filled then wait till you see this one. The four trade ladder spots and huge bumps but it is Morrison that is able to pick up the win meaning he will face the winner of Christian v Christopher Daniels later in the show.

Beth Phoenix v Amazing Kong (Kharma): The match that many wrestling fans wanted to see take place in the WWE but never did. Like Jamie, the anticipation makes this a bigger draw than the in-ring skills would be the two go back and forth before Amazing Kong finally overpowers her opponent to win this one.

TV title match: Christian v Christopher Daniels: A very solid match between these two, as you would expect, but it is Christian this is able to reign supreme and pick up the win.

Tag team title match: The Young Bucks v The Briscoes: Two of the best teams on the independent scene in America are the contestants to crown our first tag team champions and it is the Briscoes that win thanks to interference from Kings of Wrestling which results in a three team brawl at the end of this one.

Main event for the World Championship: CM Punk v Daniel Bryan v Colt Cabana: This is a dream match for independent wrestling fans. This 30 minute brawl leaves the crowd desperate for more as they three trade near falls, attempted finishers and reversals until Punk picks up the win after a GTS on Cabana.

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