Icons of Wrestling #9 – Repo Man


Jamie Lithgow

Jake had a snake, Bossman had a nightstick, The Mountie had a cattle prod and Repo Man had a tow rope, obviously.

Jake had a snake, Bossman had a nightstick, The Mountie had a cattle prod and Repo Man had a tow rope, obviously.

Height: 6’2”
Weight: 279lbs
Hometown: The Motor City
Years Active: 1991-1993
Fun Fact: Repo Man was given a makeover in March 1993, complete with full head mask, just in time for his last match before being canned.

“What’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine!” Has there ever been a better wrestling catchphrase than that? In late 1991 the world of wrestling was introduced to Repo Man, a mysterious collections officer the likes of which we had never seen. The enigmatic villain would conceal his identity behind a mask, making him impossible to recognise. During his entrance he would sneak and creep his way to the ring, presumably to avoid detection, all the while wearing a coat with the words ‘Repo Man’ emblazoned on his back in giant letters. As a repossessions agent Repo Man’s modus operandi was to, erm, repossess stuff. If you were late on a payment, even by a matter of minutes, Repo Man would take your car, your house, or even your child’s bicycle! He was even known to repossess tattoos, as Repo Man sported the exact same designs as former Demolition member Smash. In the ring our man’s most famous feud was with The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith in ’92. Repo never managed to secure a win against the muscular Brit, but what did you expect from a man who worked nights stealing people’s stuff?! In a career highlight Repo ‘repossessed’ Macho Man’s hat in early 1993. Mr Savage was far from pleased and the two ended up having a match, which of course the Riddler-esque Repo Man lost. This was Repo Man’s last hoorah, as shortly after he ditched the wrestling game to concentrate on thievery, sorry, repossessing.

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5 thoughts on “Icons of Wrestling #9 – Repo Man

  1. Great article! This could have been a terrible gimmick but Barry Darsow played it so brilliantly over-the-top that was hard not too root for him!


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