A Moment In Time: Missy Hyatt Checks In And Out of the WWF


Brian Damage

“They said no man could replace Roddy Piper, but a woman can!”

Right before the WWF’s biggest event…Wrestlemania III…the landscape of the company was beginning to change. The always lovable, fan favorite Andre the Giant turned heel. Hulk Hogan was still going strong as WWF champion…and one of the greatest characters in WWF history ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper was retiring. It was the retirement of Piper that is the basis for this piece. Continue reading

The Short History of The Towering Skyscrapers


Brian Damage

*Cue theme music from the Scorpions*

Gary Michael Capetta’s voice…

“Being led to the ring by Mr. Theodore R. Long…from Metropolis…at a total combined weight of six hundred and thirty four pounds….Dangerous Dan Spivey…Sid Vicious…The Skyyyyyyyyyscrapers!”

That was the usual introduction the WCW tag team of the Skyscrapers received every time they entered the ring. They were two big, imposing specimens who weren’t the best talkers or the best performers…but together there seemed to be something very special. Not unlike the Hall of Fame tag team were in their heyday…The Road Warriors. Continue reading

The Genius Move: Lanny Poffo Signs With WCW


Brian Damage

When talking about Lanny Poffo, there are many memories that come to mind about him. He is the son of pro wrestler Angelo Poffo, he is the brother of the late, great Macho Man Randy Savage, he was the “wrestling poet” Leaping Lanny and he was also known as “The Genius”…manager of The Beverly Brothers and Mr. Perfect. He holds a victory over Hulk Hogan albeit a count out win and he use to toss Frisbees to the fans at ringside. Continue reading

Monday Night Wars: 27 July 1998

Monday Night War

Craig Wilson & Jamie Lithgow

‘Monday Night Wars’ continues with the episodes of Raw and Nitro from 27 July 1998. It’s the Raw after Fully Loaded and the new tag champions Stone Cold and the Undertaker defend the belts against the New Age Outlaws in the main event. Over on Nitro, Hollywood Hogan sets his sights on Jay Leno and Goldberg speaks.

All this and more as¬†Monday Night Wars¬†continues… Continue reading

Sunday Sermon: The rise of Roman Reigns

https://ringthedamnbell.wordpress.com/Craig Wilson, Brian Damage & Kenneth Richardson

Over the last 18 months The Shield members were some of the most consistently impressive performers on WWE TV. As with all stables it led to a will they/won’t they discussion over an eventual split and then a debate over who would be the break-out star. Although it was Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose that had the most buzz about them initially, it was Roman Reigns that eventually got the nod with a MVP performance at last year’s Survivor Series, a solid showing at the Rumble and now being inserted in the main event picture.

In this week’s Sunday Sermon Craig, Brian and Kenneth share their thoughts on the prospects of Roman Reigns.

Continue reading

The Joke Is On You: Wrestling’s Inside Jokes

Big_Show backlash laughing suit vince_mcmahon wwf

Brian Damage

It is not uncommon for a promoter or someone from creative to amuse him or herself and their cohorts by bestowing an “inside joke” on one of their wrestlers. Some jokes are blatantly obvious while others may make you stop and think for a split second. Some wrestlers have even made a career for themselves being the pawn of such jokes. This piece will examine such parodies and why some were done.

Vince McMahon for years had a thing for ‘The American Dream’ Dusty Rhodes. Dusty was the booker for the WWF’s main competition in the 1980’s…the NWA. Vince never missed an opportunity to stick it to Rhodes every chance he got. Continue reading