The Rise and Fall of Bryan Clark

Russ Morgan

Bryan Clark, best known in the early to mid 90’s for his character Adam Bomb, then later as one half of the tag team Kronik, really was a big man who could have gone a long way.
Clark began his career in 1990 in the flagging AWA promotion, but when AWA’s doors finally closed, he ended up in WCW, where in the case of other rather taller individuals was not given a second thought. His first WCW tenure was brief to say the least, he was introduced so he ventured to Smokey Mountain , then the UWF before ending up in the WWF where he would make his name.

Debuting as “Adam Bomb” a heel, Clark’s character was suppose to be a survivor of the infamous Three Mile Island Incident and his radioactive style attire and his own infamous contact lenses caught the eye of a lot of fans.

Clark was originally managed by Johnny Polo, but after a couple of months he was being managed by Harvey Wippleman (which was a better fit to be honest) and went on a decent run in singles competition, he would be part of various PPV’s from 1993 through 1994. In the 1994 Royal Rumble he was eliminated by Crush (whom he would team with years later). A face turn ensued in 1994 after Wippleman turned on him and in a popular gimmick, would thrown “rubber” nuclear warheads into the crowd before and after matches. Several feuds ensued, before he unfortunately slide down the card and competed as enhancement talent on Superstars. Clark left the WWF in 1995.

After a few years away, as most do, Clark ended up in WCW. He debuted as Wrath with a Stable called “Blood Runs Cold”, but due to various injuries this gimmick run its course and prolonged hiatus’s , Clark was repackaged as um… himself.

In 2000, Clark soon began teaming with Brian Adams (no not that one) as the team Kronik. A stroke of genius when once in so often, a tag team can be made by throwing two mid carders together. Kronik would go onto to win two WCW tag titles during the notorious Millionaires Club v New Blood saga, being on both sides during that run. Both men sustained injuries and were off TV when WCW was purchased by the WWF.

A very brief return to the WWF came about in 2001 during the invasion story line, Kronik attacked the Undertaker setting up a dire match at Unforgiven 2001 against “The Brothers of Destruction”. Kronik were quickly taken off TV and both released after about 2 months. A brief tag title reign in Japan was the last we would see of Clark and Kronik and he retired soon after.


Clark was definitely a big man with potential. I would love to have seen Adam Bomb used in the Intercontinental Title shake up. He had a pretty unique look and for a guy of his size and mass he wasn’t sluggish around the ring, definitely a trick missed by the WWF back then. Back in WCW Clark really showed his value and tagging with Adams was a good move by creative. Together they became an imposing team, dominating opponents and one of the last flickering lights as WCW went down the toilet.

When Kronik debuted in the WWF, they faced Kane and Undertaker for the “WCW Tag Titles”. It was a truly dire performance and both men were taken off TV. I have posted the match below if you want to see, but it is full of missed time moves and just a general lack of ring awareness. Personally I don’t think it was either man’s fault, they had both been out of the ring for a while and it showed.

Clark is retired at time of writing, although he harbours a desire to return to a WWE ring. Unfortunately a Kronik reunion is not on the table due to Brian Adams death in 2007 (NO NOT THAT ONE!).

So Bryan Clark you receive the “Russ Morgan Salute”, yet another character not used to his potential, but credibility slightly restored in tag team action.

Until next time….

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