Top Five King of the Ring moments


Jamie Lithgow & Brian Damage

In the wrestling world June used to mean one thing: King of the Ring. The event took place on PPV every year between 1993 and 2002 although did run from 1985 to 89 and once again in 91 before coming a PPV. It also had a revival first as a Smackdown exclusive event then an inter-brand event. It had some successful winners and some winners that left you wondering why they got the nod. It also featured several memorable moments – perhaps the most famous being Stone Cold Steve Austin’s “3.16” speech.

This week in a Top Five – that’s a day later than normal – Jamie and Brian share their Top Five moments from KoTR


5. All Hail The ‘Real’ King

The first King of The Ring PPV was a bloody good show, so it is a little unfortunate that my main memories of it consist of the worst match on the card and an angle. The angle of which I mention was good though. After six months of not doing much, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler finally found his niche in WWE; as the proverbial thorn in Bret Hart’s side. Gatecrashing the coronation ceremony, Lawler declared himself the only real king in WWE. Just like that Bret Hart had found himself a comedic nemesis to counteract his more serious demeanor.

4. All Hail King Edge

My favourite ever tag team was Edge & Christian, so when Edge won the 2001 KOTR I was gutted! Sounds like an odd thing to say, but with Edge achieving solo success the writing was on the wall for the Brothers of Awesomeness. I specifically recall – rather than a crown and scepter Edge was awarded a giant trophy, which Christian took a shine to. The jealousy card had been played and the era of awesomeness had come to an end.

3. The Mysterious Exploding Camera

As if Hulk Hogan v Yokozuna didn’t sound shit enough, the deciding factor was a fake japanese guy with an exploding camera. Turns out the fake japanese guy was Harvey Wippleman and this whole incident is my prevailing memory of what was, on the whole, a very good PPV. Sigh…

2. Mankind Almost Dies

We’ve covered this a lot on the blog so I won’t cover it again. However, I will ask you this question; when you hear King of The Ring ’98 what do you think about? Ken Shamrock’s triumph in the tournament? No, I didn’t think so…

1. Austin 3:16 is Born

There have been some memorable moments at KOTR but few that have actually had a lasting impact. However, the most memorable promo from the most popular superstar in WWE history is without question the biggest moment in King of The Ring history.


5. The Invasion Begins

I know the WCW invasion angle ended up being a dud, but the beginning started here at the King Of The Ring in 2001 and I was personally in attendance for the surreal moments. First was the brawl between Diamond Dallas Page and The Undertaker….followed by outside interference in the main event by a debuting Booker T.

4. Kurt Angle almost kills Shane McMahon

This match was on the same card as the Invasion angle with DDP and Booker T….a street fight between Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon. The match was a show stealer from beginning to end.

3. The King of Harts Owen Hart

As a die hard Owen Hart fan…I was absolutely ecstatic when he defeated Razor Ramon in the tournament final to become King of the Ring in 1994. It was an event that put most of its focus on the actual tournament and no other matches outshined it.

2. Austin 3:16

‘Nuff said….

1. The Legend of Mick Foley Grows

King of the Ring 1998….the Hell in the Cell Match between Mankind (Foley) and The Undertaker. By far, the shocking and brutal match I ever witnessed up to that point. Foley’s performance earned him a few WWF title reigns later.

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