Top Five WWE Champions

Craig Wilson & Jamie Lithgow

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When you consider that in the last seven days the WWE has had three men hold the top strap, it seems a logical time to consider the Top Five WWE Champions in history of the promotion. Some of the biggest superstars in WWF/E history have held the title whilst many top class superstars have just failed to make the grade. Those that missed out will no doubt feature on a top five list sooner rather than later but they are not the focus today.

Instead we look at the guys that have been deemed good enough to be WWE champion. So, be it Sammartino’s 8 year run at the top of the WWWF to Hogan’s time with the strap during the company’s boom period to Punk 434 days as the champion via spells for Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, The Rock, Bret Hart or Kevin Nash, this week Craig & Jamie list their Top Five WWE Champions. Continue reading

The Book of Genesis: Chapter 2…The Mid-Card

Brian Damage

The last ‘Book of Genisis’ article I did focused on several wrestlers and TNA and how they all can reboot themselves into something fresh and different. Today I do a chapter 2 and pin point some mid card talent that may or may not need some new ideas. Whether they could be pulled off and work, is a completely different story… Continue reading

Matches From History: Hulk Hogan v The Big Boss Man in a steel cage match for the WWF Title

Jamie Lithgow

Big Boss Man Hulk Hogan Cage Match SNME

Hogan grabs Bossman through the old school blue bars. If only the law man had thought to just let go of the cage.

Today we head back to 1989 to revisit one of the most famous cage matches in WWE history. Here’s some background to this staple of any cage match compilation –

Hulk Hogan had been involved in a feud with The Big Boss Man and Akeem (aka The Twin Towers) for months, before and after his split from Mega Powers partner Macho Man Randy Savage. The rivalry between the two teams was the focus of the 10 man tag main event at the 1988 Survivor Series, and it was actually in a match against Bossman and Akeem when Hogan and Savage split in February ’89. In those days a traditional feud ending match was a cage match, which brings us to the May 27th 1989 edition of Saturday Night’s Main Event where Hogan defends the WWE Title, which he won from Savage at Wrestlemania V a few weeks earlier, against The Big Boss Man.

That’s enough background, let’s head to the action – Continue reading

Raw Rewind 18 August 1997

Craig Wilson

Raw Is War Logo (1998)

On this #Rawrewind we take in the 18 August 1997 show. This week’s main event is HBK teaming with Triple H to face The Undertaker and Mankind whilst we’ll hear from Rocky Maivia regarding his decision to join The Nation of Domination.

Also on the show, LOD take on Owen Hart & The British Bulldog, The Patriot hopes to continue his push with a match against Vader and Brian Pillman hopes to end his stint wearing a dress when he faces Jesse James.

All the previous Raw Rewinds can be located here.

Champion Roll Call:

WWF Champion: Bret Hart
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Stone Cold Steve Austin
WWF Tag Team Champions: Stone Cold Steve Austin & Dude Love
WWF European Champion: The British Bulldog
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SummerSlam 2013 Predictions

Craig Wilson, Kenneth Richardson & Jamie Lithgow

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Tonight WWE will host the hottest event of the summer, Summerslam. This year’s show is stacked and contains many ‘what if’ moments. Bray Wyatt makes his singles debut against Kane, Alberto Del Rio puts his World Heavyweight Title on the line against Christian, former tag partners Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow lock horns, Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn team up to face Big E. Langston and Divas champion AJ Lee while two stars of Total Divas – Natalya and Brie Bella – also battle.

In the main events, former Heyman guy CM Punk will take on Brock Lesnar as he attempts to get his hands on his former manager and Daniel Bryan vies for the WWE title as he takes on current champion John Cena. Here; Craig, Kenneth and Jamie give their predictions on the SummerSlam 2013 card.

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This Week in Wrestling

Craig Wilson & Jamie Lithgow.

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As everyone reading this will know, Fred Rosser – known to many as Darren Young of the Prime Time Players – this week came out and became the only openly gay WWE superstar on the roster. Unsurprisingly, this created an incredible amount of buzz – exemplified by the number of views this blog has had in the last few days.

Brian eloquently discussed the topic yesterday on the blog, particularly in the relation to the erroneous way that some outlets were describing him as the only openly gay WWE superstar. My take will be different. What I’m curious to see is what happens next. Continue reading

Who Remembers Kanyon? Nobody…

Brian Damage

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The WWE’s own Darren Young recently “came out of the closet” to reveal he is gay. It has got the internet wrestling world buzzing. Some say they were shocked and others say they suspected it all along. Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and Forums have been chatting away about the rather nonchalant announcement by Young. Some say it is a “work” by Young to get a better push, some say the WWE orchestrated this as some sort of storyline, a few have cracked jokes about his revelation, but most have come out and supported him.

Personally, I make no bones about who I am as a man and as an American…I am a Republican. Am I conservative in many of the issues of today? Yes. Does that mean I have a problem with Darren Young’s sexuality? Absolutely NOT! I sit here writing this 100% in favor of Darren Young’s decision to come out as a homosexual. It’s who he is, I am not a judge or jury to decide what should make him happy. Nor will I ever….for any man or woman. Was I always this way? No, but as I got older and wiser I do believe you love who you love and that’s that. Nothing I say or do will change or end homosexuality. Nor do I want to. It is what it is. Continue reading

Top Five Finishers in Wrestling

Craig Wilson, Brian Damage & Jamie Lithgow

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The best wrestling matches tell a great story. Whether that’s an underdog overcoming adversity or a bad guy being dethroned from his position by a popular story, these are stories that have kept our interest in wrestling as great as it is. Not only does a story need great characters but it also needs a climax or a conclusion.

The very essence of a wrestling match is the building up the crowd to a crescendo that is reached when one superstar is felled by another’s finishing move, bringing the house down. In this Top Five Craig, Brian and Jamie list their five favourite finishing moves. Continue reading

The Rapid Rise And Harder Fall Of The Chosen Few

Brian Damage

Had it not been for that fateful car crash Magnum TA would have been a huge star (Image courtesy of

Had it not been for that fateful car crash Magnum TA would have been a huge star (Image courtesy of

Throughout wrestling’s rich history, there have always been bookers and promoters who tag a certain guy the “Next Big Thing” or “The Chosen One.” They see dollar signs with certain guys based on looks, charisma, ability or whatever. Some rise to the occasion and fulfill the promoters prophecy. While others get the nod and push and somehow, some way blow it.

Jeff Jarrett immediately comes to mind as a guy who people expected big things from. He did hold several prestigious titles including the intercontinental, WCW World and NWA/TNA World titles. Despite the constant pushes by guys like his father Jerry Jarrett and Vince Russo, never really became THE guy. Was he a world champion? Yes. Was he in main events? Yes. Was he ultimately a failure? Absolutely. How can that be? Simple, fans caught on that it wasn’t his talent that got him the accolades, it was the promoters. They shoved Jarrett down our throats whether we wanted it or not, and for the most part, nobody wanted it. Just watch old WCW, WWF or TNA shows to see for yourself. Fans were either indifferent to his appearances or they booed. Normally booing can be a good thing, but they weren’t booing him as a great heel, they booed him because he was constantly being force fed to us. Continue reading