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Craig Wilson & Jamie Lithgow

(Image courtesy of although I added the Santa hat)

(Image courtesy of although I added the Santa hat)

Was Randy Orton the right man to become the Undisputed WWE World Champion.

Whatever you think of Orton being chosen as the man to be the undisputed champion – something I will come back to in a bit – the TLC finale was a significant moment.

For the first time since 2001 in 50 years there is just one main champion in the WWE and, personally speaking, that’s a good thing.

A trawl through the archives of this blog will find me discussing the need for the number of titles in the WWE to be reduced. So, I’m glad that there is now an undisputed champion.

After all, it makes things a lot tidier in the run up to Wrestlemania as the focus will now be on the Rumble winner challenging one champion. It will force the creative team to up their game though as there will be one less Elimination Chamber and Money in the Bank matches at the eponymous PPVs.

Now, is Orton the right guy to be the first undisputed champion? It’s something I’m totally split on. On one hand I think that it makes total sense to have a heel champion and therefore Orton ticks that box. My concern here, though, is that he will be overshadowed by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Certainly if recent months are anything to go by.

I can understand the notion of Cena being the guy to be the undisputed champion this time around. After all, he’s the bigger name and would have made for a more interesting run to Wrestlemania as we could have had either Cena v Punk again or a rematch of the SummerSlam 2013 main event.

To date I don’t feel the spotlight has really been on Randy Orton and as such I don’t feel that the WWE crowd really have bought into him as a heel. For Orton to really be considered as the right man to be the undisputed champion then he needs to be allowed to step out from under the shadow of The Authority.

Whether Triple H allows that or not is another thing…

What Wrestling Taught Us This Week…

So, this never actually happened... apparently (Source

I guess I just imagined this…

  • Maybe the drop in ratings and buy rates wasn’t Daniel Bryan’s fault after all. That’s if the projected Survivor Series numbers (Which Randy Orton and Big Show headlined) is anything to go by.
  • After just three matches, one of which was a losing effort, Rey Mysterio and The Big Show are now considered a “very successful” tag team.
  • Randy Orton has been handed nothing…….. apart from opportunities.
  • Chris Jericho is no longer the first undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion.
  • Any two mid-card wrestlers are better than any established tag team.
  • Had JR still be on commentary I feel sure that we would have learned the specific size of hat worn by Sweet T by now…
  • I thought the WWE Universe voted for the term “Undisputed Champion”? That app really is worth downloading, eh…?
  • JBL’s brave. At no point did he even flinch as Roman Reigns hurtled himself in his direction at TLC.
  • The best way to start a PPV, heck, any show, is to have a superfluous authority figure recite a pointless speech recapping what we already know. Nothing like starting things with a bang…
  • According The King, CM Punk’s abysmal looking elbow drop has ‘put away countless superstars’. Yeah, whatever you say Jerry…

WWE Top 10

Name Won Lost Tied PCT
Diego** 13 0 0 1.000
Fernando** 13 0 0 1.000
Eva Marie 5 0 0 1.000
CM Punk 26 4 5 0.814
John Cena 16 5 1 0.750
Xavier Woods 6 2 0 0.750
Christian (injured) 17 6 0 0.739
Cameron 14 5 0 0.737
Sheamus (injured) 19 7 2 0.714
Rob Van Dam (on hiatus) 17 7 2 0.692

For the full table click here

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2 thoughts on “This Week in Wrestling

  1. Instead of blaming themselves or changing from the the status quo (orton, cena), they will pin it all on big show for the poor buy rate. Time for wwe to look at their poor booking and promoting for their failings rather than individuals who are just doing what they are told.


    • Absolutely. One of the biggest contributing factors to folk not buying the PPV is the screwy endings. Having much of the card as rematches the night after on Raw doesn’t help either. Craig


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