Scorned: Vince McMahon’s Women Troubles

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“Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.”-William Congreve

Vincent Kennedy McMahon is no stranger to controversy. He’s battled his fair share of accusations and lawsuits. For the most part, he’s come out on top…but the self proclaimed…”Genetic Jackhammer,” has a recurring theme to his troubles….women.

Mr. McMahon has been accused of several things such as…extra marital affairs, rape and sexual harassment. Are they all true? Are they all fabrications? Nobody but Vince and his accusers know for certain…what we do know is that McMahon has had his problems with the opposite sex in and out of the ring.

1.”Rita Marie” Chatterton

Rita Chatterton (Rita Marie) made history in the 1980’s when she was hired as the WWE’s first ever female referee. According to Rita Marie, on July
16, 1986 she approached Vince McMahon for more work…Vince started making sexual advances. When she refused him…she alleged that Vince forcibly raped her in his limousine. Six years later, she came forward with her story on Geraldo Rivera’s show. No word if that case was dismissed or settled out of court.

2. Michelle “Mike” McGuirk

The daughter of promoter LeRoy McGuirk…Michelle (nicknamed Mike) was the precursor to Lillian Garcia as the first female ring announcer in the WWE. When McGuirk abruptly left the WWE in 1993…Penthouse magazine ran a story that claimed McGuirk left the company because she refused McMahon’s advances. McGuirk has since refuted that claim.

3. Wendi Richter

During the heyday of the “Rock N Wrestling” era, female wrestler…Wendi Richter was right in the middle of it. After rubbing elbows with the likes of Cyndi Lauper and winning the WWF women’s title, Wendi had a falling out with Vince McMahon. The two stories told by both Richter and Fabulous Moolah had different circumstances. Moolah claimed that Richter’s contract had expired and was attempting to hold Vince McMahon hostage for more money…while Richter has claimed she was still under a 5 year contract with Vince and was trying to get better compensation for her matches.

Regardless of which story you believe, Vince decided to take the women’s title back by having Moolah under a mask and ‘shoot’ on Richter. On November 25th, 1985 in Madison Square Garden…that is exactly what happened. Richter so furious with being legitimately screwed over, quit the WWF.

4. Debra Miceli (Alundra Blayze)

In the early 1990’s, Miceli was brought into the WWF to rejuvenate the women’s division…She did that, but cost cutting led the WWF to release her from her contract. The only problem was Vince never took back the now vacated title which Miceli had been holding. Eric Bischoff jumped on this opportunity and had her appear on Monday Nitro with the WWF’s property (the women’s title) and threw it in a trash can on live TV. The women’s division in the WWF was soon thereafter eradicated for a number of years.

5. Rena Mero (Sable)

Sable put the ‘D’ in Diva during the WWE’s “Attitude Era.” There was no one woman hotter in popularity than Sable was during that period. Her popularity even rivaled that of some of the top men. After an enormous push with two Playboy spreads…Sable became somewhat difficult to work with. She began to dictate they way her character was to be used…refused to “job” to certain people and came off as snobby to her fellow colleagues. When she lost her women’s title to an equally, if not less gifted “wrestler” in Debra McMichael…the writing was on the wall.

Sable quit the WWE and filed a $110 million dollar lawsuit citing sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions. She even went as far as to show her face on an episode on WCW’s Nitro. The lawsuit was eventually settled out of court and believe it or not, was invited back to the WWE.

6. Nicole Bass

A former bodybuilding champion and ECW performer…Nicole Bass was brought into the WWE as the female bodyguard to a heel Sable. Her tenure didn’t last too long as she abruptly left the WWE and filed a sexual harassment lawsuit claiming that a WWE official sexually assaulted her. The lawsuit went to trial and was eventually dismissed.

There are a few others that have given McMahon minor headaches during their WWE runs including Chyna, Melina, Stacy Carter and Kia Stevens (Kharma)..but none like the migraines the aforementioned women had.

3 thoughts on “Scorned: Vince McMahon’s Women Troubles

  1. A few notes:
    1.) The Rita Chatterton claim was long debunked and has since been seen as an attempt to capitalize on the sexual harassment and steroid controversies of 1991-92. One glaring inconsistency comes to her pay. I don’t remember the exact details, but her contract and pay claims were almost on a main event level for that era; further, she was never highlighted that prominently to begin with, so no way did her story with Vince concerning her pay add up. Her attorneys put her up to that, and I believe IIRC she conspired with David Schultz.

    2.) McGuirk left due to the travel and had a very good relationship with Vince McMahon.

    3.) I can tell you for sure that Richter was never on a five year contract. No one but Hogan got deals of that sort. Perhaps Savage did too. But if you look at the Ultimate Warrior’s contract, his never went for longer than 2 years. 5 year deals was something that only started happening in 1996. Only someone like Hogan would have had that privilege.

    5.) Sable was brought back to appease Lesnar IIRC

    Vince is a lot of things, but the stories of his sexual escapades never stood to scrutiny.

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    • If someone doesn’t remember details about something that doesn’t even concern them, and they clearly have never gone through themselves (aka you), then their OPINION doesn’t stand-up to scrutiny. God forbid a rich white dude go down for pulling this, while old blind ass Bill Cosby, who had just as many “can’t prove” cases, went to PRISON for these same crimes.

      You also know nothing about their contracts unless you ARE the person receiving it, you don’t know about the ins-and-outs of the business so stop acting like a know-it-all, when you’re really a know-nothing.


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