This Week in Wrestling 2014 week 21

Jamie Lithgow & Brian Damage

In the latest installment of ‘This Week in Wrestling’ Jamie talks about the new WWE TV deal and shares what wrestling taught him this week while Brian searches the net for interesting videos and pictures.

All that and more in the latest ‘This Week in Wrestling’

You Reap What You Sow

Logos, brands, merchandise - now that's quality television!

Logos, brands, merchandise – now that’s quality television!

So WWE’s new TV deal came in a lot a lower than many expected. Well, quite frankly, what did they expect? Granted WWE appear to be turning a corner of late, but for the last several years their television output has been, generally speaking, shit. As a TV show Raw has sucked for years, Smackdown too. Yes, we all have our favourite performers and you can usually find some good matches each week, but in terms of captivating, must-see television WWE hasn’t delivered the goods on a consistent basis for the best part of a decade.

The, until recently, failure to build new stars can be considered a contributing factor. I honestly cannot remember too much about WWE from the last five years, other than Randy Orton v John Cena happened a lot, Kane, Big Show and Mark Henry received pushes approximately once a year and CM Punk dropped a pipebomb. To me that about sums up 2009-2013. It’s little wonder WWE received less than anticipated in their new TV deal; it was a TV deal, not a merchandise selling deal.

John Cena has been the forefront of WWE for the last decade, and for good reason. This guy sells a truck load of merchandise and, by all accounts, is company man to the core. He also does some great charity work. Problem is, as the main character on a weekly TV show he’s dull as dish water. He’s been the hero, constantly, for just under ten years. To put this into perspective Hulk Hogan just about lasted a decade at the apex of WWE, but towards the end he was away far more than he was around. Long story short, fans i.e. viewers are sick of Cena. The John Cena story has been told, several times, and it’s time for something new and exciting.

Thankfully it appears that WWE have realised this fact. Cena is still a prominent part of Raw and Smackdown, but he’s not at the forefront. The Shield and Daniel Bryan come across as the company’s top babyfaces, while Cena even appears to be playing second fiddle in his feud with Bray Wyatt. However, this is only a recent occurrence. WWE’s TV deal was sealed based on evidence over the last few years, when the John Cena show was in full effect. It’s been suggested that Vince McMahon lost around $350million last week, and it serves him right. It looks like WWE are finding the right balance now, but for years their fans had to sit through glorified commercials rather than engaging, quality entertainment. You reap what you sow, Vince.

What Wrestling Taught Us This Week…

• Not to be a lemon
• Just over 5% of people who have downloaded the WWE App have signed up to the WWE Network
• Alicia Fox is so crazy she’ll tip fans’ drinks over her head…… no, not that one, the other one…
• Jerry Lawler has been spending some quality time with UKIP voters
• Randy Orton can ring a bell without using his hands
• Stripping Daniel Bryan of the WWE Title might actually be best for business
• A Swiss can defeat the Irish United States Champion with a German suplex in England
• Real ring announcers tape their fists
• Bray Wyatt has become more popular than John Cena is unpopular
• Be a rosebud

Image Gallery

Meanwhile in Japan….

When it’s time to party…You better party like it’s 1991! Old school WCW licensed merchandise…

So you still think Debra Miceli AKA Madusa AKA Alundra Blayze throwing the WWE Women’s title in the trash can was poison to her wrestling career? Tell that to her accountant….residual checks still come in for her appearances on DVD’s and she still has the belt from that night to boot! Well played Madusa….well played….



Video Gallery

It’s time to hit the TWIW Time Machine…

The Year is 1989…the wrestlers are some dude under a mask named The Punisher versus a rookie named Steve Williams. I don’t think these two jabronies will ever amount to anything….

I’m no advocate for purchasing the WWE App…but…I am a big advocate of 3MB! This was suppose to be a LIVE backstage interview with 3MB and Hornswaggle, but when Swaggle botched El Torito’s name…hilarity ensued. PUSH THESE GUYS!!!

A CM Punk sighting!

This past Saturday at a Chicago Cubs game singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame.”

Next week on the blog

Tomorrow we look at the state of wrestling in our Sunday Sermon, Monday Night Wars continues, Craig remembers “Get the ‘f’ out” and more.

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