Monday Night Wars: 24 August 1998

Monday Night War

Craig Wilson & Jamie Lithgow

‘Monday Night Wars’ continues with the episodes of Raw and Nitro from 24 August 1998. On Raw it’s the final of Brawl for All and the last Raw before SummerSlam. Over on Nitro the revolution Warrior promised last week begins…

All this and more as Monday Night Wars continues…



The show began with the Undertaker and Kane walking to the ring side-by-side. Ross asked, “Why is the Hell in a Cell hanging ominously over this ring?” Vince McMahon then walked out with a smile on his face. McMahon predicted that Undertaker, with Kane at his side, would become WWF Champion once again. McMahon told Undertaker during his title reign he will “need Vince McMahon” for his leadership, wisdom, and friendship. This brought out Paul Bearer who demanded that Kane destroy The Undertaker. Taker attacked Bearer and Mankind ran out but was hit with a spike tombstone by both men. Austin then came out and acknowledged it would be a huge ask for him to retain the title at SummerSlam.

Ken Shamrock and Dan Severn then went at it in singles action. A solid encounter that ended in a DQ when Owen Hart interfered and attacked Shamrock. Steve Blackman made the save but was attacked by Shamrock after he snapped.

Mankind rolled down the rampway on the stretcher and rolled right into the side of the ring. Mankind challenged Kane to a Hell in the Cell match later and said he plans to send Kane off the roof of the cage then drop him onto thousands of thumbtacks.

Pretty poor match next as Kurrgan fought Marc Mero. DQ finish came when Mero low-blowed Kurrgan. This was largely about Jackie and Sable.

X-Pac asked the camera to follow him as he walked into the locker room and peed into Jeff Jarrett’s boots…

Tag action next as the Outlaws faced Southern Justice. An inebriated Hawk joined the commentary team. His act was that he was intoxicated and slurring his words. He said to The King “Hey, Jerry, remember 1986 or so at the Mid-South Coliseum you told me don’t sell the piledriver and I didn’t and it was great?” Eventually Jarrett came to ringside and demanded that X-Pac came out. The end came when Billy Gunn hit Mark Cantebury with a piledriver.

Hell in a Cell next. Mankind knocked down the referee before the bout began. Taker yanked him off the cage and he fell through a table. We finally got into the ring and Kane attacked his tag partner with a chair and a bag of thumbtacks. Kane gave Mankind three stiff chairshots and then a tombstone on the chair. Austin came out from under the ring and attacked Kane. Ross yelled, “Undertaker is outside the cage and can’t do a thing about it!” Undertaker climbed to the top of the cage as Austin gave him the finger. Austin gave Kane the Stunner as Undertaker tried to rip the roof off the top of the cage. Undertaker ripped through the fencing of the roof, but as he began to drop through it, Vince McMahon ordered that the cage be raised and up with it went The Undertaker.

After the commercial break, Undertaker and Kane were pacing in the ring. Undertaker said he had given Austin too much respect and called him a coward. Kane was bleeding from the top of his head. Undertaker said before the night ends he will come face to face with his destiny. “This has nothing to do with SummerSlam. This is personal”.

Chyna then made her way to the ring. Rocky Maivia then walked to ringside as his music played. Mark Henry, D-Lo Brown, and Owen Hart followed. They surrounded her in the ring. The TitanTron showed that The Nation had blocked DX’s locker room door with a forklift. The Rock told Mark Henry to kiss Chyna but before he could Shawn Michaels hit the ring with a chair to make the save.

Val Venis fought Taka Michinoku (w/Yamaguchi-san) to a no contest at 1:05. Before the match Triple H attacked Val and Taka with a chair, then said over the house mic, “At SummerSlam your role is going to be very clear – you are going to be my bitch”… A “Highway to Hell” music video aired previewing the Austin vs. Undertaker match. Excellent video…

X-Pac beat Gangrel via DQ when Jeff Jarrett smashed a guitar over X-Pac’s head Triple H and Chyna then helped X-Pac out of the ring. Edge ran out of the crowd and attacked Gangrel.

It’s time for the Brawl for all Final. And it doesn’t even last a round as Gunn knocks out Bradshaw.

Bart Gunn beat Bradshaw in the Brawl for All Finals in the first round via KO

Eight druids then carried a casket to the ring. The Undertaker vowed to continue to play it straight at SummerSlam. McMahon walked to the ring and asked Undertaker, “Friend or foe?” When McMahon reached to shake hands with Undertaker, Undertaker chokeslammed him. Austin came out of the casket and got in McMahon’s face. Kane attacked Austin as Undertaker watched. Austin grabbed a chair as Undertaker and Kane stared at him from the ring.

