Sunday Sermon: The Chance for Dean Ambrose To Shine Wilson, Jamie Lithgow, Russ Morgan, Brian Damage and Gary Henderson

Without doubt the injury to Roman Reigns certainly lobbed a spanner into the works of the wwe creative department.

It also further highlighted the dearth of over good guys on the roster at the moment. But is Dean Ambrose the superstar with the most to gain from Reigns’ knack? That’s the topic that the team will cover in this week’s Sunday Sermon.

Craig: I certainly don’t think the wwe had a choice but to send out Ambrose to go after Seth Rollins on Sunday. In fact, it made perfect sense. There’s still a good amount of interest left in the pair of them going at it so the wwe were able to shift seamlessly between Rollins v Reigns and Rollins v Ambrose.

It is ultimately the former US Champion that has most to win out of this situation. He’s still the former Shield member that I believe has the most chance to succeed. Perhaps not as a main eventer per say but as a solid upper mid carder.

I think sadly he’s gotten lost in the shuffle recently with all eyes on Reigns and Rollins and less so on the man many expected to be a break out star. So where does Ambrose go from here?

Jamie: I agree, but I’d go further and suggest that main events are in Ambrose’s future. With Daniel Bryan on the shelf WWE seemed to turn to Roman Reigns, but now he’s on the shelf they seem to have no option but to turn to Ambrose to play second fiddle to Cena. I honestly don’t think he would have ever been given an opportunity in the premier feud on WWE TV had either of those guys been healthy. Ambrose v Rollins was the highlight of the mid-card a couple of months ago, but now that everybody from Randy Orton to John Cena is involved we are talking about WWE’s top rivalry.

Also, is it just me or does the Ambrose v Rollins feud feel a little like Austin v Rock circa 1997? It just feels like we are watching to future top stars. Plus, they were the focal point of Raw from start to finish this week. That doesn’t happen to the flavour of the week, that happens to people WWE trust and have faith in. While everything appears to have been put in place for Rollins, it seems like everything is falling into place for Ambrose, and both are making the most of it.

Russ: I think this turn of events will make for a more exciting spectacle when Reigns returns. I’m looking forward to matches he has with Rollins. Ambrose has always been my favourite of the group. Agreed that Ambrose was a little lost in the shuffle considering he was the unofficial leader of the group. He has decent mic skills and is a good wrestler to boot. I also agree that although he may never get to continued main event status, he has the attributes be top a top level midcarder who may get the odd shot now and again. Ultimately the injury to Reigns has come just at the time for Ambrose.

Brian: Okay, I’ll say it…the best thing to happen to BOTH Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns was the Reigns injury. First of all, Roman Reigns was starting to irritate fans. You could hear it in the crowd reactions and you can read it online by the internet wrestling community. Him being sidelined will allow fans to get a break from him…which is a good thing. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

As for Ambrose, well, I have always felt he was main event caliber talent. He is unique with his mic skills and his and his abilities are sorely underrated. He’s got it and I think this opportunity with Reigns out and Cena being Cena….is exactly what the WWE needs. He’s a shot of adrenaline.

Gary: Totally agree with Brian there. Reigns was starting to cool. His ‘man of few words but I’m oh so cool’ has been coming off as apathetic in the last month or so, and why would fans care if he doesn’t? Have a month or so to cool off and come back in time for WrestleMania season for a decent fued against HHH or something like that.

Ambrose on the other hand? Pillman, Austin, Roberts – all names getting thrown about as comparison, which is no light compliment. He’s grabbing the audience because he’s the first ‘rebel’ character they’ve had in years who is remotely believable in what they’re doing. He’s never been presented as anything but a loose cannon, and you believe everything he says and does is legit. Remember back in 2011 when Miz and Truth were attempting to play that role? Look at the difference.

He has the intangible. If they refrain from their usual daft booking of pushing a guy, cooling him right off then building him back up again and just let him rise to the top naturally, he could be huge. I don’t think there’s a glass ceiling for him or Rollins – the comparison to Rock and Austin in 1997 is apt I reckon.

