Yes Virginia, There Was A Xanta Klaus….And Other Christmas Junk

Brian Damage

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Believe it or not, at one time….Christmas and pro wrestling went hand in hand together like peanut butter and jelly. It was not uncommon for a promotion to hold a big wrestling card on or around this holiday. Whether it was World Class Championship Wrestling’s Star Wars cards or the NWA/WCW’s Starrcades or WWE’s Tribute To The Troops. Some of the biggest moments in wrestling history happened during this season.

Who could forget Terry Gordy slamming a steel cage door on Kerry Von Erich’s head to kick start the legendary Freebird/Von Erich feud? Rip Oliver defeating Billy Jack Haynes to become the Pacific Northwest Heavyweight champion? Dick the Bruiser defeating Gene Kiniski for the WWA Heavyweight title? All these moments and several other happened during Christmastime….

But this piece isn’t about those classic Christmas moments…no….these are from the Christmases we’d like to soon forget. So kick back next to your tree and fireplace. Pour yourself an Egg Nog and make sure to spike it with a lot of rum ( You may need it ) We start off our Holiday journey with some WWE Superstars singing a less than classic carol…Ring The Damn Bell

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Our first stop on our journey takes us to the polar opposite of the North Pole….to be specific…The South Pole. The brother of the good and jolly Santa Claus….the evil and twisted Xanta Klaus! He made his merry debut at In Your House: Season’s Beatings in December of 1995. He only lasted a couple of weeks…I presume because Christmas was over. If Xanta looks familiar…he is….he’s Boo Bradley from Smokey Mountain Wrestling…or….a few of you may know him for his other name…Balls Mahoney.

As bad and as miserable Xanta Klaus was….there was a gimmick even worse than that…A creature who later in life would become a monster…a Big Red Monster….Why I’m talking about the “Christmas Creature” of course!

If you thought Glenn Jacob’s Christmas Creature was bizarre….then leave it to the “bizarre one” The Artist formerly (and currently) known as Goldust dressed as a Christmas tree to top it.

Of course no Christmas would be complete without the genuine Saint Nick…who made quite a few appearances inside the ring. Whether it was against Dolph Ziggler, Batista, Steve Austin disguised as Santa to attack Vince McMahon or Alberto Del Rio running over Santa with his car…He has somehow played a big part on WWE television. Santa is just so magical…so much so….he has the ability to make Hornswoggle speak for the first time….

We must not forget about the Divas! Yes, even they have been no strangers to Christmas pasts. Who will forget Sable unwrapping herself as a half naked reindeer….Stacy Keibler Vs. Torrie Wilson in an Egg Nog match or a bunch of scantily clad Divas competing in a Santa’s Little Helper Match? None of those Divas, however, will EVER top the success of Jillian Hall. In 2007, WWE records came out with a joke of an album called, “A Jingle With Jillian.” An album filled with intentionally bad singing with such classic tunes as Jingle Bell Rock….Santa Baby and Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree.

Some joke though….the album reached #20 on the UK’s Holiday charts and also #120 on Billboards Top 200. Not bad for a joke…

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The album might have been a success, but I personally preferred the WWF choir led by the late Freddie Blassie singing about “Sycho” Sid Vicious…

No matter what your religious affiliation is, I think we can all agree that more often than not….Christmas and pro wrestling can be both Naughty and Nice….To “wrap up” this holiday jamboree…I leave you with some classic Christmas banter from Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and the late Gorilla Monsoon from the forerunner to Monday Night Raw….Prime Time Wrestling….Enjoy and Seasons Beatings everybody!

3 thoughts on “Yes Virginia, There Was A Xanta Klaus….And Other Christmas Junk

  1. I remember an instance of “Santa Claus” coming into the ring and hitting it may have been Dusty Rhodes with a loaded Christmas bag….


  2. Really don’t see the big deal about this Christmas thing in 2017. Holiday shows were a staple of wrestling back in the day so hopefully this will be a big-time show and not just a throw away joke.


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