Wrestling With Sin: XV


Brian Damage

This is the 15th installment in the ‘Wrestling With Sin‘ series. They are a series of pieces on the darker, sometimes seedier side of professional wrestling. Some involve sex, drugs, assault even murder! As with every piece, I do not condone, nor do I condemn the alleged participants involved in these stories.

Don’t Believe The Skype!


Tamara Lynn Sytch aka ‘Sunny’ has always been a controversial, yet pioneering woman in pro wrestling. She redefined the role of ‘Divas’ in the WWE. Her brains and beauty were second to none and was consistently one of the most searched women on the internet. She is deservedly a WWE Hall of Famer for her contributions not only in the WWE, but WCW, ECW and Smoky Mountain Wrestling as well.

With all of her success and accolades in the industry…she’s recently come under fire by some in the wrestling business for her latest venture…Skyping. Tammy Sytch has recently reached out to her fans to chat with her using Skype…which is a sort of video conferencing service. That in itself seems harmless…but further investigation is what has some up in arms.

Her pricing is as follows…

10 dollars every 4 minutes for a regular chat.

50 dollars for 10 minutes in lingerie and “some skin.”

100 dollars for 10 minutes for “Everything….you won’t be disappointed.”

Now if you are wondering what “Everything” entails…a group of pictures emerged via the internet. Unfortunately most of those pics are too graphic to post on a PG blog, but….she exposes her breasts and her vagina and plays with herself on camera. A bit of a far cry from her days as Sunny managing Skip of the Bodydonnas.

Steele-ing Drugs


In November of 2014, Walter William Lolley II aka former WWE developmental wrestler ‘Rip Steele’ was arrested in Biloxi, Mississippi. He was originally pulled over by police when they found a felony amount of marijuana in his vehicle. Police then searched Lolley’s home where they discovered he was housing one pound of marijuana, multiple doses of steroids, oxycodone and the prescription drug Adderall.

According to police documents, Lolley was working for a shipping company at the time of his arrest. He was using his job to intercept these packages of controlled substances with the intent to allegedly sell on the streets. No word as of yet, what charges Lolley faces. The Biloxi Special Crimes Division and Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics are continuing their investigation in the matter.

Under the Gunn


In 2005, Monty Sopp aka ‘Billy Gunn’ was arrested on fraud charges. The arrest occurred after his initial release from the WWE. Billy Gunn allegedly defrauded a registered charity for his own profit. This wasn’t the first time Gunn was arrested he was charged with disorderly conduct in 1990.

Gambling on Disco


Glenn Gilbertti aka The Disco Inferno (during his WCW days), was arrested in Georgia as a part of an undercover sting in 2007. Gilbertti was allegedly involved in a high stakes underground gambling ring run out of a friend’s home. According to some reports, the minimum bet allowed in this underground casino equipped with dealers and waitresses was $10,000.

Gilbertti and others denied those accusations saying that most of the 27 individuals arrested…did not have that type of money to gamble. It was just a small friendly game of cards with much smaller stakes. Police did in fact seize over $46,000 from the home. It was also alleged that during the raid, police found a small amount of cocaine in Gilbertti’s possession…as well as an unlicensed hand gun owned by the man who was running the gambling ring out of his home.

Hall Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned


Jillian Hall, a former WWE Divas champion was arrested in 2012 for domestic abuse. While details of the incident were never publicly released….the incident involved her and her ex husband Mike Farole. She was arrested and posted bail.

PS, Michael Hayes….You May Have A Problem….


Former Fabulous Freebird, Michael ‘PS’ Hayes has had his fair share of indiscretions away from the ring. Of course, the Freebirds were notorious party animals with an insatiable appetite for booze and women. This bit isn’t about his wild times as an active wrestler…but rather his time as a WWE employee.

Michael Hayes was involved in at least four well publicized alcohol related incidents since joining the WWE in 1995. He was involved in the infamous “Plane Ride From Hell” that has already been documented in this series. Hayes also got drunk at Stephanie McMahon and Triple H’s wedding and started doing a drunken karaoke in front of several hundred guests. Linda McMahon allegedly had to go up on stage and talk Hayes down.

138 - festus wwe

If you’re surprised why Hayes wasn’t fired for those last two incidents…this one will completely shock you as to how he still has a job with the company. In actuality, this next incident almost did get Hayes fired from the WWE. It was during the Wrestlemania 24 after party. A drunken Michael Hayes screamed out to Mark Henry that he was more of a N**ger than Mark Henry was. Henry was so upset he went directly to Vince and complained. Not only was Hayes suspended for about 60 days…he was removed from his management position within the company. He was now relegated to being a top road agent.


It didn’t end there, because in 2013, Rosa Mendes who is a recovering alcoholic was taken off the road to straighten out her addiction. When she returned to the active roster, she was caught in a bar drinking with Hayes. Once again Hayes was suspended…this time for 30 days for his lack of judgement.


3 thoughts on “Wrestling With Sin: XV

  1. Wait a minute, Tammy is charging a $100 dollars to talk to her on Skype where she is going to get naked? No thanks. I’m already in debt over medical bills. Like I’m going to risk getting whatever diseases she has.

    Michael P.S. Hayes is a blow-hard. He must be really kissing some ass to keep his job and I really hope someone has the balls to pack his shit and get the fuck out of wrestling for good.


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