Fact Body Drop: Even More Useless Wrestling Info You’ll Never Need

usa-today-1-3_4Brian Damage

Welcome to another round of useless facts, info and trivia. While none of the information provided will get you hired anywhere or land you a significant other…it’s info to have in your back pocket just in case somebody threatens your life and demands you tell them how many times since 2002 have Randy Orton and John Cena wrestled each other? The answer is an astonishing 251 times by the way…now on to some other nuggets….


10 years before Kerry Von Erich made his WWF debut…his brother Kevin wrestled one match at Madison Square Garden in 1980 and defeated Johnny Rodz. He also wrestled with boots that night…something Kevin never did in World Class Championship Wrestling.


Triple H and Christian have been together in the same company for close to 15 years and in those 15 years….they have wrestled each other a total of zero times in singles matches.


The Ultimate Warrior’s 1 WWF title reign lasted longer than The Undertaker’s 4 title reigns combined. The Ultimate Warrior was WWF champion 1 time for 293 days….The Undertaker was WWF champion 4 times for a combined total of 238 days.


Before she won a contest to become a Nitro Girl and later Miss Hancock in WCW….Stacy Keibler was a Baltimore Ravens cheerleader at age 18.

In 1992, a young up and coming record producer attended WWF’s SummerSlam at London’s Wembley Stadium. He was so impressed by the turn out and the entire production…he decided to collaborate on an album with the company…..the album was 1993’s Wrestlemania: The Album and the producer…was none other than Simon Cowell. (Of American Idol and X Factor fame)

Simon Cowell

When Sting debuted in a WWE ring for Survivor Series 2014…it brought up a nice little tid bit. Triple H was present for Sting’s WWE pay per view debut in 2014….the last time Sting and Triple H were a part of the same pay per view was 20 years prior for WCW’s Starrcade ’94.


A little morbid fact, but….Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon are the only two male wrestlers who faced off against each other at Wrestlemania 10 who are both alive today. Every other match on that card, at least one of the participants in each match are now deceased.


Edge is the ONLY superstar to win Money in the Bank….King of the Ring and the Royal Rumble.


The lowest attended Wrestlemania of all time is Wrestlemania VII which featured the main event of Hulk Hogan Vs. Sgt. Slaughter. The final tally was 16,158…coincidentally, it was this show where Vince McMahon was teasing the largest Wrestlemania attendance with over 100,000 fans.


It took Randy Savage 4 matches at a combined 26 minutes and 9 seconds to win his first WWF title at Wrestlemania IV.


Three WWE wrestlers at one point or another have been turned into GI Joe action figures…Sgt Slaughter….Roddy Piper and The Rock.


Everyone knows the Undertaker to be the most successful wrestler at Wrestlemania….but he is also the most successful wrestler of all time at Survivor Series as well. Out of 17 matches the deadman has competed in…Undertaker has won 12 of those matches.

The WWE has bragged about being the longest episodic show in TV history lasting over 21 years on two different stations. WCW’s Saturday Night on TBS actually lasted 29 years on one station until the year 2000.


WWE Hall of Famer Arnold Skaaland…managed both the first (Bruno Sammartino) and second (Bob Backlund) longest reigning WWF world champions of all time.

Enhancement talent Barry Horowitz wrestled under the name of Brett Hart early in his career. He decided to change his name to Jack Hart after he caused a near riot when wrestling in the Canadian territories.

According to Ric Flair, Barry Windham was the original choice to portray the Black Scorpion in WCW. The decision was made to make it Ric Flair after there was a belief the gimmick would have hurt Windham’s career. Windham had previously portrayed a fake Sting at Halloween Havoc and management did not want to tie Windham to another mysterious character.


Finally, we wrap up this piece with the backstory to the creation of the WCW tag team of High Voltage. According to Matt Hardy, he sent an audition tape to WCW to try and land a job. At the time, Matt was wrestling under the gimmick name of High Voltage. Apparently, WCW said no thanks to Hardy…but took the name of High Voltage and trademarked it.


4 thoughts on “Fact Body Drop: Even More Useless Wrestling Info You’ll Never Need

  1. You can say what you want about savage, but what he accomplished at WMM4 was a true testament to his ability. I thought he was a great champ, and really never got his due as the WWE big dog.

    And wow, Stacy Keibler was always a beautiful lady.

    WM7, lowest rated? I believe it. That card was dreadful. Slaughter vs. Hogan, for the belt? Ugh, I’d rather gargle glass that be forced to watch that hot mess again.


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