Just how bad was Wrestlemania 9?


Craig Wilson

With an afternoon off, and mere weeks from Wrestlemania 29, what better way to get in the Wrestlemania mood than by watching a previous year’s event? What a shame, then, that it was Wrestlemania 9 that I chose.

So, where to start with this one then? Well, to be fair, there are some positives on the show and some memorable moments. It’s the first event that Jim Ross called as a WWF commentator – and the first WWF PPV airing of the word “slobberknocker”, having not long left WCW. It is also the first Wrestlemania held outdoors and with a very unique, to say the least, style with the Roman theme.

Only three matches on the entire card get pass marks: the opener between Michaels & Tatanka – despite the dodgy ending, Lugar v Perfect – again, despite another poor ending and The Steiners v The Headshrinkers. It’s the tag match though, that is the best on the car, but even it only really reaches the 7 out of 10 scale.

Much of the rest of the card is absolutely abysmal. The Undertaker v Giant Gonzales match is an abomination. People rightly talk a lot about The Undertaker’s streak but he didn’t half have some turgid matches, particularly in the early period but this one is without doubt the worst of the lot and one of the worst, if not the worst, match in Wrestlemania history.

Despite the memorable ending featuring a second Doink, his match with Crush is otherwise forgettable. I was always quite partial to Crush – despite being a Demolition fan and many other Demolition fans believing he split them up – and felt he could, and definitely should, have had a more successful career than he did have. But this match was just bland.

The Bob Backlund versus Razor Ramon is a strange one too. Despite the fact it doesn’t really ever get going, it just suddenly ends with Ramon picking up the win from nowhere. I don’t know if it was a botch, an injury or even time constraints that forced this match to be ended quickly. Either way, it’s nothing much to write home about.

In the same way that Wrestlemania 8 was booked as a double main event with a WWF Championship match and a Hogan match co-headling, the same transpired at 9 with the big difference being that Hogan managed to leave Wrestlemania 9 with the WWF Championship after “that ending” that saw two new WWF Champions crowned within minutes with Yoko defeating Bret Hart and Hogan then pinning Yoko in less than two minutes. And that was after the stupid tag team match where Jimmy Hart, Hogan and Beefcake’s manager, main the count and the three celebrated with the belts after the match.

I think after the torture that was re-watching this show, I do have to give consideration to my belief that Wrestlemania 11 was the worst in Wrestlemania history. This show pips that one at the post. Best avoided, particularly the ending. It was clear that Vince felt that neither Yoko nor Hart were big enough of a draw to warrant a run with the belt and, as they say, ‘desperate times call for desperate measures’ and Hogan was brought back in to ride to the rescue.

Of course, it didn’t really pan out so well and Hogan left after King of the Ring when Yoko won the title belt back. Additionally, various rumours abound that Hogan refused to drop the belt to Hart etc which has led to animosity between the pair to this date. One this is for sure, though, and that is that Wrestlemania 9 was a dreadful show coming during a down period for the WWF that it only really recovered from in 97.


5 thoughts on “Just how bad was Wrestlemania 9?

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  2. This Mania gets too much flack, yeah it’s lackluster but it’s not some abomination on the wrestling world. Now let’s talk the ending, I’m no Hogan fan but he gets too much heat for this night. First off Hogan defeated Yokozuna after Bret Hart had Yoko defeated. Bret Hart had the match won and was cheated out of the title by Fuji’s salt powder. Hogan then pinned Yokozuna not only after Fuji hit Yoko with the salt but after a Axe Bomber and the Leg Drop. Now kayfabe wise this actually makes sense, sanz since when can a champion just defend his title anytime he wants?

    Again not a Hogan fan but at the time he was a bigger star than Hart or Yoko. If you wanna say they should’ve been looking at the future that’s fine but people should blame this finish on who it belongs, Vince McMahon. He has always shown a complete lack of faith in Bret Hart’s drawing ability. He tried to replace him with Lex Luger, HBK, Diesel and so on.


  3. WM9 didn’t seem like Wrestlemania when I was watching it LIVE (on PPV), and it still to this day seems to have taken place in a parallel universe. It was bright daylight throughout the event which really diminishes the aura of a pro wrestling event. Seemed like it was taking place in somebody’s backyard. There were almost no fans, mostly comped gamblers on a weekend vacation package just doing something that cost some people a lot of money. This audience compared to the year before that took place in front of 60,000+ at the Hoosier Dome. It was the first post Hogan era/Warrior era Mania. Sure they brought Hogan in since there were no name stars on the card. Remember Bret Hart was a tag team wrestler for our entire lives up to this point, and the Hart Foundation were great, but really they were just mid-carders save 2 title reigns in their 8 year tag run. Yokozuna just debuted about 6 months prior and he was just another fat guy like Kamala. The event seemed to disgrace and erase the prestige and long-term booking that set WWF apart from the NWA or WCW (and others) who just seemed to go with whatever sounded good over drinks the night before and then run with it until they realize they were embarrasing themselves.

    Clearly. Bret Hart was decided to be the face of the WWF after winning the title from Ric Flair by submission several months prior, and then for a fat no name guy that really nobody cared about, beat him for the title for no good reason, but okay we’ll see how a heel champion does, since the WWF never had a long-term heel champion, but then Hogan comes out and just makes Hart look like a total chump, because he beats Yokozuna in about 8 seconds in an impromptu match, and is the new champion? I was like, “What the hell is this?” With the bright blue sky in the background and then they shoot off some fireworks? WHuuuuuuut? I thought we just finally were getting through the painful loss of Hulkamania and going forward with our wrestling lives, but now skinny Hogan was the champion AGAIN.

    Speaking of skinny Hogan, it was about 12 months off the steroids and he went fromt he Hulkster to a shrivled grandpa looking guy with skinny arms. He really looked like a tall drink of water, and the fact that he got beat up the week before and looked terrible with a blood red left eye (or right, can’t remember), it only made him look like a bigger weakling. His yellow wrestling tights were sagging because he lost so much mass. It was truly sad. What the hell was Sensational Sherri doing with Tatanka? What was Luna Vachon doing with Sean Michaels? The commentators were emphatic to point out that Sherri wasn’t with Tatanka even though they were matching with feather in her hair and everything, and Luna wasn’t with Sean even though they looked like they came from the same tailor. Was this side-show suppose to add to probably the more anticipated match on the card? Nobody cares about women’s wrestling, they sure didn’t in 1993.

    Mr. Perfect vs. Lex Luger!?!? What a timeless awesome sounding match. How could they ruin that so badly? Hulk Hogan and Brutus “the Barber” Beefcake vs. Dibiase and IRS? Well they had the ability to make this a classic with the talent involved. Why was Jimmy Hart inexplicably a Hulkamaniac and his manager, they hated each other for Hulk’s entire career, and Jimmy Hart was one of the best and most hated heel managers of all time. Why did Ed Leslie never have a problem wrestling for WCW with his “reconstructed” face, but in the WWF they wouldn’t let him wrestle but this one time and he had to wear a titanium mask? Why not dump the dumb mask gimmick, and let them wrestle, you know pretend.

    No Jake the Snake, no ultimate warrior, no road warriors, no demolition, no andre. Real small scale event, definltely not Wrestlemania material.

    The Highlight of the show was the opening. The song was cool, and Bobby Heenan riding in backwards on a camel, that was great. That was the best part of the show.


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