Wrestling With Sin: The 4th Wall

*Note: A change has been made on the Chasyn Rance story to better explain the incident in question.


Brian Damage

This is the fourth in a series of pieces discussing some of the darker aspects of pro wrestling both in and out of the ring. It may involve sex, drugs, backstabbing…even murder. The Wrestling with Sin series delves into scandals that have rocked the business or have rarely been spoken about.


The Real Life Heat Between Jake Roberts and Randy Savage

In a recent interview, Jake “The Snake” Roberts talked about his program with “The Macho Man” Randy Savage and how he slapped Elizabeth during an angle and Savage took it so personally….the next time they faced off against each other…Savage worked super stiff. So stiff Jake claimed, that he was convinced that Randy Savage was trying to seriously injure or kill Roberts in the ring. WWF management was so concerned about the severity of hatred Savage had with Jake at the time…they quickly cut the feud short.


The Murders of Twin Luchadors Alejandro ‘Espectrito’ and Alberto ‘La Parkita’ Perez Jimenez

The twin mini luchadors Alberto and Alejandro Jimenez…took a couple of prostitutes after a wrestling show to a hotel in Mexico in 2009. What the brothers didn’t realize was that the prostitutes had bad intentions that night as they planned on drugging the brothers and taking all of their valuables. The women proceeded to spike the brothers drinks with a considerable amount of eye drop liquid. The dosage, which would render a man of average height unconscious…was too much for the smaller men. They both were found dead and after an extensive investigation both women were arrested and sent to prison.


The Murder of Rikidozan

Mitsuhiro Momota…better known as Rikidozan…is considered by many as the “Father of Puroresu.” One night in 1963 while at a night club…a member of the Yakuza (Japanese Mafia) stabbed Rikidozan with a knife soaked in urine. Rikidozan died a week later after developing an infection from the wound. The popular belief is the Yakuza member targeted Rikidozan in retaliation because of a scripted wrestling match turned legit fight a few years prior against Masahiko Kimura. Here is that match in question…

A Drug Mule Named Billy Jack Haynes


In several interviews, the former wrestler known as Billy Jack Haynes has gone on record to admitting that he was used as a drug mule (transporting drugs from one point to another) Haynes went on to say that he thought he was transporting marijuana, but in reality it was cocaine. When he found out that he was transporting a bigger money item…Haynes took it upon himself to skim money from the drug dealers he was working for. When the dealers found out that Haynes was stealing money from them, two attempted hits were made against Haynes.One of which was getting stabbed in the face and left for dead. He obviously survived both attempts, but developed a panic disorder as a result.

Jeff Hardy’s Addiction Live on Pay Per View


Imagine ordering a pay per view or paying for a ticket to see the event live and the main event lasts a little less than 90 seconds. That’s exactly what occurred in 2011 at TNA’s “Victory Road” pay per view. What made the situation worse, was the fact that an injury wasn’t the cause of the shortened match. It was the fact that Jeff Hardy was legitimately high as a kite as he entered the ring against Sting. When it became apparent by TNA officials that Jeff Hardy was in no condition to wrestle….the match was abruptly cut short. Jeff Hardy was sent to rehab for 6 months and fans were given free access to TNA’s online video library for that same amount of time.

Ox Baker’s Killer Heart Punch


It’s a tragic, albeit rare occurrence when a pro wrestler dies in the ring. It’s even rarer when two wrestlers die after matches with the same man. The villainous Ox Baker had the unfortunate honor of being involved with two deaths after or during wrestling matches against him. First, in 1971 when Alberto Torres died 3 days after a match with Ox and the second in 1972…when Ray Gunkel died after suffering a heart attack in ring against Ox.

Naturally, sleazy promoters salivated over these tragic events and promoted Ox Baker as a killing machine with a deadly heart punch. Granted, both incidents were not Ox Baker’s fault. How effective were the promoters? It started a riot in 1974, when Ox Baker used the heart punch on Ernie Ladd.

Amy Zidian


If the name Amy Zidian doesn’t RING a DAMN BELL…..you’re probably not alone. Zidian was a contestant on WWE’s 2006 Diva search contest(She finished in 8th place) Despite the poor finish, the WWE liked her look and signed her to a developmental deal. She made her debut in November of 2006 as the girlfriend/valet of Jimmy Wang Yang…she was released in December of 2006.

She was released after a little over a month of being employed. That in itself is a story…just not this story. After she signed her WWE contract, Zidian became a loose cannon. First, she poked fun at the 2006 winner of the Diva search contest Layla El saying to she was “collecting dust” while Amy Zidian was now on WWE TV. She also mocked Kristal Marshall’s weave pissing Marshall off. Perhaps her biggest faux pas was criticizing Vickie Guerrero’s looks. Amy was confused as to how someone who looked like Vickie, could get a job within the WWE as a Diva. Keep in mind, this was just a year removed from the death of her husband Eddie. It came as a huge insult and perhaps the final straw that got her fired from the company.

We wrap up this edition of Wrestling With Sin on an independent wrestler who appeared on a VH1 reality show as well as Ring of Honor and TNA…Chasyn Rance. In 2010, Rance was arrested for allegedly having sex with a 15 year old minor…Rance was 25 at the time. According to reports, the sexual encounters allegedly happened in 2008 and it was said that the teen girl was given both alcohol and marijuana before having sex with Chasyn Rance at least twice. Chasyn has stated that part of the allegations are simply not true. Rance is now a registered sex offender in the state of Florida and still wrestles on the independent circuit.


Part one can be read here, part two here and part three here.


6 thoughts on “Wrestling With Sin: The 4th Wall

  1. Hello, I’m glad you’re not writing the book because you could be sued for libel. I’m sure you feel you’re just being a good samaritan but the line “it was revealed that the teen girl was given both alcohol and marijuana before having sex with Chasyn Rance at least twice” is not true. Also, why focus on the negative when you could be positive?


    • Chasyn that excerpt is from the Orlando Sentinel a few years ago. If you are saying that it is completely false…I’ll be happy to remove it. There is plenty we focus in on that is positive. This is just a series of stories that focuses on the darker side of things. People make mistakes and I’m certainly not trying to judge you or anybody else that are subjects.


  2. I appreciate the response and the adjustment. There’s a lot missing from this story including a setup to sue me for $1,000,000 and that this incident happened at a party with many popular wrestlers that do not need to be brought up. Maybe one day I’ll write a book. By the way, I spoke with the “victim”‘s father two days ago who told me I’m a good person and he loves me. There’s a lot missing to the story but in the end, it doesn’t really matter. What matters is it severly screwed up my life and have been paying for it ever since.


    • I am happy that you are getting your life back together and certainly hope the best for you in the future. As I said, people make mistakes and should never be totally maligned especially if they make the changes necessary in life. I apologize if any hurt was caused. All the best to you and your family. You should write a book. Writing as I have found out…is a great way to release emotions bottled up inside. It is very cathartic. God Bless.

      Liked by 1 person

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