This Week in Wrestling 2014 week 35

Jamie Lithgow & Brian Damage

In the latest installment of ‘This Week in Wrestling’ Jame shares what wrestling taught him this week and Brian finds the best images and videos on the web.

All that and more in the latest ‘This Week in Wrestling’
“Well You Know Something Mean Gene…”

"Never looked better..."

“Never looked better…”


  • One week on from a brutal beating and the most one-sided PPV main event in company history, John Cena returned to Raw as the picture of health. No limp, no bandages, not even a plaster on his finger.
  • Onto someone who is selling the effects of a beat down, but why was jack Swagger wearing bandages under his outfit, like a normal person?
  • Brie Bella thinks her own theme music is “stupid”.
  • How does Seth Rollins fit all those cinderblocks into his briefcase?
  • Based on the speed that Raw’s main event transitioned into a tag-team match one can only assume Teddy Long has been rehired.
  • If Miz can have a stunt double wrestle matches for him then is that what happened with Sin Cara???
  • After years of practice, Jack Swagger has all of sudden lost the ability to tap-out in his matches.
  • In the same week that WCW Nitro comes to the WWE Network, Michael Cole thinks The Big Show has “never looked better”.
  • So, if Nikki doesn’t like Brie does that mean John and Daniel can’t be friends anymore? What’s does this mean WWE?! Please tell us because we’re dying to know!
  • “When else you gonna sign up?” JBL forgetting that not all of WWE fans are actually able to sign up to the WWE Network yet.

Image Gallery

Pat Patterson…I’ll let his shirt speak for itself….


Back in the day, World Championship Wrestling would sell ANYTHING…as long as it was branded with WCW.

Case in point…these gems…WCW hot sauce and WCW fragrance for men…



Video Gallery

In 1989…Sting appeared in this music video by Laaz Rockit

Dick Slater was a great wrestler in various territories in his day. His brief tenure in the WWF in 1986 was far from great. He only lasted a handful a matches…but this promo alone…is epic and proves he should have been utilized a lot better…

The former ‘Grand Master Sexay’ Brian Christopher is coming out with his first music CD…On it, he has a song dedicated to the memory of classic Memphis wrestling entitled, “It’s a Memphis Thing.”

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