This Week in Wrestling 2014 week 8

Craig Wilson, Jamie Lithgow & Brian Damage

Craig, Jamie and Brian dissect the last 7 days of wrestling action in ‘This Week in Wrestling’. We find out what Jamie learnt from this week’s worth of wrestling, we find out what the former Lady Blossom is doing now, who would play in a Vince McMahon owned Newcastle United and you can find out exactly how long JTG has been with the WWE.

What Wrestling Taught Us This Week…

  • John Cena’s continued involvement in top class matches still cannot help him win over fans that rank match quality and work ethic higher than any other attribute.
  • Titus O’Neil still has a surname. I give it three weeks…
  • The odds say that there will be a new champion crowned at Elimination Chamber. This is usually a good indication that there will NOT be a new champion crowned at Elimination Chamber.
  • Last week’s ‘men staring at each other’ segment was so good WWE booked it again this week.
  • Despite WWE’s tendency towards predictability they appear to have over looked something entirely obvious. 6 men usually compete in an Elimination Chamber match, right? The Shield v The Wyatt Family will be a 6 man tag, right? I know, it may sound obvious to me but it’s different, and WWE don’t like change!
  • Speaking of not liking change, the annual pre Elimination Chamber promo segment where each competitor interrupts another before being booked into a singles match was as pointless as ever this year. At least it was better than Stephanie McMahon opening the show.
  • Despite most of the Divas being uninteresting, interchangeable and not very likeable, the interesting and likeable new girl Emma has started wearing tons of make-up to look more like her peers.
  • Titus O’Neil can’t spell.

The Raw Zzzzzzone

Has anyone else noticed how unbelievably dull Raw has become in recent weeks? I usually take notes as I watch, so that I can remember things to mention in ‘What Wrestling Taught Us’. However the last few weeks has seen me write less and less, while fast-forwarding more and more. Honestly, can anyone tell me what development we saw on Raw this week? – Granted, Cesaro and Cena had an absolute corker, but that was hardly written into the script by the writers, the credit for that lies with Cesaro and Cena – For example, The Shield and The Wyatt Family stared at each from across the ring for the second week in a row. Could the writers not think of anything else they could do? Someone throw a punch for fuck sake!

If I were a prospective WWE fan watching Raw for the first time last Monday I really doubt I would watch again next week or purchase Elimination Chamber. I wasn’t exactly left wondering “what will happen next?” Where was the hook? How was I left feeling unsatisfied and wanting more? If you make a TV show within the realms of fiction then you best bait the hook, but these days Raw feels like a stand-alone show. There are no hooks, thus new fans don’t stick and old fans just watch through force of habit.

Maybe I’m being too harsh, but along with watching modern day Raw I am also making my way through WCW Nitro from 1998 and WWE Raw from 1999. The contrast between these shows and today’s attempt at a weekly wrestling broadcast is immense. But hey, with the rumoured returns of The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan set for this coming week maybe business will pick up.

What a sad state of affairs it is when the ancient Undertaker and prehistoric Hogan are required to generate interest beyond a nostalgia buzz…

WWE Top 10

Name Won Lost Tied PCT
Diego** 19 4 0 0.826
Fernando** 19 4 0 0.826
Eva Marie 7 2 0 0.778
John Cena 22 6 1 0.776
CM Punk (Left Company?) 30 8 5 0.756
Natalya 36 13 1 0.730
Alberto Del Rio 49 19 3 0.711
Sheamus 25 10 2 0.703
Rob Van Dam (on hiatus) 17 7 2 0.692
Cameron 19 9 0 0.679

For the full table click here

Photos appear showing Hogan at WWE Performance centre and of The Undertaker



Where are they now? Jeannie Clark (Lady Blossom)

Jeannie Clark was the ex wife of both Chris Adams and Steve Austin. She was a manager/valet for both exes in WCCW, USWA and WCW. She left wrestling and retired in 1991. She currently lives in England and is a full time mother to her and Austin’s two daughters…Stephanie and Cassidy.



Before They Were Stars….Kamala

Circa 1978 as “Sugar Bear” Harris managed by Percy (Paul Bearer) Pringle


JTG watch

The WWE may have long stopped caring about but that doesn’t mean that no-one cares. In fact, for those interested, there’s an online clock show fans just how long the former Cryme Tyme member has been left with the WWE. You can find out exactly how long he’s been with the WWE by clicking here.

The week’s best social media

While it may have turned out to be nothing more than a rumour that Vince McMahon was buying English Premier League side Newcastle United that didn’t stop there being plenty of fun to be had on social media…

What we’ve watched this week

Glasgow’s Insane Championship Wrestling have been causing a storm on these shores for a number of years now. This year they’ll host their first show out with Scotland when they visit London in May. Here’s the latest episode of their web series ‘Worldwide’ featuring ICW Champion Jack Jester defending his title against Prince Devitt.

Sticking with the chaps at ICW, a preview of their BBC Scotland documentary ‘Insane Fight Club’ is available to watch here.

Next Week on The Blog

Craig and Jamie continue their look at the 1998 Monday Night Wars, Russ talks about Bryan Clark, Craig discusses vignettes and Brian looks at the way that Muhammad Hassan’s gimmick played out.

All previous ‘This Week in Wrestling’ columns can be read here.

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