Monday Night Wars: 25 May 1998

Monday Night War

Craig Wilson & Jamie Lithgow

‘Monday Night Wars’ continues with the episodes of Raw and Nitro from 25 May 1998. It’s the final Raw before Over The Edge and it’s all about McMahon and Austin. Over on Nitro The nWo Wolfpac are on a recruitment drive.

All this and more as Monday Night Wars continues…



We’re not live this week with this episode taped the week before.

Show starts with the focus still on Austin and McMahon with it being the WWF Champ’s turn to try and get someone arrested.

Match one and we get the debut of Darren ‘Puke’ Drosdov as he teams with LOD2000 to face the DOA. We get it explained to us how Drosdov got his charming nickname. He attempts to puke on the DOA bikes but is unsuccessful. It’s Puke that gets the win for his team with a Ligerbomb on Chainz

Backstage and McMahon is being led in handcuffs toward the police car. McMahon called Austin a son of a bitch and to the police, “Do you know who I am? I’m Vince McMahon. You can’t arrest me. My attorney is Jerry McDevitt”. After the break Stone Cold shoved McMahon, Brisco, and Patterson into the police car.

Singles action up next as Owen Hart faced off against Dan Severn. With Hart in an armbar submission, the Nation hit the ring and break it up causing a DQ finish.

The Jackyl introduced Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf and Crackhead Bob, frequent guests of the Howard Stern Show. Jackyl then introduced the other “human oddities,” comprising of Princess Luna, Golga and Giant Silva.

Golga beat Thrasher in a nothing match.

Jeff Jarrett and Vader went head to head next. Vader gets the win at the 4 minute mark when Kane attacked Vader.

Backstage and McMahon and Austin stuff continues. Stone Cold let McMahon go after he apologised to the WWF Champion.

McMahon is in the ring and says he didn’t mean the apology to Austin and that he is still boss of the WWF. He orders the Champion to face The Undertaker later in the show.

After weeks of attacks Taka Michinoku gets his hands on a member of Kaientai as he faces off with Dick Togo. This was a good match which Taka won via pinfall.

Farooq defeated Marc Mero next via pinfall. He picked up the victory after Sable nailed Mero with a clothesline. Mero challenged Sable to find any wrestler for the PPV and if Mero loses, he’ll rip up her contract. Mero said if he wins, Sable must leave the WWF forever. Sable agreed.

In the main event Rocky Maivia fought Hunter Hearst Helmsley to a double count-out. Chyna and Henry got into scuffles at ringside and both got involved in the match. Faarooq attacked Rocky after the match and piledrove him on the rampway.

Vince McMahon makes his way out for the main event which he will guest officiate. The Undertaker hits the ring. He chokeslammed Vince but Kane prevents him hitting a tombstone. Austin then makes his way out and hits Stunners on Patterson and Brisco. He ties McMahon’s arms in the ropes and is set to hit him with a steel chair until Dude Love interfered and took a chair shot to the head.

Full results:
* The Legion of Doom & Droz defeated Skull, 8-Ball, & Chainz
* NWA World Champion Dan Severn defeated Owen Hart via disqualification
* Golga pinned Headbanger Thrasher (the debut of the Oddities)
* Vader defeated Jeff Jarrett via disqualification
* WWF Light Heavyweight Champion Taka Michinoku pinned Dick Togo
* Farooq pinned Marc Mero
* WWF European Champion Triple H (w/ Chyna) fought WWF IC Champion the Rock (w/ Mark Henry) to a double count-out.



This week Nitro was in Evansville, Indiana and was back to its normal three hour duration. It was a good show with plenty to report, so let’s get to it…

The commentary team opened by announcing the main event; The Giant & Sting v Lex Luger & Sting – I’ll explain. You see nWo/imposter Sting returned on Thunder, after the real Sting, once again, declined an offer to join the nWo. Real Sting and The Giant are still WCW Tag Team Champions too.

Raven, surrounded by security guards, cut a promo on Mortis after he was identified as the man repeatedly attacking the former US Champion. He then begged Saturn to re-join The Flock, after Saturn had distanced himself from the group and stated that he was Raven’s friend rather than a member of the group. Losing the plot slightly, Raven seemed to “fire” Horace, Kidman and Lodi from the group.

Glacier was again featured in a pre-recorded promo tooting his own horn and bigging-up his version of the Superkick. He also aimed some choice words at Saturn, who had previously given the Sub-Zero wannabe a good kicking.

Saturn issued Glacier another kicking, with a little help from Raven who prevented Hammer from getting involved in the bout. Raven again begged Saturn to come back to The Flock…

The Giant, along with Brian Adams and Vincent, called out Kevin Nash. Big Sexy obliged and received a beating until the rest of The Wolfpac, plus Lex Luger, showed up. In a happy coincidence the red and black crew just happened to be carrying a spare t-shirt, which they offered to Luger. He accepted and, to the shock of the announce team, joined the nWo Wolfpac – I should point out that The Wolfpac are treated as the lesser of two evils by the announce team, but are still referred to as heels. However, in the fans eyes The Wolfpac are solid fan favourites.

Chris Jericho claimed a conspiracy against him and called out JJ Dillon to plead his case. Dillon was having none of it.

In a pre-taped promo, an unmasked Mortis referred to himself as Kanyon and said that he could get to Raven “anytime, anywhere, as anyone”…

Roddy Piper accused Randy Savage of being a member of The Village People and called him “mentally disabled”. Savage then came out and the pair argued before calling a truce. Bret Hart then came out to stir the pot by suggesting that he was in cahoots with Piper and that Savage had “fallen for it” – This was a better segment than my description suggests, but it did pretty much leave us back at square one after it had finished.

Juventud Guerrera defeated Kidman in the match of the night.

Chavo Guerrero Jr. used some reverse psychology on Eddie and ended up getting a chance to wrestle and even defeated Ultimo Dragon. Afterwards Chavo was so pumped that he was challenging everyone to a match, so much so that JJ Dillon made Chavo v Eddie for The Great American Bash. Eddie was not happy.

Goldberg was by far the most over thing on Nitro, despite still squashing jobbers in 2 minute matches.

Booker T and Chris Benoit kicked off a best of seven series to determine the number one contender to Finlay’s TV Title. This was a good match, as you might expect. There will be two more matches in the series before next week’s Nitro.

After Lex Luger and the Real Sting defeated The Giant and fake Sting in the main event, The Wolfpac hit the ring and invited Sting to join. Tossing The Icon a black and red shirt, the show went off the air as The Stinger contemplated his decision – It’s a shame I already know the outcome here, because I can imagine that this was a pretty goof cliffhanger at the time.

Full Results:
* WCW World Television Title Match: Fit Finlay (c) defeated Mike Enos
* Saturn defeated Glacier
* Chris Jericho defeated El Dandy
* Konnan defeated La Parka
* Juventud Guerrera defeated Kidman
* Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs Ultimo Dragon
* WCW World Cruiserweight Title Match: Dean Malenko (c) defeated Lenny Lane
* WCW United States Heavyweight Title Match: Goldberg (c) defeated Johnny Attitude
* WCW World Television Title # 1 Contendership Best Of Seven Series Match # 1: Chris Benoit defeated Booker T
* Lex Luger & Sting defeated nWo Sting & The Giant


Raw: 4.2     Nitro:4.2

Raw Nitro May 25 1998

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