This Week in Wrestling 2014 week 12

Jamie Lithgow & Brian Damage

In the latest installment of ‘This Week in Wrestling’ Jamie discusses CM Punk, shares what wrestling taught him this week and Brian looks at Andre the Giant.

All that and more in the latest ‘This Week in Wrestling’.

CM Punk looking as good as he has in years on 'Talking Dead' last Sunday (Image courtesy of

CM Punk looking as good as he has in years on ‘Talking Dead’ last week (Image courtesy of

CM Who???

Is it just me or is CM Punk a little too conspicuous by his absence? Paul Heyman came out on Raw a couple of weeks ago and addressed the Chicago fans by openly referring to Punk. Good stuff, the gigantic elephant in the room that everyone else had been avoiding had been acknowledged. Moreover, Heyman seized the opportunity and put Brock Lesnar over instead. Brilliant, a negative turned into a positive.

However, on this week’s Raw Heyman showed us a video package highlighting The Undertaker’s most recent Wrestlemania victims. Coincidentally (or perhaps not) this list closely resembles Brock Lesnar’s list of recent opponents. Without doubt this was a great idea, just poorly executed. Did anyone notice CM Punk in this video package? You know, The Undertaker’s opponent last year and Lesnar’s opponent from Summerslam? No, because he wasn’t included. This left Paul Heyman with a great argument to make, but without the means to fully validate it.

This whole segment left me wondering why WWE even bothered with it in the first place. It just feels like they are trying so hard to cut CM Punk out of WWE programming that it’s starting to adversely affect the product. He’s still employed by the company and he cannot wrestle anywhere else for a long period of time, so what’s the problem? I’m obviously not suggesting that WWE go out of their way to mention him, but trying so hard not to mention him also arouses suspicion…

What Wrestling Taught Us This Week…

Chances of this guy finding a pot of gold in 2014? (

Chances of this guy finding a pot of gold in 2014?

  • Despite being good enough for Wrestlemania 20, a triple threat match is not considered worthy of the main event of Wrestlemania 30. Yet that is what we are getting. Confused? I am
  • The WWE roster in order of most Irish – 1. Sheamus 2. Hornswoggle 3. Titus O’Neil…
  • Despite competing on most episodes of Raw and Smackdown Kane is “not in fighting shape”
  • Despite competing on most episodes of Raw and Smackdown Kane never has his ring gear with him
  • Christian is the same colour as Sheamus’ hair
  • Mr. T isn’t already in the WWE Hall of Fame. I honestly just assumed he was
  • The makers of WWE Slam City couldn’t be bothered asking WWE Superstars to lend their voices to the two minute animations. What’s that, it’s an original WWE production…?
  • Triple H respects Daniel Bryan. Had he admitted this last year then maybe someone would have purchased WWE’s post-Summerslam PPVs
  • The Hounds of Justice “always do what’s best for business”. If The Shield lads can’t agree on business or justice then they may have a falling out at some point…
  • Phil Brooks helps to draw bigger ratings than CM Punk

WWE Top 10

Name Won Lost Tied PCT
Fernando** 24 5 0 0.828
Diego** 23 5 0 0.821
John Cena 24 7 1 0.766
CM Punk (Left?) 30 8 5 0.756
Bray Wyatt 18 6 1 0.740
Eva Marie 8 3 0 0.727
Sheamus 32 12 2 0.717
Natalya 38 16 1 0.700
Daniel Bryan 63 26 7 0.693
Rob Van Dam (left) 17 7 2 0.692

For the full table click here.

The Earliest Known Andre the Giant footage?

Andre the Giant’s daughter

Andre’s illegitimate daughter….Robin Christensen. She was born in 1979…out of wed lock to Andre Roussimoff and Jean Christensen. Robin is now 35 years old and works for a wildlife conservatory…


There is a TV special in the early 90’s about how she has no relationship with him…You can see that video here.

Ladies and Gentlemen, YOUR WWE World Heavyweight Champion….and Randy Orton….


The first ever WWWF title belt

This is a great story…about a year old, but very cool.

Wrestling Promotion Business Deals

It was announced that New Japan Pro Wrestling has struck a business deal with Hello Kitty for a line of merchandise and cross promotion….normally I would say this is weird, until I saw Scooby Doo makes an appearance on next week’s Raw…

68f8Next Week on The Blog

The Sunday Sermon looks at The Shield, Craig and Jamie continue Monday Night Wars, Brian looks back at Mike Adamle, Russ wonders if a UK promotion could get a TV deal and Jamie has another Icon of Wrestling

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