What wrestling taught us this week…

Jamie Lithgow

· The Undertaker doesn’t have a mobile phone.

· A Twitter account for The Deadman is still some way off.

· Ryback is the number one contender to the WWE Title. He also claimed that wrestling is “ a results orientated business.” Kind of shot yourself in the foot there big man. If it really is a results orientated business then why isn’t Mark Henry the number one contender? You know, the same Mark Henry that cleanly defeated Ryback at Wrestlemania.

· Despite his daft “results orientated business” remark Ryback sounded good on Raw. We’re starting to see a bit of personality behind all that muscle, and it’s making for a far more interesting character to watch.

· John Cena gets booed even when making the save for the legendary Mick Foley. I almost feel sorry for the guy, he just can’t win.

· AJ vs. Kaitlyn is looking likely for Extreme Rules. If they wanted to showcase the divas then this is the premier feud that has been simmering for a long time now. I just figured that if the match was going to happen then it would have happened at Wrestlemania.

· We’re so used to tolerating mediocrity these days that Mick Foley’s killer promo on Raw sounded severely out of place.

· The fake crowd noise machine works occasional Mondays too. Was it just me or did some of the audio on the pre-recorded Raw sound rather suspect? I mean Chris Jericho got a massive pop, which I’m sure was authentic, but the noise just kept going. Problem was the longer it lasted the more It sounded like background noise with the volume turned up rather than cheers of appreciation.

· Vickie is a babyface. Or is she a heel? Someone please clarify, who is good and who is bad in the Vickie vs. Dolph situation.

· Antonio Cesaro continues to get buried while R-Truth is receiving something of a mini push. There’s something not quite right about that. Actually, there’s a lot of things not quite right with that.

· Rhodes Scholars got another great reaction, as they do most weeks. Why do WWE not do something with them? The fans clearly care about them, one way or the other.

· The same week that The Shield reportedly tease a fourth member they travel to Raw in the same helicopter as Fandango. We could be headed in a crazy new direction folks…

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