Wrestlemania 30 Preview and Predictions

Wrestlemania 30

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Craig Wilson, Brian Damage, Jamie Lithgow and Russ Morgan

It’s Wrestlemania time and as with every PPV Sunday out goes the Sunday Sermon and in it’s place goes a PPV prediction piece. Will it be Daniel Bryan that leaves Wrestlemania with the gold? Will we get any surprise entrants in the Andre the Giant battle Royal? Will Brock be the man to end The Undertaker’s streak?

Here Craig, Brian, Jamie and Russ share their thoughts and give their predictions for tonight’s show.

Fatal Fourway for WWE Tag Team Championship: The Usos (c) v The Real Americans v Rybaxel v Los Matadores

Craig: I’m struggling to think of any other PPV appearances from Los Matadores under their current guise? It speaks volumes for the tag team division that this is the tag team title match at Wrestlemania. The Usos should retain here, Los Matadores’ gimmick has gone past its shelf life, Rybaxel are rubbish and The Real Americans don’t look like they’ll be together that much longer.

Winner: and still WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos

Brian: The Usos are a hot team right now…probably one of the very few that hasn’t teased a split yet. I can’t help but think this match will quietly steal the show. If Cody and Goldust were added, it would have been that much better.

Winners: The Usos

Jamie: This is between The Usos and The Real Americans, the other two teams don’t stand a chance. The smart money is on The Usos retaining, but I’m going to take a punt on The Real Americans having a run (albeit a short one) with the titles before splitting.

Winners, and new WWE Tag Team Champions: The Real Americans

Russ: Would absolutely love to see Los Matadores win the title. Wrestlemania is where dreams are made!!!

Winners, and new WWE Tag Team Champions: Los Matadores

The Shield v Kane & The New Age Outlaws

Craig: I love The Shield but this does absolutely nothing for me at all. I’d hoped that Reigns, Ambrose and Rollins would have had a more significant match than this at Wrestlemania. That said, I see them winning this and that is a big win against three certs for the WWE Hall of Fame.

Winners: The Shield

Brian: I may be crazy to say this…I expect a heel turn by Dean Ambrose. I’m not buying that the Shield are 100% cohesive again.

Winners: Kane and The New Age Outlaws

Jamie: Tricky one, will Dean Ambrose stab his pals in the back? I am expecting one major surprise/swerve at ‘Mania, with a Shield split and a CM Punk return at the top of my list. My hunch is that The Shield stay united and defeat these Attitude Era relics. Wrestlemania 30 will be the dawning of a new era, so I’m backing the young guns.

Winners: The Shield

Russ: Will the shield turn face or is this the perfect stage for them to break up. I think they still have some legs as a team. Wrestlemania 30 should be about nostalgia, but not in this case. I think the new should overcome the old.

Winners: The Shield

Vickie Guerrero Divas Championship Invitational

Craig: Sadly this is for me, and likely for many, the obvious toilet break. The problem the WWE have is that there aren’t 14 talented divas on the roster. It’s very much a case of getting as many talent on the card as possible. Should be a fairly short match though, the sole redeeming factor.

Winner: and still Divas champion AJ Lee.

Brian: If ever there was a time AJ’s title reign would come to an end, it would be here. I see Tamina pinning AJ and taking the title…but really, this looks to be a cluster F….

Winner and new Divas champion: Tamina Snuka

Jamie: Don’t care. It’s probably time for AJ to drop the title because the writers have quite clearly ran out of ideas for her. In a wrestling context Tamina is the obvious choice, but this is more to do with a TV show than a wrestling match.

Winner: Oh, let’s say… Summer Rae

Russ: If a tea break is required in proceedings, then this is the perfect time to have it. Not overly fussed as I don’t really care too much (sorry ladies).

Winner: Natalya

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Craig: This should be good fun and I’m quite looking forward to it. I won’t be too shocked if there’s a couple of legends appearing in this one. As for the winner, I’d originally thought that Cesaro would win this but now that it doesn’t look like he’ll be in it then I can’t look past Alexander Rusev. It’ll give the big Bulgarian a very good way to kick off his run on the main roster.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

Brian: If Rusev is in it…he’s winning it…The End

Winner: Alexander Rusev

Jamie: After a strong showing in the Royal Rumble, surely this match exists purely as vehicle to get Alexander Rusev over? Whether it will work or not is a different story.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

Russ: Tough to call as their are still some spots available. I have heard that RVD might be involved. Should be an enjoyable match regardless. Rusev has been impressive recently, he has to be in the frame.

Winner: Alexander Rusev

John Cena v Bray Wyatt

Craig: I can’t see past John Cena winning this bout but the real winner here will undoubtedly be Bray Wyatt as he’s afforded the opportunity to tangle with the biggest name in sports entertainment on the biggest show of the year.

Winner: John Cena

Brian: Who should win? Bray Wyatt…Who will most likely win? John Cena

Winner: John Cena

Russ: 3 words. Cena, Wrestlemania, win.

