Monday Night Wars: 21 December 1998

Monday Night War

Craig Wilson & Jamie Lithgow

‘Monday Night Wars’ continues with the episodes of Raw and Nitro from 21 December 1998. On Raw its DX v Corporation for much of the night. Over on Nitro it is the last Nitro before WCW’s equivalent of Wrestlemania: Starrcade.

All this and more as Monday Night Wars continues…



We start with a clip of Vince McMahon leaving after telling Shane McMahon, Jerry Brisco, and Pat Patterson that he was going away to work out in preparation for the Rumble match.He warned Shane to keep his temper, and ego, in check.

After the theme music, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler introduce the show before Shane, Shawn Michaels, Patterson & Brisco and the corporation make their way to the ring. Shane boasts about having the “keys to the kingdom” which brings out DX and Mankind. Triple H tells Shane: “You’re a bigger asshole than your old man.” Shane announces that The Outlaws would be wrestling singles matches against Bossman and Shamrock, Hunter & X-Pac would team to face The Rock & Test later in the show and Shane would battle Mankind. Triple H let Mankind do the “Suck it” line which he followed with a crotch chop.

Backstage, D-Lo was tring to get Mark Henry focused on wrestling but Henry was only interested in who was in his locker room.

In the opening match Al Snow took on Gangrel. A short match that Snow won with the Snow Plow. After the match, the arena was lit up by red lighting and when the lights went back on Snow was covered in blood at ringside. When we return from the commercial break, we are shown footage of the Job Squad coming to Snow’s aid.

“Bad Ass” Billy Gunn then faced Intercontinental Champion Ken Shamrock in what was announced as a title match. The finish came when Gunn stopped Shamrock’s attempt at a huracanrana and turned it into a pinning combination. The crowd popped for the title change but Commissioner Michaels came out and said that he never announced it was a title match. The match was as bad as the finish was lame.

After another break, Hawk came to the ring. He revealed that Droz had been his “pusher-man.” He said that when he was fit he would discipline Droz. Hawk tried to leave the ring, but Droz jumped him. Animal ran in and stopped him. Animal and Hawk nodded at each other. A shot then aired of D-Lo and Henry, still standing outside of the locker room door. Terri Runnels and Jackie peeked their heads out and told him they were ready for him.

When we return from a break we see highlights from last year’s pre-Christmas Raw of Austin stunning a fake Santa followed by highlights of Steve Blackman unmasking the Blue Blazer, revealing him to be Owen Hart.

The Blue Blazer then faced Steve Blackman with Owen Hart on commentary. Cole taunted Hart throughout after last week’s reveal until he could take no more and ran in for the DQ. Goldust ran out and made the save. He held Blazer as Blackman removed the mask revealing it to be Jeff Jarrett. Owen quickly threw the Blazer cape over Jarrett’s face.

More Henry/Runnels/Jackie tomfoolery then aired.

The other Outlaw was in action next as he faced the Hardcore Champion Bossman in a title match, after Road Dog talked the champion into putting the belt on the line. Mankind came out and threw a net over Bossman and hit him with what appeared to be a nightstick, which allowed Road Dog to score the pin and win the gold.

More Henry backstage stuff including him being handcuffed and gagged and Terri pulling out an anal sex toy. First time I’ve wrote that on this blog…

The Acolytes then lost to Too Cold Scorpio and Bob Holly by DQ in a standard Acolytes match.

Mankind versus Shane next. This turned into a massive brawl with Corporation running in and causing a DQ then DX making the save.

A shot aired of D-Lo waiting outside the dressing room door.D-Lo called for Henry. Henry responded, “I’m coming, I’m coming.” D-Lo got angry and went to the ring alone. Inside the locker room, Jackie and Terri were whipping Henry with leather straps.

D-Lo, sans Henry, then lost to The Headbangers in under 3 minutes. After the match, Henry came to the ring but D-Lo gave him a hard time for missing the match.

We then see Vince’s limo arriving and the cronies apologising to him for what happened to Vince.

In the main event The Rock and Test fought Triple H and X-Pac to a no contest when Kane intereferred and chokeslammed all DX members with the show going off air just as he was set to hit the move on Chyna.

Full Results:

* Al Snow pinned Gangrel
* Billy Gunn pinned WWF IC Champion Ken Shamrock in a non-title match
* Steve Blackman defeated the Blue Blazer via DQ when Owen Hart interfered
* The Road Dogg pinned WWF Hardcore Champion the Big Bossman to win the title
* Bob Holly & Scorpio defeated the Acolytes via disqualification
* Mankind defeated Shane McMahon via disqualification
* The Headbangers defeated D-Lo Brown in a handicap match
* WWF World Champion the Rock & Test defeated Triple H & X-Pac via disqualification



WCW was in one the great wrestling cities this week as Nitro hailed from St. Louis, Missouri. This was the last Nitro before WCW’s biggest PPV of the year – Starrcade. Let’s see what went down…

Apparently Scott Hall challenged Goldberg, giving us an advertised main event.

