Monday Night Wars: 16 February 1998

Monday Night War

Craig Wilson & Jamie Lithgow

 More Monday Night Wars as Craig and Jamie take in the respective shows that aired on 16 February 1998. Raw is headlined by Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie teaming against Marc Mero and TAFKA Goldust while over on Nitro Hogan and Savage face Sting and Lex Luger.

All that and more as Monday Night Wars continues.



Raw starts with JR announcing that there are rumours DX will launch a lawsuit against Chyna after his actions towards her at ‘No Way Out of Texas’.

The opening match makes you think it’s the early 90s as The Quebecers take on The Legion of Doom in tag action. The Tag Champions, The New Age Outlaws, appear at the top of the ramp with a dumpster mid way through this one. They toss Hawk into the dumpster as The Quebecers take turns on working over Animal. Animal finally notices the Outlaws and chases them to the back giving The Quebecers a count out victory.

A clip airs showing the devastating impact Chyna has made in the WWF since she debuted on our screens. We then see her actions that led to Stone Cold Stunnering her.

The Jackyl joins the commentary table as his charge Sniper takes on Ken Shamrock. Shamrock picks up the win when Sniper taps to the Ankle Lock. Afterwards a furious Jackyl remonstrates with Sniper and slaps him before turning his back on him.

Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler then interviews Marc Mero and Sable in the ring about the problems they, well more specifically Mero, has been having. Mero states that Sable belongs to him.

Jim Cornette shoot video airs about the reaction he has had to bringing in real professional wrestlers such as the NWA. He states he’s disgusted by their behaviour.

NWA referee Tommy Young is in charge of the next one pitting NWA Tag Team Champions The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express against The Headbangers. An OK enough match ends when, with the Headbangers having the victory within their grasp, Robert Gibson is tossed over the top rope and Morton and Gibson retain.

Warzone starts with Austin in the ring for an interview with JR. He says he’ll whip HBK’s ass at Wrestlemania 14 and warns Tyson that he better not stick his nose in his business.

WWF European Champion Owen Hart then defends his title against NWA North American Champion Jeff Jarrett. Only Hart’s title is on the line. Hart gets the win when Cornette interferes and Hart puts him in the Sharpshooter. Jarrett attempts to drill hart with the tennis racket but the European Champion catches him.

As we’re live from Dallas Michael P.S. Hayes hits the ring and the crowd sing the Freebirds music with him. Kane comes out and lays out Hayes.

Sunny then comes out to guest ring announce the tag match between WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Taka Michinoku and Aguila against Brian Christopher and Piratita Morgan. Taka and co get the win when Taka hits the Michinoku Driver on Morgan, much to the dismay of Jerry Lawler.

In the penultimate match of the evening Steve Blackman defeated Farooq by a roll-up when Farooq was arguing with The Rock who, along with the rest of the Nation, was at ringside.

The main event Cactus Jack and Chainsaw Charlie defeated Marc Mero and TAFKA Goldust when, with the referee distracted by Sable and Mero at ringside, Cactus Jack drilled Goldust with a chair to the head. Raw goes off the air with Sable and Luna attempting to go at it.

Full results:

* The Quebecers defeated the Legion of Doom via count-out
* Ken Shamrock defeated Sniper (w/ The Jackyl & Recon) via submission with the ankle lock
* NWA Tag Team Champions the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express (w/ Jim Cornette) defeated the Headbangers via disqualification after one of the champions was thrown over the top to the floor, which was against NWA rules
* WWF European Champion Owen Hart defeated NWA North American Champion Jeff Jarrett (w/ Jim Cornette & NWA Tag Team Champions the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express) via disqualification when Cornette interfered as Jarrett was caught in the Sharpshooter; only the European title was at stake
* WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Taka Michinoku & Aguila defeated Brian Christopher & Piratita Morgan
Steve Blackman defeated Farooq
* Cactus Jack & Terry Funk defeated TAKFA Goldust & Marc Mero (w/ Luna)



For this week’s Nitro we’re in Tampa, Florida with SuperBrawl just 6 days away. Before the show starts a graphic paying tribute to Louie ‘Spicolli’ Mucciolo is displayed, and the bell is tolled. At just 27 years of age Mucciolo died over the course of the weekend after overdosing on wine and soma tablets, and he subsequently choked on his own vomit. The real tragedy was that Mucciolo, who had battled drug problems and depression for years, had recently turned a corner and gotten clean. However, news that his mother was terminally ill caused him to relapse. Of course none of this is mentioned on TV. In fact, other than the opening graphic, there is absolutely no reference made regarding the death of this active member of the WCW roster. Looking back, this does seem rather insensitive.

