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Craig Wilson & Jamie Lithgow

You have to wonder if Dixie Carter is really made for wrestling. Heck, I should have asked her that on the #AskDixie hashtag... (Image courtesy of

You have to wonder if Dixie Carter is really made for wrestling. Heck, I should have asked her that on the #AskDixie hashtag… (Image courtesy of

When ECW went backrupt in April 2001 I was concerned about the state of wrestling. When WCW then went out of business then alarm bells really began to ring.

I was neve a fan of ECW, I felt it was needless violence with the superstars performing increasingly over the top spots to get a reaction from a crowd that was becoming more and more blood thirsty.

As for WCW, it too was just never my thing. Sure, I bought the War Games DVD as well as the first ‘Best of Nitro’ set but, whilst enjoying those, I always felt the company lacking something for me.

Now, I’m unsure even 12 Years on I can put my finger on that vital ingredient WCW, and even ECW, lacked. One thing I can say, however, was that I was a WWE guy. That doesn’t mean I’ve never been critical of the WWE. Of course I have been but the one major thing that Vince McMahon’s company lacks at the moment is credible competition.

That’s one thing that TNA sadly can’t provide. TNA has become a regular topic for discussion on this blog. I don’t dislike the company. Hell, for a prolonged period I even felt Impact was a better weekly wrestling promotion.

However, the last few weeks have been bleak for the promotion. We’ve seen a raft of stars leave or be fired whilst this week arguably the lowest moment occurred. Jesse Sorenson, a superstar who broke his neck performing for the company and his since worked in a backstage role, was let go.

Surely things couldn’t get worse. We’ll, they did in a spectacular way. In a move that leaves you wondering if TNA’s PR department is desperate to be fired en masses, someone came up with the idea of a #AskDixie hashtag where Dixie Carter could be quizzed on various issues. Surely no harm could come from that. Well, quite.

20 years ago this week…

Sticking entirely with the subject of competition… It was 20 years ago this week that a certain Eric Bischoff was appointed the new WCW Executive Producer. The appointment was greeted with much surprise with both Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross seen as better candidates for the role.

The promotion of the former AWA announcer sent ripples throughout the wrestling world at the time but within 12 months he was causing shockwaves with Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage joining WCW and within a few years the changes paid off. WCW was making a profit and the WWF was on the backfoot in the Monday Night Wars. In 1997 Bischoff became WCW President.

The rest is, as they say, history but it is crazy how time flies and that it was so long ago that Bischoff first began his climb to the top of WCW.

What Wrestling Taught Us This Week…

Colonel Maddox cutting a dash on Raw this past week

Colonel Maddox, cutting a dash on Raw this past week

  • It’s probably best not to ask your Twitter followers for their thoughts about your company in the same week you fire scores of on and off screen staff – one of whom literally broke his neck for your company – as a cost cutting measure. #AskDixie
  • The Frank Erwin Centre in Austin Texas was unseasonably cold on Monday night, eh Brie? 😉
  • Damien Sandow is Frodo, apparently.
  • CM Punk no longer looks hot, according to my missus that is. He sure can deliver a cracking promo though.
  • According to Triple H ‘TNA has nobody we need’. Oh well, I guess we won’t be seeing Sting in WWE after all.
  • I actually like Mark Henry. Yes, it’s taken the best part of 16 years but the current incarnation of the World’s Strongest Man is the one that holds more appeal than any other, even the Mae Young loving Sexual Chocolate version.
  • John Cena is turning into a grumpy old man. By that I mean he has a short memory and is rather rude. When Brad Maddox asked Daniel Bryan why he thought Cena picked him, big John jumped in and asked Maddox to be “man enough” to ask him himself. Erm, Maddox did ask Cena that exact question a couple of minutes earlier, to which the champ gave a rather indirect and protracted answer.
  • Gauntlet matches are no longer worthy of a name.
  • Brad Maddox looks a little like a young Colonel Sanders, only in Homer Simpson’s trousers.
  • Based on the horrible Miz TV segment on Raw, Total Divas is going to absolutely suck. Seriously, who is going to watch this?

On the Blog This Week

On Monday Craig’s Raw Rewind took in the show from 21 of July 1997 featuring a main event pitting The Hart Foundation’s Bret Hart, Owen Hart and The British Bulldog v Stone Cold, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker in a flag match. On Tuesday Brian Damage assessed whether or not Goldberg had a WWE HoF worthy career. On Wednesday Craig caught up with former Ring of Honor announcer Jeff Gorman on his campaign to make TNA Gut Check and on Thursday Craig and Jamie listed their respective Top Five foreign objects in wrestling. Jamie rounded the week of with his ‘Icons of Wrestling’ feature looking at the career of Zeus.

2 thoughts on “This Week in Wrestling

  1. I’m watching AWA on ESPN Classics and just saw an interview segment conducted by Vern Gagnes’ daughter….the one Bischoff would marry and weasel his way into the company and leave his mark on 3 federations….


  2. LOL Eric Bischoff for all of his “talent” definitely conned Verne Gagne, Ted Turner and Dixie Carter…in the WWE he was nothing more than a personality and not running anything behind the scenes…thankfully.


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