This Week in Wrestling 2014 week 39

Jamie Lithgow & Brian Damage

In the latest iinstalmentof ‘This Week in Wrestling’ Jame shares what wrestling taught him this week and Brian finds the best images and videos on the web.

All that and more in the latest ‘This Week in Wrestling’

Where's Frankie?

Where’s Frankie?

“What wrestling taught us this week…”

  • At a time when most would agree that less is more in WWE, some people seem intent on getting their panties in a bunch because The Wyatt Family haven’t appeared on the last few shows.
  • The Authority should really look in the rooms which they lock their enemies in.
  • Bo Dallas might not be his real name.
  • The Bellas can’t argue in their own time, they have to do it on Raw and make everyone suffer
  • The Bunny isn’t the only ringer amongst Adam Rose’s Rosebuds…
  • John Cena wants to fight Seth Rollins, but when the opportunity presented itself he ran directly towards Randy Orton. Why?
  • Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble are getting more air time trying restrain Dean Ambrose than they ever did as actual on-screen talent.
  • Mark Henry should just give up.
  • Not only do WWE officials not check for piles of cinder blocks at ringside, but the people that hide them do not check that they are even there.

Image Gallery

Fans of WCW’s New World Order (NWO) can instantly remember the iconic black and white logo they used for the majority of their run…

It wasn’t the first logo they considered, however. Take a look at an early idea for the NWO look as it was worn by Kevin Nash…




Here’s a picture of Vader going down a slide.


Video Gallery

It’s not his Fault! Gene Snitsky pro wrestler turned infomercial guru!

Who knew that Scott Hall had such a prolific impact on pop culture? This song by Wale called ‘The Bad Guy’ is pretty sweet!

There is also a punk rock band called ‘The Razor Ramones’

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