A Horse Is A Horse Of Course….Unless Your Name Is Kendall Windham


Brian Damage

“Diamonds are Forever, and so are the Four Horsemen.”

That statement is synonymous with the group known as the Four Horsemen. Ole Anderson…Arn Anderson….Tully Blanchard….Barry Windham…JJ Dillon and of course the crowning jewel being the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair are all considered great Horsemen. They were the elite of the elite in professional wrestling. Diamonds are indeed forever….but sometimes they are just lumps of coal in disguise.

We all know of the other…less successful members like Paul Roma…Steve “Mongo” McMichael and Sid Vicous amongst others. But do you recall…the most unfamous Horseman of all??? No, not Sting or Jeff Jarrett….the second generation wrestler named Kendall Windham. Yes, he was the younger brother of the much more successful Barry Windham….but no slouch in his own right.

Kendall was extremely successful in the Florida territories…winning the heavyweight and tag team titles a number of times. His track record, however, in the NWA/WCW was less than stellar. He was relegated to preliminary matches or in some cases enhancement talent to make the bigger stars look good. His first real big break came when he teamed with another second generation wrestler named Dustin Rhodes as “The Texas Broncos.”

They had the makings of a great team…they were young, hungry and ambitious. The success never really came, as the team split up and went their separate directions…Dustin eventually went to the WWF to join his Dad and Kendall…was…well back to curtain jerking. Kendall’s biggest push was yet to come…

January 29th, 1989: NWA’s Main Event

Horseman Barry Windham teamed with his manager J.J. Dillon against the team of “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert and his partner…Kendall Windham. Instead of describing the match..here it is in its entirety. Jim Ross has the call…

Just like that, a heel turn by Kendall who flashed the signature four fingers…cementing him as the newest member of the elite Four Horsemen. To solidify his membership…J.J. Dillon and the Windham brothers did an interview with David Crockett.

With the departure of both Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson to the WWF, a new version of the 4 Horsemen were forming. Ric Flair…The Windhams…JJ Dillon and they were teasing a possible fourth member in Butch Reed (The first black Horseman) It appeared to be the dawning of a new era for the group.

At least it seemed that way, because soon after this taping…after Kendall was indoctrinated into the 4 Horsemen…February 1989 to be more specific…J.J. Dillon was gone. He packed his bags and left the company for a front office job with the WWF. For storyline purposes, it was announced that J.J. Dillon sold the contracts of his henchmen to a Japanese businessman named Hiro Matsuda…(A great former wrestler in his own day) The Four Horsemen along with Butch Reed and later Michael Hayes were renamed the Yamazaki Corporation.

While the Yamazaki Corporation had some success in the National Wrestling Alliance, it was nowhere near the legacy established by the Four Horsemen. Once again…Kendall Windham became lost in the shuffle. Who knows what could have been…if anything…but Kendall never got that opportunity to find out.

4 thoughts on “A Horse Is A Horse Of Course….Unless Your Name Is Kendall Windham

  1. This was also the time when Eddie Gilbert was being pushed as a face…teaming with Steamboat against Flair and Windham….lot of changes going on at the time and not many of them worked.


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