Full results:
* Ken Shamrock defeated Dan Severn via disqualification
* Kurrgan (w/ Sable, Luna, & the Oddities) defeated Marc Mero (w/ Jackie) via disqualification
* The New Age Outlaws defeated Southern Justice via pinfall
* WWF Tag Team Champion Kane fought WWF Tag Team Champion Mankind to a no contest
* X-Pac defeated Gangrel via disqualification
* Brawl for All Finals: Bart Gunn defeated Bradshaw via TKO



Chicago hosted Nitro, which was back in pole position in the ratings following the WCW debut of Warrior last week. With the promise of a revolution this week let’s see what went down…

Hollywood Hogan, with the usual hangers on, emerged from a limo and headed to the ring. Eric Bischoff took the microphone first and said nothing important, other than reminding us that he is the boss by referencing Eddie Guerrero, who supposedly quit last week. Hogan then took over and appeared convinced that Warrior would not feature in the WarGames match at Fall Brawl because Bischoff – the boss – hadn’t signed him.

The Wolfpac, minus Sting, hit the ring. Konnan and Luger did their usual shtick before Nash revealed, for the first time, that he wants to run WCW. In an attempt to ease tensions with himself and Goldberg, Nash then invited the champ to join him in a tag match against Hogan and The Giant for tonight’s main event. In a bizarre scene Goldberg then made his full entrance – complete with cops and pyro – just to say “you got it” nowhere near a microphone. Fans did not seem impressed, they wanted more from Goldberg than that.

While Stevie Ray was talking to Mean Gene, Booker T made his return after being injured at the hands of Bret Hart several weeks ago. Book wanted to know what Stevie was playing at with his TV Title. The conversation then shifted to the US Title as JJ Dillon instilled Booker T as number one contender for Bret Hart’s title. Stevie was upset with all of this, but Booker still asked if he would have his back…

DDP issued an open invitation to anyone willing to join his WarGames team. Predictably Roddy Piper’s music hit, but he was loudly booed. However, by the time he started speaking the fans were solidly behind him. Anyway, Commissioner Piper reminded us that Bischoff can’t fire him and inserted himself into the WarGames match. He also suggested that he’ll recruit Warrior. I thought Warrior was already on the team???

The Flock attacked Steve ‘Mongo’ McMichael after his match with Riggs. Dean Malenko made the save, Saturn also appeared briefly too. Mongo made the Horsemen gesture and encouraged Malenko to do the same. However Dean politely declined and shook Mongo’s hand instead. Not being an official Horseman, Dean did not want to disrespect anyone, no matter how close he is to becoming a member.

In a déjà vu segment Scott Steiner called out his brother only for a Buff Bagwell to come out dressed as Rick. What resulted was the same piss-poor segment that we saw a few weeks ago. The Steiner v Steiner match can’t come soon enough…

Warrior made his second WCW appearance. Again, he spoke for too long and used too many big words. His only point was to state the obvious that Hogan has changed and is no longer the person he used to be. He then promised to unleash the One Warrior Nation Revolution next week. But I thought the revolution was this week?!

The Giant seemed to warn fellow nWo Hollywood member Curt Hennig off Chris Jericho. This was not the first time The Giant had appeared to help Jericho…

Booker T and Stevie Ray were shown arguing backstage…

Bret Hart filled time before his US Title defence by saying that he feels caught between Hogan and Sting. Backstage Booker T had been attacked so Stevie Ray made his way to the ring instead. Rather than have a match with Hart, Stevie accepted Hart’s offer to join nWo Hollywood. He celebrated in the ring with his new pals.

NWO Hollywood interfered in the main event, but somehow did not cause a disqualification. Goldberg then pinned Curt Hennig, who wasn’t even in the match, for the win. There was a big rumble between nWo factions before DDP, Piper and Warrior came out to join the fun. As they cleared the ring, Goldberg gave Nash a death stare. This main event had a lot to digest, and little of it made any sense.

Full Results:
* Wrath defeated Mike Enos
* Dean Malenko defeated Kaz Hayashi
* Konnan defeated Jim Neidhart
* Steve McMichael defeated Scotty Riggs
* Scott Norton defeated Rick Fuller
* Lex Luger defeated Brian Adams
* WCW TV Champion Chris Jericho defeated Curt Hennig
* WCW World Champion Bill Goldberg & Kevin Nash defeated Hulk Hogan & The Giant


Raw: 4.7    Nitro: 5.2

raw nitro august 24 98

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