Wrestling With Sin: The Ocho


Brian Damage

This is the eighth installment of the ‘Wrestling with Sin’ series which examines the darker, seedier side of professional wrestling. Some stories involve sex, assault and even murder. These are stories that are at times…graphic in nature. As always, I do not condemn nor condone any of the incidents or alleged suspects in these pieces.

He said, She said


In a recent interview in the Examiner, Nelson “Mabel” Frazier’s widow Cassandra Frazier alleges that Frazier’s former Men on a Mission partner Bobby “Mo” Horne withheld money that was donated and earmarked to help Cassandra pay for Nelson Frazier’s funeral expenses. According to his widow, Horne held a fundraiser to help Cassandra offset funeral expenses. She only received about $100 dollars and was forced to sell items from her home leaving her without much to pay for his cremation and urn.

Men On A Mission P-304

Word has it, that thousands of dollars were raised by both fans and esteemed wrestler/promoter Cue ball Carmichael and sent to a paypal account that Bobby Horne had up and running. Horne has vehemently denied Cassandra’s accusations of fraud and insists money went to pay for Nelson’s church service. Cassandra insists she paid for almost everything by selling valuable and meaningful mementos and is willing to take a lie detector to prove it. Stay tuned…

Twin Deception?


Twin brothers Dave and Earl Hebner were both referees and backstage officials for the WWE. In 2005, controversy entangled the brothers when the WWE fired Earl Hebner and later his brother Dave for allegedly selling authentically licensed WWE shirts without the company’s consent. It is an accusation that Earl denies by stating in interviews that he owned a stake in the Tee shirt store in St. Louis that sold the merchandise…but wasn’t there on a day to day basis.

Hebner claims that WWE executive John Laurinaitis wanted to rid the company of brother Dave for quite some time so he made a scapegoat out of the both of them and manufactured the story. It should be noted that this wasn’t the first or the last scandal involving Earl Hebner. As we are all well aware, he was the referee officiating the “Montreal Screwjob” match between Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart in 1997. He had sworn to Bret he wouldn’t screw him over in any way before the match occurred and of course that wasn’t the case.

Also in 2012, Earl went on what seemed to be a drunken Twitter rant sending out sexually explicit and abusive tweets believed to followers The tweets consisted of such doozies as…

“I might be a old man but I make more $ than you’ll ever make in life! You couldn’t pay my taxes”

“Canadians only wipe their butts with my shirt? That’s the only way they’ll clean their asses”

“I didn’t want a job at WCW Bret didn’t screw us I screwed him!”

“but I’m still making money and your the idiot who bought the ticket!”

“I’m the best there is the best there was and the best they’ll ever be”

“no ur momma sucks better than mine! That’s why she’s number one”

“brian won’t screw nobody unless I tell him too I am in control”

“the only way to shut u up obviously is to put a D*** in ur mouth”

“if you could make the money I make youd be a millionaire and get off food stamps ….. b—h”

In that rant, he also made a claim that he screwed all of the TNA Knockouts because….”I am the master of screwjobs.” The twitter incidents didn’t end there because he also accidentally tweeted what was suppose to be a private message out to a female follower or a female he was personally following. It was quickly deleted.


The First Lady of Wrestling


In her autobiography, Missy Hyatt: The First Lady of Wrestling…Missy talks about how she broke into the business way back when at the age of 16. As a fan going to the matches, Missy claims she was pulled aside and asked if she wanted to meet Tommy ‘Wildfire’ Rich. She excitedly accepted and wound up in Rich’s car where she proceeded to give Rich a blowjob while stopped at a red light. Missy also says she has a private sex tape of her and second generation wrestler Scott Putski. It should be noted that the two were dating at the time.

The Case Against Nick Gage


Indy wrestler Nick Gage was and is considered one of the toughest hardcore wrestlers in the industry. In 2010, Gage was arrested for robbing a bank in New Jersey. According to Gage himself, he was addicted to painkillers and homeless at the time of the robbery. He stole about $3,000 and went down to Atlantic City to gamble right after the theft. He eventually surrendered to police and plead guilty to second degree robbery and was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

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