Icons of Wrestling #14 – Mr America


Hulk Hogan Mr America WWE

No, it’s not The Patriot’s Dad. It’s Mr America, brother!
(Image courtesy of http://www.wwe.fr)

Jamie Lithgow

Height: 6’6″
Weight: 275lbs
Hometown: Washington, DC
Glory Days: A couple of months in mid-2003
Catchphrase: “I am not Hulk Hogan, brother!”
Fun Fact: The Piper’s Pit segment that featured the debut of Mr America also played host to the debut of Zack Gowan.

In 2003 WWE Smackdown gained its very own superhero. No, I’m not talking about The Hurricane – he wasn’t very super at all – I am of course referring to Mr America.

Signed by Stephanie McMahon “sight unseen”, this masked beacon of justice was introduced to the WWE Universe via promotional vignettes, before debuting on Piper’s Pit. Using the vaguely familiar ‘Real American’ song as his entrance music – and sporting a large, blond, handlebar moustache – our mysterious hero would immediately, and frequently, be forced to battle ridiculous claims that he was in fact Hulk Hogan in a poor quality Captain America costume.

Hulk Hogan Hulk Machine

Unlike Mr America, we never actually discovered Hulk Machine’s true identity…
(Image courtesy of wrestlingdelorean.tumblr.com)

Like Hogan, Mr America found an enemy in Roddy Piper – and like Hogan he too defeated the Scotsman. However, evil overlord Vincent Kennedy McMahon also believed that Hogan and Mr America were one and the same. This particularly irked the billionaire tyrant as just a couple of months previously he thought he had ended Hulkamania by terminating Hogan’s contract. McMahon and Mr America would wage many battles, including an epic arm wrestling contest and the iconic lie detector showdown of May 29th 2003.

Mr America would pass the test, seemingly proving beyond reasonable doubt that he was not Hulk Hogan. However, Vince would also take the test – to check the validity of Mr America’s results – during which it was revealed that the evil billionaire liked to “pleasure himself” over Torrie Wilson’s Playboy photos. WWE’s evil overlord and the Hulk Machine look-a-like would battle back and forth until one fateful evening in late June when the WWE Universe would be turned upside down.

After suffering defeat in a six man tag main event, Mr America would reveal his true identity to the live audience, but asked them to keep it a secret. Problem was the cameras were still rolling, and cameras don’t keep secrets. So who was Mr America? To the astonishment of the entire human race the bad guys were right and it was Hulk Hogan all along. This one slip-up allowed super villain McMahon to terminate Hogan’s contract and he would leave WWE forever! Well, for a couple years at least.

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One thought on “Icons of Wrestling #14 – Mr America

  1. It had confused everyone that time because the similarities between the two were more. It questioned the true identity of Mr. America. I fail to understand that why Hogan did that as, it eventually ended in his termination from WWE for a couple of years.


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