Icons of Wrestling #13 – Virgil


(Image courtesy of www.wwe.com)

(Image courtesy of http://www.wwe.com)

Jamie Lithgow

Height: 5’11″

Weight: 250lbs
Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa.
Glory Days: 1987 – 1994
Fun Fact: Like The Undertaker, Virgil is undefeated at Wrestlemania. However, unlike The Dead Man, Virgil has a degree in mathematics and is also a qualified teacher.

Bio: 1987 was a great year for WWE, and wrestling in general. No, I’m not referring to Wrestlemania III, I am of course talking about the debut of wrestling icon Virgil.

Brought in to act as Ted DiBiase’s bodyguard, our man spent the next several years taking the best looking beatings money could buy. Yes, Virgil did an OK sell-job and took a decent bump, but God damn he was sharply dressed! If you’re gonna get your ass kicked then why not wear a sparkly tuxedo and do it with some style?! Virgil’s other duties included wiping DiBiase’s brow, shining his shoes and carrying his endless supply of cash. Not content with having a human wallet, Million Dollar Ted began to demand back and foot massages from Virgil – a sight us lucky viewers would be treated to heading in to the 1991 Royal Rumble.

It was at this event when Virgil finally reached the end of his tether, and cracked his boss over the head with the Million Dollar Belt, following a tag-team victory over Dusty and Dustin Rhodes. From here our man, under the tutelage of Roddy Piper for some reason, ditched his sleeveless tuxedo in favour of a career as a wrestler.

Believe it or not, 1991 was very kind to Virgil. After splitting from DiBiase in January, he did not chalk up a single televised loss until November. Naturally this came at the hands of his old nemesis, who reclaimed the Million Dollar Championship Virgil had captured at Summerslam.

After his feud with DiBiase ended Virgil found himself with little to do other than dominate jobbers on Wrestling Challenge, which he did with aplomb. For the next couple of years every single Virgil match featured a jobber, whether he was beating one or being one. Fittingly, his best in-ring performance came in his one and only WWE Championship match, against Bret Hart.

Virgil would quietly disappear from WWE in 1994, not to be seen again until 2010. However, in 1996 a man matching Virgil’s description showed up in WCW, because I guess the nWo needed someone to take their bumps.

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4 thoughts on “Icons of Wrestling #13 – Virgil

  1. The thing about him having a degree in math is BS. He said in a shoot that he was currently teaching high school students science and math. When DiBiase heard about this he almost fell over laughing because apparently Virgil is as stupid as they come. He cannot even speak coherently never mind teach high school level mathematics.


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