A Star (Dust) Is Born!


Brian Damage

Recently, WWE fans were surprised by a gimmick change for one Cody Runnels. He transformed from plain old Cody Rhodes to the much more flamboyant “Stardust.” The new character has been received fairly well by some and others seem undecided. While Stardust seems to be the perfect compliment to the Goldust character…there should be some concerns about the character itself.

I like many others are intrigued to see how this new gimmick plays out. When I first saw Stardust come to the entrance ramp…my first reaction was a gasp. Not because I thought the gimmick was stupid, but because it screams only one thing to me….Mid Card.

I hate to jump the gun before something plays out, but that was the first thing that popped into my caveman sized noggin. As of right now, Stardust just seems to be an updated…more modern take on the Goldust character. I may be wrong and I certainly hope I am…but it doesn’t seem like a gimmick that can elevate Cody Runnels to the next level.

Cody is already at the mid card level…the next logical step to take would be upper card and from the solid reactions Cody Rhodes got in places like New York and other big markets…he has the potential, the tools and the look to do it. Stardust…not so much.


Again, I may be wrong, it just doesn’t scream future World champion. Goldust has been getting some nice, solid reactions from fans. He turned his life around from his demons, lost a great deal of weight and has never looked better in the ring. With that said, he is still a mid card talent, that in the bigger picture, isn’t a contender for the top spot on the roster. Goldust was and is an extremely entertaining character and Dustin has played the part to perfection…but it may have stunted Dustin Runnels career as a world champion.

Think about it, once Goldust debuted…other promotions tried to mimic the character. WCW tried to make Dustin into “Platinum” but faced legal action from the WWE, so they gave him the equally weird character of Seven. (WCW’s Standards and Practices put a stop to that as well.) TNA wrestling transformed Dustin into the bizarre “Black Reign.” He could never escape the bizarre gimmicks. The same could befall Cody if they aren’t careful.


For the short term, I’m fine with Stardust…but Cody has too much potential to just be relegated to a particular role. There is a built in program to help Cody begin his march to main event status. A heel turn on his brother and possibly his own father Dusty would (I think) ignite fans interest.


Cody’s real life wife…Brandi Runnels AKA Eden Stiles is signed to a developmental contract. The WWE could bring her up as Cody’s manager/valet/wife and have her be the catalyst for his heel turn. Cody and Eden could be the WWE’s new evil super couple.


Alas, I am willing to let this storyline play out. I am hopeful that in the greater picture…Cody Rhodes will return. He’s just too talented not too. For now, we watch and hope that a whole new aspect to Cody Rhodes can be explored. Never forget the name of Star…Dust!


2 thoughts on “A Star (Dust) Is Born!

  1. I love the Star Dust entrance theme but I HATE the Fucking gimmick! Cody is so much bigger, better & beyond doing a duplicate / variation of a Goldust gimmick. He should be Main Eventing or teetering near the top of the card.

    I feel he’s been ready to be near the top since 2011 & always felt he was somebody on the cusp of & deserving of a future MITB win.

    This gimmick I feel is a step back for him & is holding him back temporarily, problem is, the gimmick is getting so over (As most weird things do in Wrestling) it’s probably gonna last longer than they planned or expected & longer than I want it to.


  2. I disagree with the turning on his dad there no reason to do that on his brother that understandable and I agree about his wife mange him that would boast his career to main event status


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