An Idiotic Gaijin’s Guide to Puroresu: Japanese Pro Wrestling


Brian Damage

I just want to preface this piece by saying I am a big fan of Japanese wrestling…but am still a relative amateur to it compared to others. I fell in love with it after watching a bootleg tape of Kenta Kobashi vs. Mitsuharu Misawa a few years ago.

Believe it or not, there is an entire world professional wrestling outside of the WWE. While the United States has a deep and rich history in this form of entertainment…Japan has developed a great lineage as well. While a piece on the entire history of puroresu(pro wrestling) would in itself be fascinating…this piece will just cover some of the events and people who made Japanese wrestling what it is now. Continue reading

Sunday Sermon: The Chance for Dean Ambrose To Shine Wilson, Jamie Lithgow, Russ Morgan, Brian Damage and Gary Henderson

Without doubt the injury to Roman Reigns certainly lobbed a spanner into the works of the wwe creative department.

It also further highlighted the dearth of over good guys on the roster at the moment. But is Dean Ambrose the superstar with the most to gain from Reigns’ knack? That’s the topic that the team will cover in this week’s Sunday Sermon. Continue reading

The Face of Fear: The Legend of Tonga Fifita


Brian Damage

“There are 3 types of men: tough men, wrestler-tough men, and then there’s Meng.”-Arn Anderson

Very few men in the history of pro wrestling has garnered fear…legitimate fear for a single individual than Tonga Fifita. If the name doesn’t sound familiar, he was also known as Meng in WCW and Haku in the WWF. Regardless what you call him, make sure you do it with a smile and respect…because Tonga Fifita has one heck of a reputation. Continue reading

Wrestling With Sin: The Ocho


Brian Damage

This is the eighth installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin’ series which examines the darker, seedier side of professional wrestling. Some stories involve sex, assault and even murder. These are stories that are at times…graphic in nature. As always, I do not condemn nor condone any of the incidents or alleged suspects in these pieces.

Continue reading