Winner: John Cena

Jamie: I honestly can’t call this one, which is good because it means I’m quite looking forward to it. WWE have such a good thing going with this Wyatt Family gimmick that it would be foolish to job out their leader at Wrestlemania. That said, he’s facing John Cena, the proverbial blackhole for up and coming heels. In a battle of hope v expectation I’m going to favour the latter, sadly.

Winner: John Cena

The Undertaker v Brock Lesnar

Craig: Five or so years ago this would have really excited me but The Undertaker’s body isn’t what it once was and this won’t be the hard hitting affair we’d have liked to have seen after their face-to-face at the UFC event many moons ago. Even Paul Heyman’s best efforts haven’t done anything to make me interested in this one.

Winner: The Undertaker

Brian: This has the potential to be a real slobber knocker. I fully expect Undertaker to remain undefeated…but I also expect a Sting vignette setting up next year’s Wrestlemania. (Wishful thinking I know)

Winner: The Undertaker

Jamie: This is the least I’ve cared about The Undertaker’s Wrestlemania match since he faced Mark Henry. I am still looking forward to it, just not as much as I should be.

Winner: The Undertaker

Russ: Time will stop, the world will blow up and the universe will cease to be if the Undertaker looses this match. Will set up nicely for Taker to retire. Sorry Brock, you will be owned by “The Deadman”. See you on the otherside Ray 🙂

Winner: The Undertaker

Daniel Bryan v Triple H

Craig: This’ll be interesting, not just where it appears on the card. Could we get a scenario that it’s on just before the main event and Bryan is beaten down and left lying in the ring and it’s announced that the title match is next? Or is it first up and Bryan wins but injured and throughout the show there’s speculation over whether he’ll make the main event or not? Either way, I’m looking forward to this one. Bryan will get a big rub by beating HHH and I see him being in the main event.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Brian: I’ll go the safe route and say D-Bry wins this one, but gets brutalized by the Authority after the match.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Jamie: Both hope and expectation are telling me that Bryan wins this match. However, I am going to go one step further and predict that it will be riddled with outside interference. My punt (and it’s a massive one) is that CM Punk will return and interfere on Bryan’s behalf. Failing that Vince will do the honours.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Russ: Most of you know my feelings on Triple H. For the sake of the show I hope he puts his ego to one side and let us all have the main event we deserve.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Triple Threat match for WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton (c) v Batista v Daniel Bryan/Triple H

Craig: As a singles match this did nothing for me but as a triple threat? That’s a game changer. This should be a good match, not a great match though. That said, my prediction is that the WWE faithful will get a classic go home feel good moment if Bryan does leave as WWE Champion.

Winner: and new WWE Champion Daniel Bryan

Brian: This either could be really, really good or really bad. Batista has been “blowing up” and getting winded fairly easily lately in his matches. It could be good simply because Daniel Bryan knows how to work a great match against a variety of different styles. Your Wrestlemania moment…D-Bry wins and the confetti falls.

Winner and new WWE World champion: Daniel Bryan

Jamie: Again, all signs point to D-Bry. I read a theory that suggested Triple H would defeat Bryan and win the title in the triple threat, thus setting up an epic Raw the following night where Bryan would finally win the title. There’s just too many holes in this theory for me. A Daniel Bryan win makes sense on every level, so why swerve us, again? Sometimes you have to give the fans what they want and what they expect. We will be tuning in to Wrestlemania to see Daniel Bryan win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, nothing else will do. Bryan, and thus the fans, have been short changed too often in the last year, so it’s time he (and we) had our moment.

Winner, and new WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Daniel Bryan

Russ: IF Daniel Bryan wins his first match and is involved, he would have had a right ding dong with Triple H, so he will be at a disadvantage from the start. I expect Randy and Batista to work Bryan over at the start. Batista should be the favourite after winning the rumble, so for me this is a really, really tight call. WWE I just hope you listen to the fans.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Overall Thoughts

Craig: Like I said in last week’s Sermon I haven’t thought much of the build-up to the event. I’m starting to get a bit more excited now. It’s still the biggest show of the year, despite the fairly average build-up to several matches on the card. The most interesting big will be surrounding Daniel Bryan and I think the Battle Royal should be a good bit of fun as well.

Buy/Not Boy: As I have The Network I’ve already bought it but I’ll definitely be watching it. It’s Wrestlemania after all.

Brian: Overall: I’m not holding my breath thinking this will be a stellar show. The last two Mania’s have been sub par, but we’ll see.

Buy/Not buy: I’m a Network Guy

Jamie: Best looking Wrestlemania card I’ve seen for a long time, although the build-up to some of the matches has been a little weak. There’s three matches I don’t particularly care about and five that I’m excited about, which isn’t a bad return. If nothing else, at least I’m actually interested in the main event this year.

Buy/Not Buy: Buy, obviously, it’s Wrestle-freakin-mania!

Russ: Buy/Not buy: Buy of course, it’s Wrestlemania baby!!! WOOHOO


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