Top Five Moments of 2013

Craig Wilson, Jamie Lithgow, Kenneth Richardson & Brian Damage

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Few wrestling fans will list 2013 as one of the best years but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t had the odd moment or two that stood out. So whether it was finally seeing Cody Rhodes and Goldust pair up, Hulk Hogan exit TNA, the debut of The Wyatt Family or the unification of the titles there’s been plenty of action for us wrestling fans to enjoy.

In what is this blog’s final post of 2013, what better way to bring the year to a close than by listing the best moments of 2013 and that is exactly what Craig, Jamie, Kenneth and Brian do today.

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The brief run of Smoky Mountain Wrestling

Craig Wilson

Next year the wrestling legend that is Jim Cornette will visit UK as part of a spoken word tour with one of the stops being my hometown city of Glasgow, Scotland. It will unquestionably be a night to remember as one of the most interesting, and outspoken, people in wrestling will be let loose on a Glasgow crowd.

What we can expect is many tales from up and down America during the territory days, through to his association with WWE at the height of the Monday Night Wars as well as his long running (never ending?) feud with Vince Russo. As someone that spends a great deal of time trying to watch as much old school random wrestling as possible, I wonder how much of a mention Smoky Mountain Wrestling will get. Continue reading

Sunday Sermon: Our hopes for 2014

Craig Wilson, Brian Damage, Russ Mortan, Jamie Lithgow and Kenneth Richardson

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Will 2014 see Bryan have a longer run with this strap? (Image courtesy of

It’s that time of year again as we reflect on the last twelve months while at the same time looking forward to the year ahead. It’s no different on this blog as today, in the final Sunday Sermon of 2013, the team discuss what they want to see happen in 2014.

So whether that’s seeing a local indy promotion have a breakthrough year, the WWE network launched or a hero of old get some TV time in January’s Royal Rumble today Craig, Brian, Russ, Jamie and Kenneth share their wrestling hopes for 2014. Continue reading

This Week in Wrestling

Craig Wilson & Jamie Lithgow

Magnus winning the title heralds a new dawn for TNA

Much of the discussion on TNA this week has centered on Jeff Jarrett leaving the company but for me the biggest, and best, piece of news has been that Magnus is the new TNA Champion.

Now, I appreciate that this happened a few weeks ago but we hate spoilers as much as the next blog written by wrestling fans so it’s this week that I’m going to discuss his title win. Continue reading

The Man Of A Thousand Gimmicks: Brad Armstrong

Brian Damage

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Brad Armstrong, a guy that had more gimmicks than Ed Leslie…(Image courtesy of

It’s not uncommon for a fledgling newcomer or a washed up performer to get a few different gimmicks during their careers. A good gimmick can take an individual far. The Undertaker, for example… was a Master of Pain…Texas Red…even a Skyscraper before becoming a phenom. It happens to the best of wrestlers. In some cases however…it happens more than one would like. Take Brad Armstrong for instance…a solid technical wrestler with a solid wrestling pedigree. ( His Dad was Bob Armstrong )

Yet despite his obvious talent, never caught on with certain promoters and fans. It wasn’t a lack of trying, because during his career that spanned over 30 years…he was the given several gimmicks with little or no success. If Dean Malenko was known as, “The Man of A Thousand Holds,” Brad Armstrong was “The Man of A Thousand Gimmicks.” Continue reading

A Moment in Time: The Iron Sheik wins the WWF title

Craig Wilson

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On December 26th 1983 the WWF hosted a show at the MSG. Considering the time of year it isn’t altogether surprising that the line-up, by WWF at MSG standards, is a weak one. That said, the event did contain a historic moment with WWF Champion Bob Backlund, with his manager Arnold Skaaland, defending against The Iron Sheik, who had “Classy” Freddie Blassie in his corner.

The finish was screwy and served the sole purpose of creating a transitional WWF Champion until a certain all-American hero got his chance at the gold in January 84 but there is no doubting the importance of this one. Continue reading

Yes Virginia, There Was A Xanta Klaus….And Other Christmas Junk

Brian Damage

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Believe it or not, at one time….Christmas and pro wrestling went hand in hand together like peanut butter and jelly. It was not uncommon for a promotion to hold a big wrestling card on or around this holiday. Whether it was World Class Championship Wrestling’s Star Wars cards or the NWA/WCW’s Starrcades or WWE’s Tribute To The Troops. Some of the biggest moments in wrestling history happened during this season.

Who could forget Terry Gordy slamming a steel cage door on Kerry Von Erich’s head to kick start the legendary Freebird/Von Erich feud? Rip Oliver defeating Billy Jack Haynes to become the Pacific Northwest Heavyweight champion? Dick the Bruiser defeating Gene Kiniski for the WWA Heavyweight title? All these moments and several other happened during Christmastime…. Continue reading