Look how dull Raw was without him for four or five weeks there without him on it? They’re building shows around him which can only be a good thing, as long as they don’t overdo him jumping off things onto groups of people…

Craig: Gary is spot on, he has to cool some of the nuts stuff. It’s Dean Ambrose of WWE not Jon Moxley of Combat Zone Wrestling.

The believable rebel stuff is also a very good point. It has been something the WWE have tried with other guys with no result, with fans buying into Ambrose in a big way – and really since the beginning – he deserves a shot now to see how far he can run with the ball.

Jamie: Ambrose draws so many comparisons – no mention of Roddy Piper yet, so I’ll do it – but he fills the void left by Stone Cold perfectly. He’s not the same as Austin, far from it, but he fulfils that same need fans have to cheer the believable rebel who does things most guys watching would love to do. CM Punk was a babyface rebel, but he was divisive. Punk connected with me and many others, but a lot of people didn’t get nor like him, hence his transition back to the heel ranks. Ambrose is different. He just seems to have “it”. Older fans are drawn to him and as a result we will probably see younger fans gravitate that way too. I just hope and pray that he is not watered down in order to connect more with said younger fans. While his fondness for jumping off things could be toned down, I really don’t want his lunatic rebel persona tweaked to connect more with kids.

One thing I would change about him though is his ring gear. It works just now, because he is being used largely as the guy that shows up and rains on Seth Rollins’s parade every week. Some plain (black – a la Stone Cold?) tights and boots would turn Ambrose into a lunatic wrestler, rather than just a lunatic.

Brian: I may be in the minority, but I like Ambrose just the way he is. He’s unpredictable, he’s wild and crazy and it is something unique and different from anything any other wrestler in the WWE is doing today. That is why fans are gravitating to him. If he were to tone down his off the wall antics and put on a pair of wrestling tights….wouldn’t that just make him….ordinary?

Gary: Yeah, absolutely. WWE has ‘just another guy’ syndrome where they have taken guys that should’ve been stand-out and special and before long, become ‘just another guy’. Goldberg became ‘JAG’ when he put Golddusts wig on, Sin Cara, Punk after an exciting summer in 2011 – hell – even Lesnar was close to becoming one before his 2014 rub. Set him aside, leave him in street clothes, have him cause a bit of havoc and noise people up, have him fight both faces and heels, have him show up at odd times and not tell John Cena how much he respects him. Let him be the exception to the rule.

Jamie: Totally agree, but doesn’t that kind of thing have a shelf life? He’s brilliant as is at the moment, but sooner or later his unpredictability will become predictable. I’d put ‘proper’ wrestling gear on him eventually, purely to communicate to casual fans that he is a serious competitor and genuine player. At the moment he’s fun to watch, but would I take him seriously as a championship competitor? Nope.

Gary: I get you. In order for it all to work they’ve got to do something that they’ve really been pretty poor at lately – character development. Let him develop naturally. Austin didn’t become 3:16 overnight, but it always felt organic. Let it happen organically, but don’t have him turn up one week in trunks talking about how he does it allll for the WWE UNIVERSE and buy the network and all of the usual crap. Keep him on the edges, on the fringes, never quite conforming.

Jamie: Exactly. Ambrose is his own man with own agenda, and if that just happens to make him a babyface or a heel then so be it. As a fan I like to latch onto a wrestler, but I hate it when they try to make me like them. Thankfully the whole “i’m doing it for fans” rhetoric does not fit Ambrose in the slightest. Let’s just hope WWE see it that way.

Brian: Lately, I have my doubts about the WWE and what they think is ‘over’ or not over. As for putting tights on him for the benefit of casual fans…are there really any casual fans anymore? The ones buying the tickets and the network are longtime fans. I say keep him as he is….if fans get tired of the jeans and tank top….turn him heel. Either way, Ambrose is a star.

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