Icons of Wrestling #8 – Zeus


Jamie LithgowZeus

Height: 6’6”
Weight: 300lbs
Hometown: Mount Olympus, I guess
Years Active: About 6 months in 1989
Fun Fact: Zeus is not Greek, mythological or a God. He’s actually an actor from Arkansas with a bong eye and a monobrow, who knew?!

In order to promote the WWE funded blockbuster smash ‘No Holds Barred’ Vince McMahon was struck from the heavens by a lightning bolt of genius! He decided to write Zeus, the main bad guy from the film, into a WWE feud with the film’s hero – Hulk Hogan. Zeus’ lack of wrestling experience was of little concern, Vince had a movie to promote dammit! Making pal’s with Macho Man Randy Savage, Zeus claimed to be upset about losing to Hogan in the make-believe, fantasy land that is the movies. The mythological hard man challenged Hogan to a fight in the real world of WWE. Pussying out of a one-on-one encounter, Hogan recruited his boyfriend Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake to partner him in a tag match against Zeus and Macho Man at Summerslam 1989. The match was a classic, a battle for the ages. Zeus put on a wrestling clinic, displaying his full arsenal of a bear hug, a choke hold and another bear hug while no-selling everything Hogan and Beefcake could throw at him. Our man would eventually lose the match however, when that dirty cheating bastard Hogan walloped him upside the head with Sensational Sherri’s purse. Zeus would go on to wrestle two more matches. At the Survivor Series he was disqualified in an eight man tag for kicking Hogan’s ass too thoroughly. The Human Wrecking Machine and Macho Man also lost a tag team cage match against Hogan and Beefcake directly after the PPV premier of ‘No Holds Barred’. I’ve not seen this match, but I assume Hogan cheated, there’s no way he could beat the ruler of the Gods cleanly.

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6 thoughts on “Icons of Wrestling #8 – Zeus

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  2. He did his job on what they needed him for. He was the monster in the movie. And WWF played that well into there storylines. Made for a great main event at Summerslam 89.


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