(Image courtesy of

(Image courtesy of

Moving on, here are the highlights from an action packed Nitro –

Footage of Hollywood Hogan, Macho Man, Lex Luger and Sting kicking off on Thunder is shown, and thus tonight’s main event will see Hogan and Savage take on Luger and Sting.

The entire nWo, minus Savage and Liz, come out. Hogan does the speaking and puts Bret Hart on his hit list – better late than never. He also offers to pay Nick Patrick’s legal fees/bribes so that he can be reinstated as a referee in time to take charge of the SuperBrawl main event. Hogan also goes on to call Savage a “dummy”. Savage then comes out and promises to beat Hogan up after he has dealt with Luger and Sting in the evening’s main event. This was quite the PG war of words.

Jimmy Hart appeared to make Hugh Morrus an offer prior to the big man’s match with Goldberg. He really should have waited until after, Goldberg destroyed Morrus in seconds.

As the commentary team discuss The Steiner Brothers getting back on track The Outsiders appear and completely contradict themselves. Nash claims that WCW has over looked them by not booking them against The Steiners. Tony Schiavone then reminds them that they are booked in a tag title rematch against Rick and Scott at SuperBrawl. Doh!

Rocco Rock’s ab strength prevented Kevin Nash botching another powerbomb, this time in a dangerous looking table spot. Nash was arrested for using the move, again.

Nick Patrick came out and claimed that a conspiracy is behind him being kept from his refereeing duties. He compares himself to Bill Clinton and likes the sound of Hogan’s earlier suggestion…

DDP put Chris Benoit, his challenger for the US Title at SuperBrawl, over in a respectful promo. In an unfortunate choice of words he says that he doesn’t want Benoit coming into the match “all banged up” but rather “all jacked up”. DDP then calls out Raven and Saturn, who are sitting in the front row. Benoit also comes down and we have a stand-off.

Meng is in Jimmy Hart’s bad books after facing, and losing to, his partner The Barbarian. This was a stiff encounter.

As Saturn prepared to face Disco Inferno La Parka inexplicably attacked the dancing twat with a chair. Rick Martel then jumped at the chance to have a match with Saturn, despite being booked in a TV Title match later in the show…

The Steiners were attacked by the nWo as they were in the process of wrestling the B-Team of Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton.

Rick Martel defeated Booker T for the TV Title. Don’t worry though, the highly thought of Booker T was protected. Saturn interfered by trying to hit Martel, but ended up getting kicked by Booker, who injured himself in the process. This injury allowed Martel to take the advantage and the TV Title.

Bret Hart called out Hogan following Hollywood’s earlier remarks. Randomly Brian ‘Crush’ Adams then appeared, making his WCW debut. Adams, who had his jacket buttoned up to conceal any initials on his t-shirt, then offered to have Hart’s back. Literally two seconds later he, along with the rest of the nWo, attacked The Hitman. Ric Flair made the save.

JJ Dillon then sorted out what would happen at SuperBrawl regarding the TV Title. Booker T is to get his rematch with the winner facing Saturn later in the PPV. This, rather than a simple triple threat, was booked in order to cover the time on the card previously allocated to Louie Spicolli and Larry Zbyszko’s match.

Chris Jericho tried to wrestle whilst wearing his Cruiserweight Title belt. It promptly fell off.

The Hogan/Savage v Luger/Sting match ended in chaos when the whole world ran in. As Nitro went off the air Luger, Sting, Bret Hart and Ric Flair stood tall in the ring.

Full Results:
* Goldberg def. Hugh Morrus
* Sick Boy def. Mark Starr
* The Public Enemy v The Outsiders ended in a no contest
* Mike Enos def. Barry Horowitz
* Yugi Nagata def. La Parka
* Ultimo Dragon def. Kidman
* The Barbarian def. Meng
* Saturn def. Rick Martel
* Curt Hennig def. Bobby Eaton
* The Steiner Brothers def. Buff Bagwell & Scott Norton
* Rick Martel def. Booker T to win the WCW TV Title
* Chris Benoit & Dean Malenko def. Chris Jericho & Eddie Guerrero
* Hollywood Hogan & Randy Savage v Sting & Lex Luger ended in a no contest


Raw: 3.0*       Nitro: 5.1

*Raw was broadcast on Saturday, hence this was not a head to head

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