The Book of Genesis: Chapter 2…The Mid-Card

Brian Damage

The last ‘Book of Genisis’ article I did focused on several wrestlers and TNA and how they all can reboot themselves into something fresh and different. Today I do a chapter 2 and pin point some mid card talent that may or may not need some new ideas. Whether they could be pulled off and work, is a completely different story…

1. Heath Slater

You can say what you want about this guy, but he reminds me of a modern day Michael P.S. Hayes. The kid has got talent and charisma. It just needs to be utilized better. I liked the initial concept of 3MB, but it looks like the expiration date on them ran out months ago. So what to do?

First and foremost, break up 3MB and make all three… Slater, McIntyre and Mahal go their separate ways. Secondly, pair Slater up with someone more fitted to his personality…Who could that be? How about Michael Hayes himself? Make Hayes his manager like he did when he gave the upstart Hardy Boyz a rub. If Hayes is too busy as a road agent/producer, how about The HonkyTonk Man? Yes, I realize Vince attempted this gimmick in the mid 90’s, but that gimmick failed before it started.

As legend has it…Glen Gilberti AKA The Disco Inferno was set to be a free agent and Vince wanted him to be Honky’s protege. Eric Bischoff got wind of this and resigned Gilberti to a lucrative new deal with WCW. With Gilberti out of the picture…Vince went back to the drawing board and came up with Rock-A-Billy Gunn. Epic Fail seeing as Billy Gunn just didn’t fit the profile. Now that Honky has reportedly signed a Legends contract with the WWE, why not re-explore the idea? Heath is the perfect fit.

2. The Prime Time Players

This was a slam dunk idea BEFORE Darren Young came out of the closet as a gay man. With that revelation, let’s just assume Young will break off into a singles wrestler. What to do with Titus O’Neil? Personally, Titus may not be ready as a singles competitor. so pair him up and form “The New and Improved” Prime Time Playas with…JTG. Yes THAT JTG…he’s still collecting a pay check so why not use him? From Cryme Time to Prime Time and pair them up with….Teddy Long. Teddy always made sense to me to manage the Players once he was no longer being used as a GM. Teddy has managed in the past so he has experience…What else are you going to use Long for?

3. Ricardo Rodriguez

In case you didn’t know Rodriguez is a real Luchador by trade. Since Vinny Mac isn’t the biggest fan of masked wrestlers, he can keep the mask off, but needs an identity of his own. You can team him up with Hunico (remember him?) and Camacho and form a team. Have them as “tweeners” between heel and face and have them screw Alberto out of the World title. Be careful with Rodriguez or he’ll end up like Virgil did. Gets revenge on his former employer and then reverts into a glorified jobber. Rodriguez is 100 times the wrestler Virgil/Vincent/Shane/Curly Bill/Soul Train Jones…ever was.

4. Kofi Kingston

The guy is one of the quickest, most athletic wrestlers I have ever seen. He’s stagnant though. So the first suggestion is obvious…a heel turn. Secondly, a mouthpiece AKA a manager…Paul Heyman or Teddy Long would work, but how about thinking outside the box…hire from the outside. Someone with claims to the same roots of Kofi in Ghana, West Africa….Prince Nana from Ring Of Honor. If you never saw Nana in action, Youtube his arse. You won’t be disappointed. Extremely charismatic and witty, he is exactly the perfect fit for Kofi to raise his game to a whole new level. Did you Youtube him yet? GO NOW…I’ll Wait…Ya see! I told ya FOOLS!

5. Zack Ryder

The last one on my list is probably the simplest to adjust…because he pretty much uses the same gimmick…online. Have Ryder snap and lose perception of reality….His whole life will be based on the success of his social media life. Ditch the whole “Jersey Shore” stuff he does and just have a delusional type of character that THINKS he’s a bigger star than what he is. Have him start to carry around his real “Internet Championship” title…bragging to people who refuse to listen or care that he’s a champion and he has X amount of Twitter followers etc…

After that, have him start defending the belt in matches only to lose it repeatedly, but steals the belt back saying it was really a non title match or unsanctioned match. Worth a try right?

In conclusion, I’m no expert and I refuse to call myself one…just a fan and an imagination…livin’ the dream…in my own mind.

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