Sunday Sermon – Who will challenge Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title?

Jamie Lithgow, Craig Wilson, Brian Damage & Russ Morgan

Unusually for WWE a new champion was crowned a week ago yet we are still no clearer on future challengers and feuds. With Daniel Bryan still injured and John Cena still licking his wounds from Summerslam, today the team discuss who’s next on Brock Lesnar’s hit list. Are there babyfaces primed and ready to challenge The Beast in the coming months?

Craig: You can’t deny, Brock destroyed John Cena. Sure, it had to happen. Lesnar was never going to lose first match after ending streak but I was surprised by the viciousness of his victory.

It does create a problem. Who is the obvious baby face to lock up with Lesnar now? I’m sure many will clamour for Cesaro and it’d undoubtedly throw up a scintillating athletic encounter. But Cesaro isn’t there yet, is he?

Roman Reigns is perhaps the most obvious. Although worryingly for the wwe fan reaction to him as been somewhat mixed recently. Is he the best bet or is there a better alternative? Is wwe just lacking a good alternative baby face other than Cena?

Jamie: Top babyfaces are pretty thin on the ground at the moment. Daniel Bryan is apparently having a second surgery, which will sideline him until the new year, and John Cena got his ass handed to him. In an ideal world Cena would be on the shelf for a couple of months before returning with a new attitude. However, the WWE Universe is not the ideal world. Then we have Roman Reigns, the only top babyface on the up.

In an ideal world – there’s that word again – Lensar would hold the title until Wrestlemania, with a white-hot Reigns winning the title there. However, limited-date Lesnar is the champ now and, after his victory over Orton, Reigns is the top contender now. I can 100% see WWE rushing things and throwing the title on a lukewarm Reigns six months too early. Who else is Lesnar going to face? I genuinely can’t think of anybody…….. unless Batista comes back from Hollywood…….

Brian: Batista is in fact coming back for a limited time. I suspect he will get a title shot somewhere down the road. Admittedly, there aren’t many top babyfaces in the WWE right now. Dean Ambrose has been over huge  and more so than Roman Reigns. Roman might be the WWE’s next “golden boy” but I think fans are sensing that and starting to turn on him. The hardcore wrestling fans want to see guys make it that aren’t prototypical WWE guys.

Craig: The wwe have to be careful how they book Brock too. Cena has a rematch but it hurts the champ if it’s even slightly competitive, right?

Who will be next to challenge Lesnar... and The Authority???

Who will be next to challenge Lesnar… and The Authority???

Am not suggesting that he has squash after squash win but they need to build him up and not take anything away from him looking like a monster.

It’s then tricky to build up a credible opponent without much confrontation. Sure, it’s easier with Brock doing limited dates and Heyman having to do much of the hype. But still…

Brian: Daniel Bryan seems to me the most logical ma to finally defeat Brock Lesnar. He’s earned that distinction. I realize that D-Bry is hurt right now, but him beating the man who annihilated both Cena and the Undertaker will do wonders for Bryan. If John Cena gets the win over Brock, it will erase any kind of meaning Brock did by ending ‘The Streak.’ Just my opinion.

Jamie: Fully agree. WWE had the chance to create a monster heel with whoever ended the streak. No matter your opinion on Lesnar’s victory it cannot be argued that he was already a monster heel, so in that respect an opportunity for a younger talent to hold that distinction went begging. Now WWE have a similar situation, only the man that topples Lesnar will be primed to be the top babyface. I therefore cannot see the point of Cena regrouping, putting together a training montage and defeating Lesnar. We would be back to square one, only The Undertaker’s streak will have ended and John Cena would be further distanced from the rest of the roster who are trying to keep up.

Down the line it makes sense to book a rubber match between Cena and Lesnar, but for nothing other than pride. By that point I would hope that Daniel Bryan or perhaps Roman Reigns has slayed the giant. On that note, I also agree that Bryan is probably the logical choice to defeat Lesnar, but what is Brock going to do for the next few months while Bryan is on the shelf? Like Craig said, Lesnar needs to stay more or less untouchable until he is defeated, but the rising star that is Roman Reigns is the logical contender right now.
WWE need some big name canon fodder, like Batista, because feeding The Beast younger guys is counterproductive, and having him lose to Cena is beyond pointless.
Brian: The main benefit with Brock as WWE champion is that is is only scheduled with a limited amount of dates. So he doesn’t have to defend every night. I just have this sickening feeling that Cena will win it back at Night of Champions. Again, nothing against John Cena…he is a hard worker and will do what’s right for the company. He doesn’t need the rub that beating Brock will cause. The only other logical scenario is Cena somehow loses the match, but knocks out Lesnar and allows Seth Rollins to cash in his briefcase. That way, the WWE can have a full time champion. It’s already set up for Rollins with Dean Ambrose most likely going to sell his injuries from this past Raw…so he can’t interfere with Rollins cashing in.

Craig: I like the booking idea, the top face costing a heel champion the title to another heel. However, I personally see Brock holding the title till Wrestlemania. But you never know.

More bad news for Bryan today as he needs more surgery which, sadly, puts him on the shelf for longer.

Brian: It breaks me to see Daniel Bryan have to go through all this. If anybody deserves that Brock Lesnar rub, it is him. Ideally, Lesnar staying WWE champion until Wrestlemania 31 would be great, but how do you justify not having the supposed “top guy” at every event?
Jamie: The fact that Lesnar won’t be present every week might actually work in his favour, and WWE’s. Prior to SummerSlam John Cena highlighted Lesnar’s sporadic appearances, calling him a mercenary, and also reminded us that he is present every week because he loves the WWE Universe so much. Lensar is the polar opposite, which many might consider a good thing, but it’s also a great way to build even more heat. Whoever eventually defeats Lesnar won’t just be slaying The Beast that broke The Streak, they’ll be bringing the WWE Title back to the WWE Universe. I just hope it’s not Cena…
Russ: Brock being limited appearance wise will do the WWE a huge favour. Sporadic TV appearances could make his title matches more appealing and garner more interest. With respect to his opponents… Well. Obviously there will be a rematch with Cena, who will probably take the title off Brock. Big Show? No. Roman Reigns? Possibly. Bray Wyatt? I don’t think he is in that tier yet. Randy Orton? A real possibility, but losing to Reigns hurt him slightly. There seems to be a real lack of decent top card talent that would push Lesnar right now.
Brian: Agreed Russ…that is why it is so important to keep the title on Brock Lesnar until Wrestlemania 31. It’ll give the company time to build some new top talent. Roman Reigns seems to be the only guy…right now…that is on the cusp of main event status. No offense on Reigns, but that right there is a sad statement.

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