Icons of Wrestling #15 – Fake Razor Ramon


(Image courtesy of slam.canoe.ca)

(Image courtesy of slam.canoe.ca)

Jamie Lithgow

Height: 6’6”
Weight: 270lbs
Hometown: Miami, Florida
Real Name: Rick Bogner
Glory Days: September 1996 – January 1997
Fun Fact: Prior to his WWF stint Bogner made a name for himself in Japan. Using the name Big Titan he worked in FMW and was the tag team partner of The Gladiator aka Mike Awesome.

Once upon a time there was a Cuban-American man that lived in Miami. His name was Razor Ramon. Instead of killing other Cubans with chainsaws and dealing cocaine, Razor liked to wrestle, ‘ooze machismo’ and eat toothpicks.

Initially stereotyped as a dirty rotten villain, Razor soon became one of WWF Land’s favourite heroes. In fact, Razor became so popular that in the spring of 1996 the big bad WCW stole him away from a defenceless WWF. Even worse was that Razor, now using the absurd nickname Scott Hall, was allowed to take a friend to the WCW party. He chose fellow WWF wrestler Diesel.

News of Razor and Diesel’s departures made the king of WWF Land, King Vince, very sad. However, he soon had a brilliant idea. The King realised that Razor and Diesel had not only left their wrestling gear behind when they left for WCW, but they had also left their gimmicks. King Vince immediately summoned his favourite jester, JR, and together they hatched a plan that would see Razor Ramon and Diesel head back to the fabled WWF Land.

After meticulous planning, JR hit the ring on the September 23rd 1996 edition of Monday Night Raw and declared that he had brought Razor Ramon and Diesel back to WWF Land. Jester JR then brought out a random man wearing Razor’s pants while filling the role of Diesel with Jerry Lawler’s old dentist. The obvious imposters bombed, as did the attempt to turn Good Ol’ JR into a baddy.

Rather than banish this less than dynamic duo from WWF Land and save further embarrassment, King Vince required a tag team to job to the Tag Team Champions at In Your House 12 and he also required someone to be eliminated first from the 1997 Royal Rumble. Razor duly did these jobs for King Vince, before finally being told to fuck off.

Razor and Diesel resurfaced briefly in USWA before the gimmick of Razor Ramon was finally laid to rest. Unfortunately they didn’t live happily ever after. As it turns out Fake Diesel, as well as being a dentist, was also a demonic pyromaniac, while Fake Razor was forced to retire from wrestling just a couple of years after leaving WWF Land.

The End

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