We were brought up to speed with events from last Thursday’s episode of Thunder. After making a grovelling apology to Ric Flair’s family following The Nature Boy’s supposed heart attack on last week’s Nitro, Eric Bischoff invited Flair’s family into the ring on Thunder. This was, of course, a swerve. Bischoff attack Flair’s oldest son, David, while his youngest son and wife were forced to watch.

Santa Claus interrupted one of Ernest ‘The Cat’ Miller’s tedious promos. The jolly fat man was handing out presents before The Cat invited him into the ring, with an eye to kicking the annual gift man in the head. However, Santa struck first and gave Miller a bit of a spanking. So, who was under the fake beard? Why, Perry Saturn of course.

Kevin Nash cut a promo on Goldberg. In it he borrowed Ric Flair’s “to be the man..” line and claimed to have made 197 consecutive World Title defences, when he was a world champion somewhere else – that would have seen Big Daddy Cool Diesel defending the WWF Title at least twice a week in 1995.

Mean Gene asked some probing questions about Raven’s private life and if he was receiving therapy. A frustrated Raven attacked his mate, Kanyon, before his mum made the save. She persuaded Raven to come home with her. Kanyon was in a forgiving mood too, as he always was with Raven.

Eric Bischoff came out and rambled on about Ric Flair’s dodgy heart. As he was doing this The Horsemen were shown arriving at the arena. Flair, Anderson, Malenko and Benoit sought out Scott Norton before Flair hit the ring and chased Bischoff outside the arena. Flair then returned and cut another heated promo implying that we would kill either Bischoff or Barry Windham should he find them…

Ahead of the triple threat match for the Cruiserweight Title between Rey Mysterio, Juventud Guerrera and Kidman at Starrcade, Eddie Guerrero decided he would teach Mysterio a lesson. To recap, Guerrero is the leader of the LWO, of which Juvi and Rey are members. However, Mysterio is an unwilling member of this group and is actually friends with Kidman. Guerrero is involved because, as shot caller of the LWO, he would prefer Juvi hold the title. Anyway, back to this lesson Eddie was teaching Rey; Kidman got involved and accidentally hit Rey, gifting the win to Eddie.

There was a pointless segment with Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell poking fun at the St. Louis Cardinals and Mark Maguire. There was no match, no babyface got involved and Big Poppa Pump failed in his attempt to set a Cardinals jersey on fire. What a waste of time this was.

Ric Flair managed to find Barry Windham. Where was he hiding? In the middle of the ring. This brought out members of The Horsemen and nWo Hollywood for an intense brawl. Malenko, Benoit, Horace and Brian Adams spilled outside where security used pepper spray and handcuffs to restrain them. Back in the arena, Flair cut another intense promo before Bischoff taunted him, resulting in Naitch being taken away in handcuffs by security.

The injured Rage cost partner Kaos his match with Lex Luger – like he would have won anyway – by demanding to know where they stand as a team. The only highlight of this segment was the fact that Rage was flying low, with his t-shirt (or underwear) visible through the gap.

Disco Inferno promised Konnan that he would prove that he was a member of The Wolfpac after the next match. Disco, who was wearing a Wolfpac shirt, is insisting that Kevin Nash has invited him into the group. Neither Konnan, nor Luger are buying it thus far.

Alex Wright lost the plot after losing to Konnan. This tantrum allowed Chris Jericho to sneak attack K-Dogg and steel the TV Title belt.

Disco Inferno made an open challenge to nWo Hollywood. Clearly hoping for someone like Horace or Vincent, he got The Giant. The big man destroyed the Wolfpac wannabe with ease. After the match The Giant cut a promo on DDP, who replied with a promo of his own.

Once again a Nitro main event ended in chaos as Bam Bam Bigelow interfered in the Scott Hall v Goldberg match.

Full Results:
* Fit Finlay defeats Scott Putski
* Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeats Kaz Hayashi
* Wrath defeats Lizmark Jr.
* Eddie Guerrero defeats Rey Mysterio Jr.
* Norman Smiley defeats Prince Iaukea
* Barry Windham vs. Van Hammer ended in a No Contest
* Booker T defeats Jerry Flynn
* Lex Luger defeats Kenny Kaos
* Konnan (c) defeats Alex Wright to retain the TV Title
* The Giant defeats Disco Inferno
* Goldberg vs. Scott Hall ended in a No Contest


Raw: 4.7   Nitro: 4.0

 Raw Nitro 21 December 98


One thought on “Monday Night Wars: 21 December 1998

  1. Ah…. that was one of my favorite episodes of RAW…. especially the stuff between DX/Mankind & the Corporation… when Shane challenged Mankind…. I laughed with Mick and Triple H as they were laughing…. it only got funnier during the Shane-Mankind match where it was supposed to be no interference. When Mankind put Mr. Socko on Shane, it was the Rock that ran to save him like “Nooooo…..” and all hell broke loose where X-Pac gave Shane the Bronco Buster as it start their own feud which I enjoyed because of Shane who I think is a very underrated wrestler and had the balls to do things for the WWE in terms of taking bumps. He’s my favorite McMahon and I wish he would come back and save the WWE from Vince and Cena.


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