Icons of Wrestling #7 – Beaver Cleavage


Jamie Lithgow

Beaver Cleavage WWE WWF Chaz Mosh

Harry “Beaver” Cleavage
(Image courtesy of pl.wwe.com)

Height: 6’0”
Weight: 240 lbs
Full Name: Harry ‘Beaver’ Cleavage
Years Active: A couple of weeks in June 1999
Fun Fact: Charles ‘Beaver Cleavage’ Warrington is a qualified teacher
In late May/early June 1999 the world was introduced to Harry ’Beaver’ Cleavage and his mum, Mrs Cleavage, via a series of ‘Leave it to Beaver’ inspired vignettes. The fact that Beaver was clearly older than his “mum” and bore a striking resemblance to former WWE tag team Champion Headbanger Mosh can be ignored; this gimmick has so much more stupidity to offer than that. Judging by her name you have probably guessed that Mrs Cleavage had a more than ample sized chest. As a result the vignettes were laced with innuendo implying that Beaver wanted to get his hands on his mother’s giant boobs. That WTF feeling that some of you may be feeling right now was shared by fans in 1999 too. The Attitude Era was full of shock tactics that struck a chord with impressionable fans, but incest was clearly a step too far. Beaver wrestled just one match, in which he actually managed to defeat Christian, albeit with help from the Hardy Boyz and Michael Hayes. A couple of weeks later, during an interview segment on Raw, Beaver “broke character” and walked off set. The following week he appeared in another interview segment where he introduced himself as Chaz and panned the Beaver Cleavage gimmick. He also introduced the artist formally known as Mrs Cleavage as Marianna, his girlfriend. From this bizarre and best forgotten gimmick Chaz would become Mosh again, before reverting back to Chaz, until he was ultimately released from his contract in 2001. Unfortunately the Beaver Cleavage story has a tragic ending. In 2004 Marianna ‘Mrs Cleavage’ Komlos lost her battle with breast cancer, she was just 35 years old.

You can find all the pieces from the ‘Icons of Wrestling’ series here.


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