Icons of Wrestling #6 – The Mean Street Posse


Pete Gas, Rodney and Joey Abs(Image courtesy of www.wwe.com)

The Greenwich bad boys – Pete Gas, Rodney and Joey Abs
(Image courtesy of http://www.wwe.com)

Jamie Lithgow

Members: Rodney, Pete Gas & Joey Abs
Hometown: Greenwich, Connecticut
Championships: Hardcore Title (Pete Gas x2, Rodney x1, Joey Abs x1)
Fun Fact: Rodney and Pete Gas really were childhood friends of Shane McMahon
Bio: In early 1999 double tough Shane McMahon became embroiled in a feud with X-Pac over the highly coveted European Title. At the pre-Wrestlemania 15 Raw the pair squared off in an Albany, New York car park for a Greenwich Street fight. That was until Shane’s boys’ The Mean Street Posse showed up. Rodney, Pete Gas and co. roughed up X-Punk and provided a getaway for the Boy Wonder. Childhood friends of Shane, The Posse also grew up on the mean streets of Greenwich, Connecticut. Too tough for gang tattoos and far too cool for biker patches, The Posse distinguished themselves by dressing like Carlton Banks. Clad in chinos and tank tops Rodney and Pete Gas would watch Shane’s back and become members of first The Corporation and then The Corporate Ministry. While Vince had Paterson and Brisco, Shane had these two heroes. Whenever there was a beating to be taken or a match to be lost The Posse were never far away. Realising the need for more strength and depth, as well as someone who was actually a trained wrestler, Joey Abs was recruited into the gang. As a trio the Posse’s luck didn’t get any better, in fact it got worse. With Joey Abs in the group The Posse were booked more often and began to distance themselves from the now babyface Shane. The problem was that they still sucked, and lost pretty much every match they competed in. It wasn’t all dismal failure for the Greenwich hard men though; each member managed a championship reign in the chaotic Hardcore Title match at Wrestlemania 16. By the end of 2000 Shane’s chums had abandoned the wrestling game, presumably so they could return to Greenwich and cause trouble for the establishment.

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