Icons of Wrestling #11 – RoboCop


Jamie Lithgow

Robocop Sting WCW Capital Combat

Yes, this really happened (Image courtesy of http://www.heavy.com)

Real Name: Alex J. Murphy
Hometown: Detroit
Directives: Serve the public trust, protect the innocent, uphold the law.
Years Active: A couple of minutes on May 19th 1990
Fun Fact: The RoboCop angle is rightly considered one of the worst in wrestling history. However WCW did not learn their lesson as some eight years later Chucky, the doll from the Child’s Play movies, cut a promo on Rick Steiner during an episode of Nitro.

“You don’t mess with the little Stingers!” Well in early 1990 Ric Flair and The Four Horsemen did exactly that, and they had RoboCop to answer to! On February 6th, at Clash of the Champions X the unthinkable happened; Flair and The Horsemen turned on Sting! This angle was so unpredictable that WCW would never use it again, for fear of blowing fans minds clean out of their heads, oh wait..

On the same show Sting suffered a rather serious injury, which was of course credited to The Horsemen. This derailed Sting’s push as his excommunication from The Horsemen was supposed to lead to his first World Title. Instead WCW killed time for 6 months, while Sting made the odd television appearance to keep fans interested. With The Stinger unable to fight, Flair and The Horsemen ran roughshod over WCW, but went too far when they “messed with the little Stingers”. I’m not sure how they did this, but that was the accusation leveled against them. This was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so Sting called for back-up. Did he call his pal Lex Luger? What about The Steiners? No, he called his old pal RoboCop. That’s right, apparently the Venice Beach native and the veteran cop from the Detroit of the not-too-distant future go way back. Don’t let the fact that RoboCop 2 was due for release and the owner of WCW (Ted Turner) also owned the production company behind the movie franchise fool you, RoboCop and Sting were best buds.

Heading into the Capital Combat PPV in May, Sting promised to bring his pal along to sort The Horsemen out. Thus, the event gained the subtitle; The Return of RoboCop. Having never actually appeared in WCW before the subtitle made no sense, but fuck it, the alliteration was good. At the event the legendary Gordon Solie was deployed to the door of Sting and RoboCop’s dressing room to report on any activity, of which there was none. This made JR’s toga wearing gig at Wrestlemania 9 look almost dignified. Eventually Sting came out to cut a promo, but Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson and Sid Vicious (the Horsemen for those a little slow off the mark) showed up and locked him in a cage, which was inexplicably placed at ring side. Never fear though, as JR so eloquently put it on commentary – “Here comes RoboCop!” The law enforcing cyborg very slowly made his way to the cage, while The Horsemen pretended to be scared of the fictional policeman. Meeting absolutely no resistance, RoboCop proceeded to bend a couple of cage bars, for no apparent reason, before pulling the door off it’s hinges. Sting was set free and The Horsemen fled through the crowd. The Stinger and, the much shorter in real life, RoboCop celebrated and headed to the back.

That was the last we saw of RoboCop in WCW, he didn’t even lend a hand in the show’s main event which saw the injured Sting come to the aid of his pal Lex Luger, only to get beaten up by The Horsemen.

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3 thoughts on “Icons of Wrestling #11 – RoboCop

  1. Yeah, that was a sad showing….plus the Sting injury “at the hands of the Horsemen”…look closely at that tape…as he’s climbing the cage, a bunch of the wrestlers are pulling him back and some one grabs his leg and gives it a pull…hence the knee damage….that was a great swerve by the Horsement but the Robocop thing….he should have stayed on the big and little screen away from the ring.


    • It was a rather, shall we say, interesting twist in what was a good story between Sting and Flair/The Horsemen. However, I can’t help but feel WCW missed a trick by not presenting ED209 as a member of The Horsemen! It wouldn’t have been any worse than Paul Roma.


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