Defending Triple H – Part 2

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Gary Henderson

Honestly, he starts getting his hole off the gaffers daughter and all of a sudden he’s in the main event, such a dickhead.

That’s the big one isn’t it? The big argument that’s been laid on the shoulders of Paul Levesque (that’s HHH’s real name because we’re all insiders and shit) since the beginning of time. He’s only got his spot because he dumped that jaw line Chyna and shacked up with Stephanie. Politicking at its best. Except not really. Continue reading

Don’t Blink! WWE Cameos Before They Were Superstars

cm-punk-gangster-2075849Brian Damage

Since the advent of cable TV and pay per views, pro wrestling has seen a cornucopia of future superstars make their TV debut…before they were known to the mass public. Some, would debut later to become world champions and main event players themselves. In the meantime, they are used as enhancement talent or extras to make the stars of that period look better. Continue reading

Sunday Sermon: The state of the WWE’s tag division

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Craig Wilson, Jamie Lithgow, Brian Damage & Russ Morgan

For a while the tag division in the WWE was looking good. First The Shield held the titles then Goldust and Cody came along while a series of teams ranging from The Prime Time Players to The Usos and The Real Americans looked like they could be seen as a serious threat to the titles.

Fast forward to now and The New Age Outlaws are tag champs, the Prime Time Players have split up, there’s dissension within the ranks of The Shield and the WWE are planning on teaming Dolph Ziggler and The Miz together for no real apparent reason than neither has anything better today. Today, the state of the WWE’s tag division will be the focus of this Sunday Sermon. Continue reading

This Week in Wrestling 2014 week 7

WWE's "new era" closely resembles the previous one, and the one before that... (Image courtesy of

WWE’s “new era” closely resembles the previous one, and the one before that…
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Craig Wilson, Jamie Lithgow & Brian Damage

Craig, Jamie and Brian dissect the last 7 days of wrestling action in ‘This Week in Wrestling’. We find out what wrestling taught us this week, what Mark Henry merchandise you can buy your baby, a Rock ‘n’ Roll Express Kickstarter project, Craig’s thoughts on WWE’s first steps into the podcasting world and so much more. Continue reading

15 Years Ago Today: St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

logo-iyh27Jamie Lithgow

Not only is today International Love Day, aka Valentine’s Day, but it is also a very important anniversary. Yes, today is the 30th anniversary of Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean’s gold medal triumph at the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo. However, not to take anything away from ice skating, but we hardly care about that kind of nonsense on this blog. Therefore I am celebrating another important date in history: The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. No, not the gang land shooting involving Al Capone, I am of course referring to the professional wrestling PPV featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The Blue Meanie and many more of the Attitude Era’s top players.

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Top Five wedding and love angles in wrestling

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Jamie Lithgow, Craig Wilson, Russ Morgan and Brian Damage

Love and marriage storylines have been done so many times in wrestling that there’s certainly justification in the notion of sending them on a permanent honeymoon. That isn’t to say there hasn’t been some genuinely touching storylines.

There was the reuniting of Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth at Wrestlemania 7 and the altogether more racey storylines in recent years. It is those sort of angles that will be the focus of this week’s Top Five as the team celebrate the upcoming St. Valentine’s day by listing their favourite love angles.
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The use of racism and stereotypes in wrestling

WWE cashed in in Primo and Epicos Puerto Rican heritage them a bullfighters gimmick (Image aptly from

WWE cashed in in Primo and Epico’s Puerto Rican heritage by…errr…giving them a bullfighters gimmick and a midget dressed as a bull (Image, rather aptly, courtesy of

Craig Wilson

For months now there have been rumours surrounding Prince Devitt being watched by the WWE. Recent rumours have also seen KENTA linked with a move from the Far East to the WWE.

Both seem like perfectly sensible moves and I certainly see a lot of value in the WWE adding international stars to the roster particularly established ones like these. That said, it does make me wonder if they will follow the long list of international stars that have joined the WWE but have been saddled with stereotypical gimmicks. Continue reading